My Best Recommendation for Personal-Size Blenders

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Why Personal Size Blenders are Popular? Because they are Convenient!

Why Personal Size Blenders are Popular? Because they are Convenient!

Isn’t bigger always better? Why then, would anyone be looking for a personal size blender?

You are right that bigger generally means better. The same applies to blenders. But what makes life fun is there is always exception in everything.

Personal size blender is the exception where smaller may be better. If you’re looking for compact personal blenders, there are 2 likely reasons for that.

First, you are a true kitchen geek. With all the gadgets competing for space in your countertop, you’re running out of space. Yet, you still need to add a blender to your gadget line-up. Second, you are a true health purist who finds yourself traveling often. Yet, you want to make sure that your time away from home will not interrupt your healthy diet or weight loss program.

“Amanda, can you tell me what is the best personal-size blender?” That is a question that I get asked pretty often. Particularly so when I’m mingling with fellow moms who find themselves too busy to go through all the blender reviews just to find the answer.

That’s when I thought a list of most recommended personal-size blenders would be helpful. And that’s what this list is all about. When time is a luxury, you definitely want to focus only on the things that matter most.

My Curation of Top-Rated Personal-Size Blenders

Cuisinart CPB-300 Smart Power Portable Blender

Among all the three models found in this list, Cuisinart CPB-300 Smart Power Portable Blender is my favorite.

I have my Cuisinart CPB-300 for slightly more than a year and I’ve been taking it for a few of my trips. I love its compact size. I love how it easily fits into my luggage.

Given that I’m a Cuisinart fan, you’d be forgiven to think that I may be biased. I admit I do sometimes. That’s why before including this blender into this ‘elite’ list, I went through quite a number of feedback shared by other owners. This is just to make sure that I’m not giving a blindsided recommendation.

I wasn’t surprise about the generally rave reviews that the Cusiniart CPB-300 has garnered (given how superb it’s worked in producing all the morning smoothies for me). What surprised me is the extent that other owners have vouched for it.

At 350 watt rating, it easily earns itself among the most powerful personal-size blenders. If you expect it to crush ice, it will do the job with flying colors.

Best Cuisinart personal sized blenderTop-rated cuisinart single serve blender

But you may want to take not of the capacity. I don’t usually place too much ice (about 6-8 cubes) for my smoothies for 2 reasons. First, I like my smoothies to be cold, but not freezing cold. Second, I love my blender so I don’t want to over-fill and choke it to death.

If anyone tells you that Cuisinart CPB-300 is a quiet blender, they must be kidding. It is a blender and no one expects a blender to operate quietly. But what surprised me when I first used it was the level of noise it made compared to the other personal-size blenders that I’ve come across.

In addition to being a good smoothie blender, this Cuisinart blender has been a great meal preparation assistant. If I need to chop such vegetables as garlic, onions and nuts, and I need to do it quickly, I know I always can turn to this awesome blender.

It may not fare as well as a more expensive and dedicated food processor. But if you need something fast, it delivers.

Oster BLSTPB-WPK Personal Sporty Blender

If you expect a cup of smoothies a day to perform the magic of turning your health around and shedding those few excess pounds, you’re missing a vital part of the puzzle.

Doing sports on regular basis like going to the gym or biking might just complete your healthy lifestyle formula.

Oster My Blend personal blender is designed for someone who leads such active lifestyle. The BPA-free Tritan 20oz jar takes on dual function as a sport bottle and also a blending jar.

Oster my blend blender in blue color optionHighly rated Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend

Everyone knows that washing is always a hassle. With this design, you don’t have to wash your jar and water bottle separately. After you’re done with the blending, all you have to do is replace the blade assemblies with a drinking lid. And you’re good to go!

Running on 250 watt, it is not the most powerful blender but it has enough oomph to pulverize ice and fruits. Also, the blade design is not as superior if compared to Vitamix or Blendtec. It is only realistic to expect a longer time for Oster My Blend to produce the same amount of smoothies. And be prepared to intervene and shake the bottle when it gets stuck.

Tribest PB-250 Personal Blender

Unlike Cuisinart and Oster, the next member of this exclusive list comes from a lesser known brand called Tribest.

But do you know that Tribest is the pioneer in the personal blender space? It surprised me but it served as a good reminder of how much I still have to learn when it comes to blender selection.

Tribest PG-250 comes with four cups in total – 2x 8oz and 2x 16oz cups. Personally, I don’t own one of this. But based on the reviews that other owners have shared, they seem to be surprised by the toughness of the cups.

Blade assemblies of Tribest personal blenderTribest personal serving blender cup with lid

If you have young kids in the house and items falling from the countertop is part of the daily kitchen happening, then this extra toughness is something you’d love.

Your Choice

If you’re looking for the ultimate smoothie machine, what you’ve just seen certainly do not make the cut. But if the best personal-sized blenders are what you’re looking, I’d probably have given you the answer.

Tribest may be the pioneer when it comes to personal-sized blender but Cuisinart CPB-300 is the clear winner. If this set is still too big for you, then the next best recommendation would be the Oster My Blend.

If you have a personal experience with any of these blenders and you think it’s worth sharing, do leave a comment below. If you have a better suggestion, you’re free to raise it up too.

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  1. Tribest is initially great but after a time the seal around the blade drive shaft wears out and the unit starts leaking. They don’t sell just seals, so you have to buy the whole cutter assembly. I’m using the Oster now for about a year, and so far it’s been great. The cheapy Hamilton Beach 51101 is a lot of personal blender for about $20.

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