Impact of Blade Design on Your Blender Performance

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Typical blender blade designBreville blade design

Most blender buyers, particularly those buying their blenders for the first time, take for granted the blade design that goes into a blender.

Ask more experienced users and they will tell you that the blade is probably the most important aspect of a blender.

It is what separates the elites from the mediocres. In fact, this is what separates brands like Ninja from Vitamix.

But what exactly constitutes good blade design? Let’s take a look.

The Blade Material that Defines the Best Blender

Only the Strongest can Take on Anything

Of the hundreds of blender models that are selling in the market, stainless steel is the most common material that is used to make the blades.

Since the same type of material is used by all the blender makers, most people assume that stainless steel is just stainless steel. Only few are aware that stainless steel is actually just a term used to refer to a metal mixture.

Iron forms the largest component in any stainless steel but it is the other metal elements and their proportions that differentiate the quality of a stainless steel.

Here, we are all about providing, well, blender reviews. For discussions related to the science of stainless steel, you can refer to here.

But let me just give a simple explanation that every layman is able to understand.

Stainless steel is simply a mixture (alloy) of metals with iron and chromium as the main composition. Other elements may be added to the mixture. Such impurities will contribute to the overall ductility of the steel.

Think about gold. Do you ever see a 100% 24-carat gold? I haven’t seen one. Have you? Show it to me if you have.

Corrosion is Harmful for Health

The other important quality is the corrosion resistance of your blade. Stainless steel of lower grades usually has lower corrosion resistant.

It is always a good practice to properly dry your blender after each use. But no matter how well you take care of them, certain blenders are just not meant to last.

To the best of my knowledge, two blender manufacturers – Blendtec and Vitamix – are worth highlighting in this regard. The blades found on Blendtec blenders are constructed using cold-forged technique, a technique that yields stronger results. The blades found in Vitamix blenders use hardened stainless steel blades to achieve higher durability.

Blendtec blade designVitamix blade design

The Blade Design

Another aspect of a blender that is often taken for granted is the blade design.

Ask yourself a very simple question. If you have owned a blender before, have you ever paid attention on how the blade design? Do you know how it exactly looks like (other than just 3 or 4 blades that form flower-like pattern)?

If you have no idea, fret not. You’re not the only one.

It is simple to identify if the blade of your blender is well designed. When you are making smoothies – whether using fresh or frozen fruits – and you have to do is simply to press a button (and nothing else), then the design is likely to be good.

But if you have to lift up the jar, shake it and blend again for a few times to get the acceptable level of consistency, you know that the blade design is inferior.

On this aspect, the guys at Blendtec and Breville have come up with design innovation aimed at eliminating such pain. Blendtec is known for its patented vertical wingtips that gives Blendtec blenders the capability to pulverize almost anything.

Breville, on the other hand, is known for its Hemisphere Control design. What is so special about the design? The curvy bowl-like design ensures that there is no room to hide or room to trap those berries or ice cubes.

In Summary

Now you know what good blade design can do to the performance of your blender. Make sure you give it the attention that it deserves the next time you are going through those reviews in your quest for the perfect blender.

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