This Breville Mixer Pro Makes Scraping & Mixing seems so Easy

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Breville Scraper: A Tough & Hard Working Electric Mixer

Anyone who enjoys baking bread, cakes or cookies needs a quality small appliance in their kitchen made by a well-known manufacturer.

The Breville Scraper Mixer Pro Stand Model BEM 410 is a quality stand mixer designed for everyday use by home chefs to prepare batters for desserts, breads and other dishes.

We bought this appliance for our home after researching and reading numerous stand mixer reviews at several online sites. Like most families, we think carefully before making a major purchase to save money.

But saving money doesn’t mean low-quality product. It just means we go all the way to ensure that we get the the best products for our cooking needs but yet still doesn’t violate our pre-set budget.

With brand quality high on our criteria, Breville fits the picture very well. Founded way back in 1930s, Breville has established a solid reputation in producing some of the best blenders.

So what does the Breville Scraper Mixer Pro stand mixer has to offer? Let’s see.

Is Breville Scraper Mixer Pro any Good?

Excellent Design

We knew that any small appliances our family bought from Breville would have an excellent design that passed the inspection of chefs in their company’s test kitchen.

I had seen other brands of mixers in friends and family member’s homes that did not maintain a high speed while mixing thick batters meant for pastries and breads. Our family is busy, but we enjoy preparing homemade baked goods with wholesome ingredients. This is instead of preservatives and artificial colors.

Mixing thick ingredients by hand is not only time-consuming and strenuous, but also inferior results. For us who come home after working all day, we need the best stand mixer that we can afford the budget that we’ve set.

Inner bowlview of Breville scraper stand mixerDough hook of Breville scraper mixer pro stand mixer

Great Colors

We noticed right away that the Breville Scraper Mixer Pro Stand Model BEM 410 was available in three different colors, white, black and red.

We had just remodeled our kitchen and were excited to see the availability of a red appliance to add to our home’s decor. However, a pretty color was not the most important part of our decision.

Based on the reviews shared by other Breville scraper owners, we expected the scraper beater attachment to do a fantastic job in quickly mixing bread dough. To our delight, it didn’t disappoint.

The appliance’s scraper beater is made to fit nicely against the mixing bowl as it rotates and stirs to reduce batter mixing time by 60 percent. If it took me 3 hours to get the job done with my previous mixer, it took me less than 1 1/2 hours with this scraper from Breville.

Breville stand mixer features at a glanceWhisk attachment to Breville BEM800XL mixer

Essential Attachments

We felt as if this mixer was a good choice for our family because it offered a long-term warranty of 5-years on the motor with a 1-year repair on other parts.

This small appliance is made of durable die-cast metal making it a sturdy piece of equipment, instead of a cheap plastic model. A stainless steel bowl is included with this Breville stand mixer, making it easy to begin preparing batters for cakes and cookies right away.

The steel bowl is made to work nicely with the attachments including the scraper beater, whisk and dough hook. Having several attachments means I can prepare a wide variety of recipes with one small appliance.

If this is the first time you’re getting a stand mixer, I recommend that you give the sticky lemon rolls recipe a try out. It is a fantastically simple and delicious recipe. It is a great warm up recipe for a newbie.

Easy Cleaning

The Breville Scraper Mixer Pro Stand Model Bem 410 has extra wide attachments that are sturdy enough to mix thick ingredients without bending or breaking. The size of the large bowl is perfect for our family’s needs, but we learned that it is easy to order a smaller bowl from the manufacturer.

The mixer’s stand is easy to use because the top tilts back easily to remove the bowl or attachments. This stand mixer has six different operational speeds while having a quiet motor that makes it easy to use even while our baby is sleeping.

Because the dough hook, whisk and scraper beater are made to fit perfectly against the sides of the bowl, I do not need to stop the appliance to scrape ingredients back into the bowl. After using the mixer, I can choose to wash the stainless steel bowl or attachments in our dishwasher or in the sink.

Sexy black option for Breville scraper electric mixerElegant red option for Breville stand mixer

Is Breville Mixer Pro the Best Stand Mixer Buy?

You should by now have a good idea on what can be expected out of the Breville Scraper Mixer Pro. It certainly boasts a great design that fits well into the design of any modern kitchen.

It is a solid stand mixer that only the likes of KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer can match.

But price can be a showstopper if you have a budget of less than $100. If you do, be sure to check out our match up of the best stand mixer you can get for $100 and less.

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