Let’s Talk about Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender

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A blender that was designed to provide even, thorough blending of all ingredients, the Breville Hemishphere Control BBL605XL features one of industry’s leading blender blade innovation.

The company’s patented Hemisphere blade design is capable of stirring up ingredients that are prone to settling at the bottom while bringing down other ingredients that are more prone to floating to the top. It is claimed such design will result in perfect, smooth blend every time.

Does it live up to the expectation that it has set for itself? This Breville Hemisphere blender review looks at what is considered as one of industry’s finest to help you decide if it is worth your buck or simply a waste of time.

Behind the High Rating for Breville BBL605XL

This one of the industry most highly talked about blender features five speeds: snow, mix, blend, liquefy, and puree along with supplementary settings that include ice crush, pulse, and smoothie. The settings have varying speeds that effectively move the ingredients around inside the container to eliminate the need for pausing to stir manually.

As indicated by overwhelmingly positive feedback in most blender reviews that discuss about the Breville BBL605XL, this blender is meets the standards of even the most discerning blender users.

The Breville BBL605XL combines power with food processing functionality and makes the perfect helper for a variety of cooking and beverage-making tasks. From making soups and dips to cocktails, many BBL605XL owners brag about how this blender has been designed into such a versatile appliance and make meal preparation fun again.

Unlike the blades found in average blenders, the Hemisphere blade operates in a sweeping motion to gather ingredients from all sides of the bowl, leaving a smooth mixture with no lumps. The Breville Hemisphere Control is also as easy to use as it is to clean.

Blending is easily accomplished with the push of a button. The permanent blade system can be effortlessly cleaned by simply filling the bowl with water, adding a drop of detergent, and blending to loosen food reside. The entire bowl is also dishwasher-safe for added convenience.

Breville hemisphere control superior blade design

Product features include:

  • Breville Assist Lid with ring pull
  • Dual ribbed 48 ounce jug with six cup capacity
  • Surgical grade Stainless Steel Hemisphere Blade
  • LED timer that counts up and down and has pre-programmed settings
  • Illuminated buttons for easy visibility
  • Five control speed with pulse function to maintain consistency

Winner in the Quietness Category

While virtually all blenders make some degree of noise, having a product that is not excessively noisy is of great importance to many consumers. The Breville Hemishphere Control BBL605XL has received the highest rating among blenders in the Quietness category.

Most Breville owners who have shared their experience generally agree that the Breville Control makes no more noise than the average blender.

However, you want to be cautioned and not set your expectation too excessively high. A number of reports highlight that this blender tends to be quieter when blending soft foods but is makes slightly louder noise when processing harder foods.

Where It Flops

While consumer reviews for the feature-packed, highly efficient Breville BBL605XL are generally positive, no product is perfect. Let’s see what little hiccups you can expect with this flagship blender from Breville.

Many users complain of a smell that is similar to melted plastic that is emitted from the blender. This smell appears to be a common occurrence with this particular blender, especially during the first few usages.

Users who experienced such issues reported that after contacting the company, they were told the smell would go away within four uses. It did go away in most cases.

Other complaints are related to overall quality and durability. The lowest consumer reviews describe smoking, difficulty using the touch pad, or the blender no longer being operable within 1.5 years of purchase. There are also reports of consumers who experienced peeling with the metal parts of the blender.

There have also been few users who reported leaking issue with their units. The company seems to have taken this issue seriously and put up a troubleshooting manual to overcome such issue. If you prefer going through visuals rather than reading, watch the video below.

If you’re trying to improve your diet and intend to make vegetable smoothies on regular basis, you may want to take note that a number of users have voiced their dissatisfaction with the smoothness and consistency of the smoothies produced.

If you’re serious about getting nothing but the best, be sure to check out our pick for the ultimate green smoothies blender.

Breville hemisphere control blender in black color optionBreville hemisphere control blender in red color option

Quality Issue

The blender is generally touted as a more affordable, but nearly equally effective alternative to such highest-priced (yet popular) blenders as Vitamix TurboBlend and Blendtec Designer Series. However, consumers should be careful when purchasing the product.

Breville Control owners should be mindful that mechanical issues may arise, and they should contact the company at the first sign of a mechanical issue shortly after they have purchased their new blender.

Bottom Line

Most users appear to have had an extremely satisfactory experience with the Breville Hemisphere Control. This is evident from the high average rating that the blender has been awarded with.

Think about the various pros and cons carefully and decide if it is worth a place in your kitchen top.

If 3 out of 4 of the time you’re using it for making morning smoothies and you don’t wish to wake everyone else up during the process, this would be the perfect blender.

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  1. My Breville 605XL suddenly stop working today, 22 months after I purchased it. It worked well but will not buy another one due to durability issues.

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