Proctor Silex Immersion Blender: A No-Frill Option that Delivers

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Consumers looking for a blender have a variety of products on the market to choose from. Proctor Silex is known for its line of affordable products.

However, there are pros and cons to each product. This Proctor Silex 59738 immersion blender review will detail the pros and cons of this particular blender so that consumers can make a more informed decision when deciding whether or not to purchase it.

Comprehensive Review of Proctor Silex 59738 Immersion Blender

The Proctor Silex 59738 immersion blender is a hand-held blender that is relatively quick and easy to use. It features two different speed settings to accommodate all blending needs.

It features an ergonomic grip. This makes it easy to hold while blending. It also has an extra-long 5-foot cord that allows users plenty of room to move around with it. Weighing in at little more than one and a half pounds, the blender is relatively easy to handle while blending, mixing or pureeing items.

Some of the functions that this blender can do are puree, whip, mix and blend. It runs off of 150 watts of power, making it an energy efficient appliance. The blades are manufactured with stainless steel that won’t rust or wear out quickly. Plus, the blades are already affixed to the machine and are not detachable.

Mixed Scores for Proctor Silex Immersion Blender

The Proctor Silex 59738 immersion blender is not the largest hand-held blender on the market nor is it the most powerful one. Customers report that it is ideal for making emulsions, dressings, sauces and other such mixtures.

Owner of this Proctor Silex’s blender also share how life had become so much easier and better for them, especially when it comes to pureeing items like soups.

However, if you ask them, they will tell you straight that this isn’t the greatest smoothie maker unless the smoothies are made from frozen vegetables. Quite a number of owners voiced their dissatisfaction with the blender strength and its lack of power to break through ice or perform other heavy duty functions.

In a number of blender discussions, I’ve come across few customers who voiced out their unhappiness with the jar design. There is a well at the bottom of the blender where sticky items like honey or peanut butter tend to get stuck. The well is reportedly way up past the blade and comes to a crease, which some users stated makes it difficult to clean.

Still, other customers expressed satisfaction with the fact that the Proctor Silex 59738 immersion blender is all one piece and doesn’t feature various attachments that come apart. This makes it easier to keep up with and easier to use since it doesn’t have to be assembled before usage.

The blender comes complete with a 1-year warranty and an owner’s manual. Some of the customers who consulted the owner’s manual had complaints about grammatical errors in the manual. However, other than that, the owner’s manual was said to offer useful information concerning the proper procedure for cleaning the appliance.

Is it for You?

Overall, the Proctor Silex 59738 immersion blender seems to be an ideal product for blending easy-to-blend substances. It is an affordable option for people wanting to puree soups, making smoothies from frozen fruits or blend other simply ingredients.

However, for more heavy duty tasks, the blender seems to fall short. Users wanting to chop and blend ice might do better to forgo this blender for one that is better equipped to handle such heavy duty chopping.

Final Verdict for Proctor Silex 59738

Coming from a familiar household brand known for its affordability, the Proctor Silex 59738 is what I consider a great no-frill hand blender.

If you are looking to ease your pain in preparing basic items such as soup puree and baby food, it is more than up to the task. But given its super low price tag, I think it would be unreasonable to expect much more than what it is already delivering.

If you think only the best is good enough, we’ve got you covered. We’ve scoured through hundreds of models and came up with 3 recommendations. See our best immersion blenders guide to find out if your favorite blender maker makes it to our list.

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