Ninja NJ602: The Hero You Need in Your Kitchen

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Ninja kitchen system NJ602 review

I have found that many of the food processors out there just don’t cut it, but I was fairly impressed by the Ninja Kitchen System reviews and wanted to give it a shot.

After battling through a long procrastination process, I eventually decided to give it a try. Here is what I found out.

Key Highlights of Ninja Kitchen System NJ602

Ninja Kitchen System NJ602 is a pretty simple system to set up. There’s a big pitcher, smaller bowl and several attachments that make food chopping, dicing, bread kneading and blending very easy.

There are a lot of things that I love about the Ninja NJ602 that I see in other Ninja blender reviews.

High-Powered Blender
It is a very high-powered blender, and the blades are no joke. They are very sharp and are meant to cut through nuts and chop through hard vegetables as well as knead dough for anything that you want to bake.

That’s mainly why I bought it. I love making different breads with nuts and fruit mix-ins. The Ninja NJ602 definitely can do all of that and more.

Some things I love about this blender include its ability to chop all types of seeds and nuts while also being able to smoothly blend all vegetables and fruits that I have put it into it. While it may not be the ultimate vegetable smoothie blender, it comes close to being one of the finest.

Easy to Start
The assembly is very straight forward, and the instructions give you all sorts of ideas on how to use this blender.

It also comes with a cookbook and some recipes to try, so it’s a good idea to just spend a few hours learning how to use this processor before jumping into it. I found that really helped me figure out all of the settings and create some incredible food.

Top lid of Ninja NJ602 with pour spotMotor design of Ninja NJ602 blender

Great Smoothies. Superb Purees.
I know that some Ninja blender reviews talk about how it could be used as a juicer, but it’s really more of an all-in-one processor that has some great uses for bakers.

I have bought another Ninja blender that is better for making juices and smoothies for a friend, but even still, I have been able to create my own smoothies. It’s great if you want a delicious fruit smoothie or a veggie soup blend.

Overall, I think it’s one of the finely made blenders I have ever found. When I was doing my research, I found sheer amount of Ninja blender reviews which was really helpful as it offered me perspective from different owners who found different use of the system.

Few Points to Take Note Of

There are some who really likes to prep their meals while there are others who love to try different mix-ins with bread baking. I don’t really think that there is anything this blender can’t do beyond not being able to produce a juice like a real juicer.

Lid design of NInja kitchen system NJ602Control panel of Ninja blender NJ602 system

A Little Word of Caution
However, I will say that the blades can be very dangerous. I would not keep the Ninja out on the counter where a kid could reach it or mess with the blades.

I have cut myself from taking it apart, and I think you just have to be really careful when you handle any part near those sharp blades.

I can’t imagine cooking without the Ninja Kitchen System NJ602. It has drastically reduced the amount of time that I spend prepping food, and there rarealy is another food processor that can chop, dice and slice like it.

Among the other no-frill blenders I have owned, you just don’t get the same precision or number of settings. The manufacturer does a really great job of explaining everything so you can start working with it right away.

Your Say

On a final note, I’d like to reiterate my personal anecdote when it comes to Ninja blenders. There is unarguably always a long list of blender reviews for every blender model bearing the Ninja logo.

I know of some who even try to put Ninja and Vitamix side-by-side. While my personal experience with my Ninja NJ602 is favorable, it would be silly to compare it against the likes of Vitamix 5200.

But again, I think it would be equally silly to think that only the likes of Vitamix and Blendtec are the only blenders worth buying.

Think about buying a house. It is everyone’s dream of owning a luxury penthouse but you wouldn’t wait till you can afford a penthouse before buying your first house. I know such anecdote may sound a bit exaggarating but that should give you a good idea on how to draw a fair comparison between Ninja versus Vitamix.

Finally, the decision is yours to make. Weigh all the Ninja NJ602 blender reviews carefully and decide for yourself if it has everything you need.

Picture courtesy of Erica Kris

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