Ninja BL201: Designed to Put Power & Convenience in Your Hand

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The Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL201) offers the same crushing technology that is available in models that use 1500 watts of professional power but at a lower price. The 550 watts in this unit can process food consistently and evenly, knead fresh cookie dough and prepare your pizza dough in just a few seconds.

As you conduct your Ninja blender reviews, you would definitely be wondering what is it that makes this system a good choice.

Firstly, two of the same Nutri Ninja cups that produce nutrients and vitamins that accompany more expensive models are included in this unit. In addition, Processing fruit and vegetables is quick and easy.

Pondering of making a purchase but not quite convinced yet if this is going to be a wise investment? Read on and you’ll get a better idea to help in your decision making.

How Good is Ninja Kitchen System Pulse BL201?

A Multi-Purpose Blender Machine

A large processing bowl that holds 40 ounces gives you room to use the unit’s dough hook and dough paddle to create homemade meals. You get an instruction book and a quick start guide to get you started on making dishes that were impossible without the right equipment.

In a number of Ninja blender reviews focusing on BL201 blender model, owners who have used it often rave about the versatility of this machine that makes it such a useful kitchen tool.

The dough hook is the tool to use for mixing thick pizza dough, and the dough paddle is perfect for your homemade cookies. Stirring heavy dough by hand is a laborious process, and it takes time that you can save by using this powerful machine.

Making Nutritious Drinks for Breakfast

One thing that you’ll learn when going through the various Ninja blender reviews is the power of this Ninja Kitchen System Pulse. The power of Ninja BL201 lets you extract vitamins and nutrients from fresh ingredients for a breakfast drink that is filling and delicious.

Close up view of Ninja system pulse BL201Attachment to Ninja blender system with pulse BL201

Tossing in some whole fruit, ice cubes and a cup of deep green, leafy vegetables provides a nutritious start to your day. A delicious banana or iron-rich smoothie made this way prevents hunger pangs from disturbing your concentration while you work.

The attachments that come with the Ninja BL201 let you empty your frozen concoction into the Nutri Ninja cups to take with you. In addition, there is the lids that have been designed in such a way that will keep the contents safe from spills.

A Great Kitchen Helper

Restoring your body’s energy supply while dinner is in the oven is easy with the Ninja Kitchen Pulse. The powerful blades employ Ninja technology to produce a beverage that is silky smooth and rich in nutrients from whole fruit or vegetables. You can use its crushing technology to pulverize ice into snow so that you can enjoy the most sophisticated drinks.

By using it to puree vegetables like spinach (that many children do not like), you can add nutrients to your spaghetti sauce or casseroles. The puree is so fine that no lumps remain, and the vegetables that you include in a sauce are undetectable.

The bowl holds 40 ounces, and you can find many ways to use this powerful tool to mix ingredients, puree fruit for frozen compotes, make your own fruit popsicles in ice trays, blend gravies and create original recipes.

The power of innovative Ninja technology puts creativity at your fingertips, and the versatility of the Kitchen Pulse lets you try new recipes. The toughest fruit and vegetables quickly succumb to the blades, and you can produce restaurant quality drinks, sauces and dips in moments.

While this unit has less power than some of the more expensive Ninja models or those of competitors, it has more crushing power than you are likely to need. As an economical investment that puts power at your fingertips, the Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL201) takes up only a square foot of space on your countertop and produces excellent results.

My 2-cents Worth

Now that you’ve zoomed in on Ninja Kitchen System Pulse BL201, you should have a good idea if this is the best blender you need at the moment.

Take note of the bold emphasis of the last sentence. If we can all be honest to ourselves, we definitely wouldn’t put Ninja to be among the elites with the like of Blendtec or Vitamix.

But this doesn’t mean Ninja blenders are no good. Any good product (including blender) offers a good solution to a buyer’s need at the right price point. That is what Ninja has been delivering with its blenders and this is the reason why it is not hard to find positive Ninja blender reviews.

So, the key is to understand what you need and how much you are willing to spend on a blender machine. These, combined with the knowledge that you have about the Ninja BL201, making a well thought decision will no longer be so difficult.

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