How to Make Ice-Cream using a Blender

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Simple guide to make ice cream

Making your own ice cream used to look like a parlor trick with an ice cream machine grinding the sweet treat into existence.

Even mothers at a party in the park would try their hand at ice cream creation. However, there’s no need to use an expensive ice cream maker. You don’t even need the very best blender.

Simply use your trusted kitchen blender with a few select ingredients to get your party started at home.

How to Make Great Ice Cream with the Best Blender

But what makes a blender great at making ice cream? Among all, the blades should spin rapidly to chop up frozen, liquid and powder materials.

From frozen strawberries to pure-cane sugar, the ice cream setting slowly breaks down the ingredients as it blends thoroughly. Although you can set an older blender on high to achieve an ice cream consistency, the confection may not turn out well.

Using Ice Cubes

If you’re short on time, even the best blender can crush traditional ice cubes into an ice cream dream. Place ice cubes into the blender along with frozen fruit and milk.

After the blending is complete, place the mixture into the freezer for several hours. The ingredients will meld together in a cohesive shape to mimic real ice cream found in supermarkets.

This ice cream recipe is especially helpful if you’re trying to reduce your fat and calories from the dairy component.

Homemade ice cream recipe

leaving the dairy out entirely. If you chose an appliance based on strong blade blender reviews, your kitchen is ready for the frozen fruit recipe.

Choose your favorite fruits, such as berries and bananas, and freeze them overnight. Place a mixture of these frozen fruits in the blender along with sugar.

Slowly blend the ingredients together until well-mixed. You may not have to freeze the mixture for several hours when a liquid component isn’t even part of the recipe.

plant-based milks.

Try coconut, soy and almond milks instead of whole milk, condensed milk and half-and-half. You’ll still achieve that creamy texture, but without the traditional dairy that bothers some people.

These ingredients also add in more nutrient levels and low calories. For anyone watching their weight, these milks are a perfect way to still enjoy a sweet and cold treat without the guilt.

Whether you’re craving chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ice cream, almost any flavor is a possibility in a blender. Sharpen your blender blades to have a consistently smooth texture for each serving. You’ll dazzle family and friends with your cooking creativity.

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