Hamilton Beach Power Blender: An Elite Smoothie Blender?

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Know Your Budget. Save Time. Save the Disappointment!

Why Knowing Your Budget is Important

If this is the first time you’re looking for a blender and smoothie is all you intend to use it for, you’d probably be overwhelmed by the vast amount of options that have been presented to you.

There are hundreds of blender models selling. The price of some blenders are as low as few tens of dollars to as high as few hundreds of dollars. So where do you start?

Think of it. Just like when you want to buy a house. Do you start by looking at majestic bungalows with million dollars views overlooking the ocean? Only to find yourself salivating over it knowing that is way beyond what your budget can afford you.

Or do you start with a budget and focus only on houses priced within your means? Not only this will save you time but also mental exhaution!

The same goes with blender purchase. If you blindly search for the best blenders, you’ll end up with blender reviews talking about the likes of Vitamix TurboBlend or Blendtec Total Blender. Only to find out that they cost few hundreds bucks. Way beyond what you’re willing to fork out for a blender.

If you think $100 for a good blender is already the limit of your sanity, a Hamilton Beach 58148 Power Blender is a good starting point. It is one of the highest selling blenders. It is what many consider as a reasonably priced option.

Are you ready for it? Let’s get down to it right away.

What’s in a Hamilton Beach Power Blender

Need it to Make Smoothies? No Problem

Let’s face it. Being a mid-range blender it is, don’t expect this blending machine to excel in too many tasks. Some blenders (Vitamix award-winning 5200 is an example) are touted for their all-encompassing capabilities, from wet to dry blending. But let’s not forget what you pay for such machine is usually several times more than the all-popular Hamilton Beach 58148 power blender.

If all you need is to make great fruits or berry smoothies, this blender has more than enough oomph to do that.

Throw in those cup of frozen berries. Banana. Honey. Top it all with protein powder and a cup of ice cubes.

Hamilton Beach power blender makes crushing these essential smoothie ingredients look so easy.

But be very clear that this is not designed to be a heavy-duty blender. What do I mean by heavy duty?

The lifespan of this popular Hamilton Beach blender depends on how often you get it to work. If making daily morning smoothies is all you’re expecting it to do, it might outlive the 3-years warranty period covered by the manufacturer.

But if you expect it to work two or three times a day and you need to make multiple servings each time, I don’t think this is the best blender to buy. Chances are high that it’ll fail before the warranty period lapses.

No doubt you can claim the warranty. In case you’re not aware, the Hamilton Beach warranty says “you are responsible for all costs associated with returning the product to us and our returning a product or component under this warranty to you”.

With all the hassle and shipping fee you’ve to bear, buying a new replacement makes more sense to me.

Not the Best Components, but the Best for its Price

One thing you’d expect from lower priced blender is the use of lower cost components. Glass is expensive. Plastic is cheap. Cheap plastic usually contains harmful BPA elements.

The good news is even at the cost you’re paying, this best-selling blender Hamilton Beach has its jar made of glass. Period.

While the glass jar is good, the motor base is not that fantastic. It is made of plastic but at this kind of price, I don’t see much reason to complain about.

Convenient cord storage of hamilton beach 58148Picture of Hamilton beach 58148 glass jar
Practical Cord Storage: Built for Convenience
Glass Jar: Made for Toughness

Irresistable Price

If there is anything that attracts buyers to this blender like a powerful magnetic force, it will be its price.

No, it is not the lowest priced blender. If you want decent blenders of lower price, you need to go for personal-sized blenders. Otherwise, only few alternatives are available at your disposal. Oster 8-speed blender is certainly one of them.

Should You Buy It?

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender is one of the most popular no-frill smoothies blender. Its irresistable price tag is what makes the Hamilton Beach 58148 tick with blender buyers looking for simple blenders that do aways with the bells and whistles.

Remember this is not a heavy-duty blender. To the majority of owners who use it to make nothing but smoothies once a day, I’d expect this Hamilton Beach blender to outlive its 3-year warranty period (assuming proper care and no misuse).

Do I think it is a good buy? I think so. Do you think it is?

Photograph courtesy of Flickr

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