Does Cuisinart SM-55BC Live Up to what It’s Expected to Deliver?

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Want a Perfect Bread Mix? Get a Good Mixer

I’d like to review the Cuisinart SM-55BC Stand Mixer so that other buyers can get a feel for whether they should consider purchasing this appliance.

I hope this Cusinart stand mixer review helps people feel good about their buying decision. A stand mixer like this is an investment.

If you’re someone who enjoys cooking and spends a lot of time in the kitchen, investing in a good mixer is probably one of the smartest choices you could make in improving your overall kitchen experience.

Best Highlights of Cuisinart SM-55BC

When looking for the best stand mixer for my money, there are certain features I put higher on the wish list than others. This mixer has the majority of my high priority wants.

It can handle double batches because it comes with a huge bowl. I love how versatile this appliance is due to the variety of settings it comes with.

My favorite is the slow-start function because it helps me avoid making a huge mess when first incorporating ingredients. That is one of my biggest pet peeves ever.

The head of this mixer tilts back, which lets me attach and detach the accessories easily. That’s important. I hate getting batter all over my hands when trying to pull out the mixing attachments on other machines.

Side view of Cuisinart electric mixerOrange squeezer as optional accessory for Cuisinart SM-55BC mixer

And like the pricier brands (such as KitchenAid), there are a lot of accessories that come with this Cuisinart. There’s the dough hook, flat paddle attachment, whisk and splashguard, which is my favorite.

The splashguard also helps in avoiding huge kitchen messes and also has an extra-wide spout for pouring and adding ingredients without having to take the guard off with every addition. In my book, anything that makes my life easier is good.

Probably the best part of this mixer is the 800 watt motor. That’s a lot of power in a stand mixer. There’s nothing worse than not being able to get through heavy dough or batter with a substandard miser.

This one is also sturdy enough to handle all that power. There’s no need to hold the mixer down or worry about it “jumping” on the counter. I like that I can feel confident in this well-built, powerful appliance.

Few Extras Worth Highlighting

My mixer has some much-appreciated extras, too. There’s a 15-minute countdown timer and auto-shut off features. It also offers 3 additional power outlets for some of the heavy duty accessories you can buy separately like the food processor and blender attachments. Being a side feature means you’re not going to get the best blender but a rather practical option that’s good to have.

A cool little recipe book comes with it to get you started on preparing a few dishes with your new mixer. For peace of mind, thee’s an amazing warranty. You get a limited 3-year overall product warranty and 5 years on the motor.

I don’t think you can “beat” that! Finally, clean up is easy with this mixer. All of the tools and the bowl are top-rack dishwasher safe, and you just wipe down the outside of the mixer with a damp cloth. Any stray splatters wipe right off.

Flexible movement of Cuisinart SM-55BC electric mixerBowl attachment for Cuisinart stand mixer

Where Things Could be Better

As with any product, this one isn’t perfect. There are a couple things I might change if I could. While I love that splashguard, it did take some getting used to when it comes toputting it on and taking it off.

It’s fine now that I’ve got the hang of it. This unit is pretty heavy at 23.8 pounds and can be a bit unwieldy when moving it around on the counter.

I have heard people say that getting their mixer repaired could be a bit of an inconvenience due to lack of local service centers in places. However, I think the long warranty makes it worth shipping off for covered repairs.

Top selling Cuisinart stand mixer in whitePopular Cuisinart mixer in black option

Is Cuisinart SM-55BC the Right Mixer for You?

As expected from a fabulous brand like Cuisinart, SM-55BC stand mixer is not the cheapest but maybe the best investment if you’re in need for the best stand mixer.

I’ve used it personally. I’ve seen how superb it works. I’ve really benefited from this piece of equipment. If asked to, investing in Cuisinart SM-55BC is what I would recommend albeit if the budget is right.

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