What can be Expected of BELLA 12-Pc Rocket Blender System?

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Bella 12-Piece Rocket Blender Review

Lately it seems everyone is walking around with some kind of frozen beverage in their hand. With spring and summer around the corner, now is the time to buy your next appliance, and the blender reviews are in.

Whether it is a healthy fruit smoothie, a cold coffee pick-me-up, or a basic chocolate milkshake, almost anyone can make their favorite refreshment.

The question then becomes “What blender gets the job done fast and easy without breaking the bank?”. With so many brands finding options like good quality, convenience, and affordability are not difficult when you shop.

During a reunion party at one of my school buddy’s house recently, I was introduced to BELLA 13586 12-Piece Rocket Blender system. Frankly speaking, BELLA is not the first name that anyone would choose to consider when searching for the best blender. More popular names include Ninja and Vitamix.

I was curious on why my buddy ended up choosing this ‘little known‘ blender. I didn’t manage to do a lengthy interview but at least I know few things that led to her decision and how her experience had been since the purchase.

Ready to find out? Let’s get right to it.

What to Expect from BELLA 12-Pc Rocket Blender

Compact but Versatile

Since most people use blenders on a daily basis, the smaller the better. In the kitchen, counter space is king. Large appliances shrink counter areas and usually end up in a cabinet-for a long, unused time.

Versatility and speed is a must! Besides awesome smoothies, the BELLA 13586 12-Piece Rocket Blender can blend whole fruit and vegetables, as well as grind coffee beans.

It comes with two different stainless steel blades and three mixing cups (two 16 oz and one 8 oz) designed to drink from. Put your ingredients in, mix, and go, but don’t forget to keep spills away with a resealable lid-two are included.

View of lids and seals of Bella blender setImage of jar of Bella rocket blender set

If you like a little fresh cinnamon for recipes, after grinding a stick place one of two shaker style lids on the mixing container without having to use a separate spice holder. Chop ice cubes and nuts in no time whatsoever – a very important option if you have children. You never know when they will need ice for their sore arm and an ice cream sundae topped with nuts to make it all better in a hurry!

Of course all accessories and containers are BPA-free and clean up easily in your dishwasher. This may be the very best blender ever made! When reading blender reviews, weighing brand options against each other will make this decision a breeze.

Easier Cleaning

Today more than ever staying ‘green‘ is a consideration when buying just about anything. Conventional blenders require a separate glass or glasses and thorough cleaning of the blender jar (usually) by hand.

Complete set of BELLA 13586 Rocket BlenderClose up view of BELLA 13586 Blender system

Not only is this time consuming, over the life of the blender also is more costly in electricity, water, and dishwasher detergent. Enjoy paying a higher electric bill? Your typical blender uses (on average) 300 watts compared to the BELLA 13586 12-Piece Rocket Blender’s 250.

Value for Money

Who doesn’t enjoy their drink knowing how much money they saved drinking something healthy and delicious? Sitting in line at the drive-thru can take a while and wastes fuel, and the beverages are usually very costly (on average $3.50/drink X 250 days a year).

This is not even taking the ingredients mix into the consideration. You jolly well know that with that kind of price, you can always get better quality ingredients when you match and mix on your own.

Your new Bella Rocket Blender pays for itself in just a few uses. Not to mention the waste of the beverage container and the extra drink left in the blender that didn’t fit into your plastic cup.

You will find the best blender is the BELLA 12-Piece Rocket Blender because (last but certainly not least) is its’ powerful motor and light weight. Two high-ranking characteristics when finding your next blender review as necessary as affordability.

Most blenders come with a set of instructions, but the BELLA Rocket Blender includes a 1-year warranty and a recipe book for making delicious soups, sauces, and batters as well as beverages.

Blender base of Bella rocket blender systemBlade design of Bella 12-piece rocket blender

Recommended Low-Cost Option, But…

I’ve seen first hand how a BELLA Rocket Blender system was put to work and was tasked to churn out more than 15 cups of smoothies in 1 night.

Costing no more than a tiny fraction of the likes of Vitamix 5200 and Blendtec Designer series, I’d be lying if I tell you this blending system is capable of producing superior smoothies. It just doesn’t make sense. Remember the simple rule in life? “There’s no free lunch in the world”

If price is not part of the equation, any honest blender review will tell you that this simple blender is far from being the best blender for smoothies. But if price is included and you’re faced with tight budget constraint, there are not many that can come close to what your BELLA Rocket Blender can offer.

For similar price range, we recommend that you consider Ninja Prep Master as the next best alternative.

Image courtesy of Bert Kaufmann

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