Is Award Winning Vitamix 5200 Blender Worth Every Penny?

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Celery & Cucumber Mix: My Favorite Detox Juice Made with Vitamix 5200

Coming out as fresh winner from Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice Awards 2013 for ‘Best Overall’ blender is Vitamix 5200.

The list of awards and accoloades earned by Vitamix 5200 blender does not stop there. Vitamix 5200 reviews are glowing with nothing but praises.

Voted as top blender by Consumer Reports in early 2013, this top-notch blender from Vitamix has recently earned a highly coveted ‘Recommended’ status by the same organization.

Given the flood of interest in this Vitamix blender, finding Vitamix 5200 blender reviews is easy. Being a fan of the Vitamix myself, I don’t wish to add to all the gleaming vitamix 5200 reviews that you’ve read by now.

So, what I’ll share with you is the things that I’ve made with my Vitamix blender and how I’ve made sure it works as hard as how much it is worth.

All the Vitamix 5200 Reviews Left me in a Dilemma

Before I decided to take the plunge and bought one of Vitamix’s highest rated blenders, I did have my hesitation. If you go through all the discussions that are going on, you’d hear how some users had run into odor issue with their units.

But since I consider myself a Vitamix veteran (my first blender was an inheritance that lasted slightly over twenty years), my faith in the company pushed me to take the decision.

I’d say getting started with Vitamix 5200 is easy but mastering is not. If you’ve skipped the manual altogether, the On/Off button is self-explanatory. And it gets you going immediately.

The speed dial is quite intuitive. It lets you select from 10 different settings. Simple rotation is all you need to do.

Unboxing my new kitchen gadget is always exciting. I jolly well know how all the excitement can get you carried away. You’d definitely want to use it immediately.

Dry blade Vitamix perfect for herb grinding

Dry Blade Assembly: Ideal for Grinding Herbs

The most common mistake made by owners who’ve not glanced through the manual is the speed setting when they turn the machine on and off. In fact, this misuse is the main culprit behind the odor issue.

If you have turned to the ‘High’ setting, remember that you need to return it to the ‘Variable’ setting (and speed dial back to ‘1’ or lowest) before turning off the machine. Starting on ‘High’ is not recommended but it is something you wouldn’t be aware of until you dig through the manual.

The same applies when you start the blender. Make sure you start with ‘Variable’ setting and speed dial on ‘1’. After it starts, you can then adjust the speed dial to the higher setting desired or even turn to the ‘High’ setting.

Control panel of Vitamix 5200Blade assembly of Vitamix 5200

Make Great Smoothies. Grind Herbs Well.

What’s often highlighted in many Vitamix 5200 reviews is the wet and blade set that comes in a box.

The wet blade design is optimal for processing liquids that include anything from smoothies to purees to sauces. The dry blade design is optimal for grinding dry ingredients such as nuts, grains and coffee.

Smoothie is definitely a big part of my healthy diet. At times, I use my Vitamix to make detox juices. One of my favorite is the raw celery and cucumber juice. What I normally do is start with the jar half-full. Run it for few seconds and enough liquid will be created such that I can fill up the remaining without having to add water into it.

I prefer frozen fruits when making my smoothies. I know the better choice between frozen and fresh fruits is one that not everyone will agree to. For me, I prefer frozen fruits because it is cheaper and I don’t go to the grocery stores that often.

I’ve had cheaper blenders before and I can tell you that not all of them are up to it when it comes to frozen fruits.

One thing that my husband loved about this Vitamix blender is the dry blade. He’s someone whose productivity is very much influence by his caffeine intake. He likes his beans grounded fresh so he needs to grind the beans before every single brew. My Vitamix has magically turned into a coffee grinder and it easily saves us $100.

Aside from coffee, I use the dry blades to grind all my herbs – from Cumin to Nutmeg to Tumeric.

Great smoothies made with Vitamix 5200 classic blenderSuperb vegetable smoothies made using Vitamix award-winning blender

Few Considerations

Anyone who is thinking about getting a Vitamix will definitely has to decide between Vitamix and Blendtec. In this regard, it is worth noting that Blendtec blenders have their advantages.

Blendtec blenders such as the Designer Series, are designed to be short enough to fit beneath typical upper cabinet.

If you refer to the various Vitamix 5200 reviews, this is one design shortcoming that leaves many Vitamix fans disgruntled.

So, if you have an upper cabinet and you’re running out of countertop space, this is something you want to weigh seriously.

The other consideration to make is the dry blending feature. If you have no plan to make any dry blending, Vitamix 5200 is a bit overkill. The cheaper Vitamix TurboBlend might be the better alternative in this case.

Is Vitamix 5200 for You?

Ask anyone who owns a Vitamix 5200. 3 out of 4 answers will definitely be a ‘Yes’. But it doesn’t mean you have to grab it immediately (I won’t stop you if you do).

Height is definitely the biggest concern that needs to be considered. If making smoothies is all you need, be sure to check out which blenders are the best for making perfect smoothies.

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