Is Cusinart CSB-75 a Really Smart Stick Blender?

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Cuisinart csb-75 immersion blender review

Picture of Immersion Blender at Work

When it comes to kitchen appliances, no other name rings better to the average American households other than Cuisinart. From oven to coffee brewer. From smoothie makers to well, hand blenders.

If you look at each product category, quite certainly, you’d find a popular product bearing the Cuisinart label. Hand blender is obviously of no exception. Oh by the way, just in case you find it confusing, immersion blender is what some people use when they refer to their hand blenders.

In this blender review, we’ll rip apart Cuisinart smart stick blender CSB-75. If you’ve been struggling to make up your mind, I’d like you to know that I’ve been in a similar situation before.

With little knowledge that I had back then, I took the gamble and went ahead to purchase the CSB-75. How I wish someone had shared their experience back then!

In this discussion, I’ll tell you if my gamble proves to be a costly or wise decision. But that’s beside the point. My point is I hope no one would have to take another gamble when they are deciding to buy a Cuisinart smart stick blender.

Why a Hand Blender in the First Place?

A question that sounds silly to some but very important to most others.

“Does it make fruit or green smoothies?” You may not believe it but I’ve come across such question. It didn’t happen only once but dozens of times.

No one stops you from trying to make smoothies with your Cuisinart hand blender. You can try that and let me know if it makes good smoothies. I bet with 99% certainty that it wouldn’t come out good.

Does it make it a lousy immersion blender then? No. Making smoothies is in the first place, not the reason why hand stick blenders are invented for! If blending smoothie is the only thing you want to do, looking out for the best blender made for smoothies would be more appropriate.

So what is it made for? Making soups and purees is the primary reason why anyone would need a hand blender for.

If you often need to make large quantity of soups, you know how miserable life can be with the typical type of personal blender. Pouring in and out can be a real hassle. Worse still, it’s always prone to spill and mishaps.

Pitcher set of Cuisinart CSB-75Blender stick of Cuisinart CSB-75

With a good hand blender, you never have to worry about spilling that highly nutritious pot of soup into your countertop ever again. Simply immerse and power on the stick blender. You get the job done in seconds.

Long story short, if you regularly make dressings and soups, you really need to try a hand blender or blender stick or immersion blender or whatever you may call it.

What’s to Love and Hate about Cuisinart CSB-75

2-Speed Operation

The 2-speed operation is great as it lets you control the thickness of your final product. For soups or purees that are better thicker, it lets you start with the lower speed. You can go with the higher speed as and when necessary.

Compared to single speed immersion blender, you’re less likely to run into splash up issues. Based on my experience, starting with lower speed is better especially when you have larger chunks to blend.

Otherwise, you’d end up with bits and pieces flying all over your kitchen top. Once the chunks are crushed into smaller pieces, you can then go for the higher speed.

Cuisinart CSB-75 hand blender in red color optionSweet immersion blender in chocolate cherry colorPopular cuisinart stick blender in pink

Cord length

If you’re someone who spends lots of time in the kitchen, you’d have at least few gadgets occupying your kitchen spaces.

With each of those gadgets fighting for their rightful place, it is good to know that a hand blender is one gadget that will not demand a permanent space in your countertop.

I love how easy it is to store my stick blender. But the blender cord is something that usually gets in the way.

A cord that’s too long makes wrapping up more of a hassle. A cord that’s too short makes getting the job done more difficult. Imagine if you have to shift that big pot of soups closer to the blender.

I found the cord length of the Cuisinart CSB-75 to be ideal. Not too long. Not too short.

Hefty but not Heavy

Cuisinart CSB-75 is in fact a continuation of the brand’s highly popular CSB-76 model. If you go through all the reviews shared by owners of the CSB-76, you’d find one issue commonly raised.

The issue is related to the lightness of the stick blender. It makes the blender less sturdy and feels a bit cheap.

Cuisinart seems to have taken these feedback seriously. The CSB-75 offers certain degree of improvement in this regard.

I wouldn’t say such feedback has been completely eliminated. But I’ve seen significant drop in the number.

Personally, I feel the CSB-75 to be hefty enough but not to the extent where it becomes too heavy.

Lovely cuisinart immersion blender in pink champagneNice hand blender in sugared plum colorPopular cuisinart hand blender in iced blue mint

Need Getting Used To

As much as I hate it, I discover that mastering the use of my Cuisinart CSB-75 is not an instant process.

It was only after trials and errors that I found the perfect way of operating this smart stick blender. Get ready for watery soups. Get ready for overly thick soups.

But my advice is not to give up. It might take a few attempts but it’s not as hard as it seems.

It’ll Throw Out the Ice Cubes

As I’ve highlighted early in the discussion, if you’re expecting a hand blender to take on the job of crushing ice cubes, you’re probably heading in the wrong direction.

But don’t feel sorry for yourself. In fact, that’s one fatal mistake that I did during one of the first initial usages of the blender.

I put in all the berries and ice and expecting this stick blender to do the magic. The moment I turned it on, all the ice cubes were flying out of the containers in all directions.

Remember! Immersion blender is not smoothie or slushies blender!

Decision is Yours to Make

I’ve shared my personal experience with the Cusinart CSB-75. It is now up to you to decide if this little gadget is worth a place in your crowded kitchen.

If you’ve firmly set your sight on this Cuisinart smart stick blender, good for you. If not, why not take a look at our pick for the best immersion blenders and see how this model compares among the best.

Photography courtesy of Neal Foley

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