Does Bodum Bistro Stand Mixer Make Good Investment?

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Good Electric Stand Mixer Mixes Good Look & Functionality

Good Electric Stand Mixer Mixes Good Look & Functionality

For those who love to cook, quality kitchen appliances are a must. One of the most necessary appliances that you can add to your kitchen’s collection is an electric mixer.

Electric mixers are built to provide a powerful mixing system that works beyond human capabilities. They also are tremendous at shortening the amount of time that you find yourself in the kitchen. Basically, mixers can help you cook faster and more efficiently.

Sweat less. Cook faster. Cook better. Your time is precious and there are so many other fun and meaningful things you can spend with your family.

This also applies to tasks like baking. When purchasing a mixer, below are the following considerations that you should take into account if you want to buy the best stand mixer for your kitchen. In this particular blender review, we’ll look at BODUM Bistro Electric Stand Mixer to help you decide if it makes a good investment.

Different mixing attachment of Bodum stand mixerAttachment to Bodum stand mixer

A Close-Up Look at Bodum Bistro Stand Mixer


First and foremost, you want to review the capabilities of the product. Many mixers on the market have difficulty mixing certain quantities because the product’s motor is to small and the speed is to slow.

This particular mixture has a strong and powerful motor. It runs at 700-watts and provides a range of 7 different speeds so you can get the food consistency that you like. Overall, this product mixes ingredients very well due to the strength of the motor and power of the mixing system.

It weighs less than 9 pounds, and has the following dimensions: 17 x 10.8 x 15.8 inches. It has an impressive design, as it is mainly colored black, which contrasts well with the red buttons and silver attachments.


The next important feature that you need to take into account when buying a mixer is the components that you receive with the product. You don’t want to buy a product that is too small for your needs or that has attachments that are very difficult to clean.

In terms of the BODUM Bistro Electric Stand Mixture, you can rest assured that your needs will be met. The first great feature is the large 5-quart bowl and attachments. This allows you to easily mix and bake large quantities, which is especially useful for big parties.

In addition, to make the mixing process easier, all of the attachments can be stored at the on board attachment storage base. When adding ingredients to the mixture, there is a funnel component to prevent mess and spillage that is further supported by a splash guard system. The attachments that you receive with this mixer are a non-stick dough hook, whisk, and beater.

Elegant Bodum stand mixer in classy whiteAn image of Bodum bistro electric stand mixerStylish Bodum electric mixer in trendy green color

Ease of Use

Some products can be a complete pain to use. They are difficult to maneuver, they slide on your countertops, and it becomes terribly clear that the manuefacterer did not take the time to consider the customer when designing a product. Most people certainly do not want to invest in a product that is difficult to handle.

This particular product has a medium ease of use level. It is low profile, so it fits well on your countertops. Sliding is prevented through the built in suction cups on the base of the product. Finally, the mixer head locks into place and it is easy to adjust.

However, the disadvantages in terms of ease of use are that the product can be difficult to clean due to it mainly being built out of plastic. In addition, when running the product, it cannot be turned on for a prolonged amount of time due to possibility of destroying the motor.

Final Considerations

Bodum Bistro electric stand mixer is certainly a durable and useful stand mixer that is popular among kitchen owners. It offers few promising advantages but also few low points to think about. Give it some thought and ask yourself how those considerations apply to your case.

Do I think this is the best deal? Check out my pick for the best stand mixers. Find out if Bodum Bistro stand mixer deserves a place among the elites.

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