Ninja vs Vitamix: More like David vs Goliath

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Lately, one question that would definitely surface whenever one tries to buy a personal blender is Vitamix vs Ninja: How do they compare?.

If you are wondering how such the question has been raised so often lately is because popularity of Ninja’s blender has been on a meteoric rise in the past few years. Such is the growth trajectory of Ninja’s blender that it starts to challenge the dominance of VitaMix as market leader in the space of personal blender.

Is it Fair to Compare Vitamix vs Ninja?

The temptaion to compare Vitamix vs Ninja blenders is understandable but one that needs no complicated rationale to answer. Put it bluntly, comparison of Vitamix vs Ninja is analogous to comparison of David vs Goliath.

First of all, Vitamix is well known to be a blender specialist. Just look at the awards and glowing praises found in Vitamix 5200 reviews and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The industry recognition and reputation that Vitamix has earned does not fall from the sky. It is a grueling process that takes decades to build.

It is a testing process that takes decades of high quality consistency and refinement. The beginning of Vitamix was traced to the year 1949. It was only six decades later, in 2009, the Ninja brand of blenders was started by Euro-Pro LLC. It is worth highlighting that Euro-Pro LLC is a company that is best-known for its household cleaning products.

Just by comparing the history of Vitamix and Ninja, you have a clear idea on which is likely to be the clear winner. With less than 5 years of industry track record, it would take at least 5 to 10 years before the real endurance of Ninja blenders can be affirmed.

On the other hand, there are thousands, if not millions of Vitamix blender owners with more than a decade of experience with the brand. It is not extra-ordinary to hear Vitamix owners boasting their twenty or thirty year old Vitamix blenders to be still fully functioning.

Going Back to Basics

It is true that whether it is a Vitamix or Ninja, the blender you bought would be able to crush some ice. It is true that whether it is a Vitamix or Ninja, the blender you bought would be able to make some smoothies. It is true that whether it is Vitamix or Ninja blender reviews, they will have their fair share of good and bad.

The difference that you’re going to get out of the two is the fineness of the smoothies. The result you get from a Vitamix blender (such as the Vitamix TurboBlend 2-Speed Blender) will be of different level. This is even when you compare it with Ninja’s flagship model such as the Ninja BL660.

This is in fact, the most important consideration that goes into picking the best blender for smoothies.

Made in USA vs Made in China

Vitamix blenders are made in USA while Ninja blenders are made in China. Vitamix blenders come with much more advanced features such as variable speed controls that can be tuned to as low as 500 to as high as 37,000 RPMs. (Click here to see the ingenuinity behind the making of every Vitamix blender)

Ninja blenders come only 3 speed options and there is no official information about the speed of each option. The maximum is reportedly to be around 24,000 RPMs but there is no official confirmation to this claim.

Industry Pioneer vs New Entrant

Given the long industry track records that Vitamix hold compared to Ninja, you can see where the two brands stand. Vitamix is among the industry pioneers while Ninja has only made its forray into the blender business recently.

High Margin vs Low Margin
There is no clearer aspects that distinguish the two brands apart other than looking at their business model. Vitamix has always been targeting the high end market segment while Ninja has always been targeting the mass market segment.

What this means to the bottomline is, Vitamix’s business model will lead them to higher margin while that of Ninja will lead them to lower margin.

The choice cannot be clearer, can it? As with any business operating on high margin, you can expect superior customer service. This is evident if you look at the warranty terms offered by the two brands.

When you buy a Vitamix blender, you enjoy a 7-years warranty period. Contrast that with the 1-year period you get when you buy a Ninja blender.

Deciding the Winner

Based on the arguments laid out in this edition of our blender brand reviews, it is clear that pitching Ninja against Vitamix is not a fair comparison at all.

It is like having a heavyweight fighter fighting against a lightweight fighter. The two clearly belong to different class altogether. A difference that is clearly marked from their respective price tag.

So, in absolute sense, Vitamix brand is indeed a much superior brand. But with the economy still reeling and if budget is taken into consideration, Ninja may offer blender buyers the best bang for their bucks.

But wait. If you’ve come to the conclusion that Vitamix is the best, think again. Find out if it emerges as the winner in our Vitamix vs Blendtec comparison.

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