About www.mermaiddiaries.com

Welcome to Mermaid Diaries!

Whether you are a stay-home mum or a working mum, running a kitchen is both a duty and privilege. Most of us love the day to day running of our kitchen as much as we hate it. Of all things, having a good blender, mixer or food processor in our kitchen is handy and it is what every one would wish for.

I know how busy we, as the lady of the house, could be. When you want to search for some things, you hope to be able to find them fast and you want to be able to have it at your disposal immediately.

MermaidDiaries.Com is a blog created by a (mermaid-loving) mom with busy mums (like yourself) in mind. We hope to present easily digestible information about blenders and stuffs that would help you find the information you need quickly.

We hope you have a fun time reading! Happy blending!