Is Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher a Good Ice Crusher?

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If you’re in the market for a new blender, then you probably know just how many there are on the market these days.

I have a Hamilton Beach Blendmaster that I’ve had for at least 12 years. It has the 7 basic functions of puree, blend, whip, crumb, chop, grate and liquefy. Now I’m in the market for a more up-to-date blender and the Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Multi-Function Blender has 14 functions.

Wow, that’s a lot of things for one blender to do!

Since I’ve done my research when I was considering my purchase for Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher, I thought of just putting all my findings together in this blender review. Let’s see where this blender has earned rave reviews and where it could have been better.

How Good is Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher

What Makes it So Unique?

I don’t want a blender that has too many functions that I’ll never use. So when I investigated this product to see if it’s a little too much blender for my taste.

I found that it inspired me to try new recipes that will need the functions this blender has such as soups, salsas and party dips. I’ve just gotten into organic herbs and vegetables and this blender seems to be the best blender to add to my new healthy cooking routine.

Wave Action System Makes Blending a Breeze

Another unique function of the Wave Crusher is the wave action system that forces foods and liquids down into the blades for a smoother result. That’s a breakthrough function in a blender that I’m going to enjoy.

I get a little frustrated when I need to stop the blender and push the food, liquid or ice that isn’t blended into the blades. That’s a major feature that places this blender on my "best blender" list.

The pour lid has a spout that should help keep the kitchen counter area a lot cleaner especially when you have teens using the blender for smoothies and milk shakes. You’ll never need to remove the lid to pour out the contents and the longer spout allows accurate pouring with less spills.

Illustration of Wave Action in Hamilton beach blenderBlade design of Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher blender

Quiet but Powerful

The Wave Crusher is very powerful and quiet. If go through the various blender reviews that talk about this crusher, you’d find one thing that often gets talked about is its sheer power in crushing ice, chopping hard vegetables such as celery and carrots and blending whatever variety of fruits you want for a smoothie or milkshake with no trouble at all.

Can you picture sending your kids off to school totally nourished with a smoothie? I’ve been doing that for some time now and I don’t what that practice to be disrupted. I’m glad that the Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher did not disappoint on this.

Quality Glass Jar

The 40-ounce (5 cups) glass jar helps to keep your ice and other cold contents colder longer. A pitcher of this size holds enough ingredients to make three to four smoothies before you need to prepare another pitcher.

Hamilton Beach warns us that having more cold items than liquid will result in the ingredients sticking to the sides of the jar rather than pouring smoothly.

Things that it Can Do

You may be curious to know what the 14 functions are on the Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Multi-Function Blender. They are: dice, stir, milkshake, chop, puree, smoothie, grind, crush ice, easy clean, mix, salsa, whip, grate and icy drink.

There are also two speed buttons that occupy each end: pulse lo and pulse hi. Each of the buttons performs two functions.

A Gorgeous Addition to Your Kitchen Top

Last, but not least, is the beauty of this blender. You’ll want to make room on your counter to keep this appliance on display at all times. It’s black and stainless steel body enhances the look of any color and style which is an important item when you conduct a blender review.

In Summary

I hope this blender review has helped you in your search for the best blender for your particular needs. If there’s a single feature that distinguishes Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher from the rest, that would be the wave action feature. This makes the task of blending easy without the need to lift up and shake the jar before ending up with consistent smoothies.

Do you think this blender has all the right attributes that you’re looking for? If not, be sure to check out our match up of some of the elites. Find out which are the winning blenders when it comes to smoothies making.

Image courtesy of Mitch Altman

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