What can Ninja BL660 Blender do for You?

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Make Healthy Morning Smoothies with Ninja Blender

Make Healthy Morning Smoothies with Ninja Blender

Ninja One’s Ninja BL660 Professional Style Blender with Single Serve is a great option for chopping and blending. In this Ninja BL660 review, we will take a close look at the product, where it stands out and when it doesn’t.

Ninja BL660 Blender Reviews

Of All, Why Ninja BL660?

There are thousands of blenders to choose from. Having one on your kitchen counter has stopped being a trend. It’s now as practical an appliance as the microwave or toaster. The right blender makes a huge difference in the household.

Live Healthier! Save $$$!

You can make healthier diet choices. You can save money as you find yourself creating blends that end up substituting for comfort foods and ordering out. You can prepare a quick chopped salad and take it with you to work instead of buying lunch.

Even the kids will get a kick out of a well made banana smoothie put together in only a few minutes.

The Right Power, the Right Capacity

As you are going through the different Ninja blender reviews, you will learn that the Ninja BL660 Professional is a heavy duty blender. It has a single serve mode for putting together one drink. The single serve function utilizes a convenient 72 ounce carafe. Or take full advantage of its capacity to create delicious frozen beverages for an entire party.

It’s a powerful unit with over 1,000 watts for crushing ice and blending vegetables and fruits with no hassle. With its sleek design, there are six blades for smooth cutting. It has a user friendly touch operation and dishwater safe parts.

Pros and Cons

No Ninja BL660 review would be comprehensive without objectively looking at the product from all corners. Here are the great reasons anyone would love having the Ninja BL660 on their counter alongside a few issues that would surprise anyone considering the high quality of this product.


  • Powerful with its 1,000 watt motor.
  • Produces high volume with its 72 ounce pitcher.
  • The locking lid is an excellent safety measure. The motor will not run unless the lid has been secured and locked. The lid stays in place until the release button is activated. This is prevents the splatter so many of us are familiar with.
  • The sprout is well designed, allowing for a clean, neat pour.
  • The multi-blades significantly decrease blending time. It also greatly adjusts the solids-to-liquid ratio so that you don’t end up with too much of one and not enough of the other.
  • The blades come out easily, making it simple to scrape the bottom of the pitcher for that last bit of residue.
  • Even after multiple washings, the Ninja BL660 will look and function as if coming right out of the box for the first time. Get a more effective clean by removing the blades.


  • The product is going to need a unique space. The completely assembled blender is unlikely to fit under most cabinet spaces.
  • While it can be a benefit, the ability to remove the blades are also a con. These are extremely sharp instruments and need to be handled with care. If they are removed, put them back in the pitcher immediately. Unless you’re cleaning it, always keep the blades in the pitcher to avoid mishaps.
  • Plastic can get scratched and foggy over time and the blades, if not handled appropriately, can scratch the interior.
  • Make sure the lid is dry before securing it. Even damp, attaching the part can create a suction that can make the lid difficult to remove. If there is a problem, remove the base to make pulling the lid off a little easier.
Ice crushing with Ninja BL660Pouring out from Ninja BL660 jar

The Verdict

There are certainly more expensive blender options in the likes of Vitamix TurboBlend and KitchenAid KSB560. If you’re willing to spend that kind of money you’re certainly welcome to. Before you do that, consider spending more doesn’t always mean better, especially when we’re talking about the best smoothie blenders.

The Ninja BL660 Professional is an affordable alternative with features that make it as effective as any higher priced model. Unlike many blenders, it handles ice and other ingredients smoothly, ensuring you don’t have the lumps we sometimes have to get used to in our drinks. The single serve means there will be a lot less cleaning of the unit as well.

Over all, I wouldn’t consider the Ninja BL660 Professional Style Blender as the ultimate blender but it is a strong and reasonably priced addition to your healthy diet.

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