Ninja BL770: A ‘Mega’ System for All Kitchen Blender Needs

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It took me awhile to find a truly exceptional all-in-one food processor and blender. There are so many out there that claim to do this or that, but really it comes down to the blade quality and processor horsepower.

The Ninja BL770 really makes quick work of anything you throw at it, and I’ve thrown some pretty difficult tasks at it. I’m always looking for an appliance that will make my life easier and make cooking an enjoyable experience, so I think that’s really the big plus to this food processor, blender and juicer super appliance.

Is Ninja Mega Kitchen BL770 a Superb Option?

It Really is a Mega System

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System has a ton of accessories and takes some time to get used to. You definitely will want to break out the instructions and go through some of the different parts to understand how each part of the system works.

One thing that really stood out to me about this blender was the design. As a kitchen system, it combines several actions into one incredible appliance. I have a cooking buddy whom after going through a number of Ninja blender reviews, decided to give it a try.

She was kind enough to let me have a hand on it and do a bit of ‘torturing’. My goal really, was to see if it could really outdo some of its competitors. I wouldn’t say it completely blew me away but I think it fares well in a number of critical areas.

Easy and Simple to Use

Based on my experiments with it, I found that I can do everything with this thing. If I want to chop up carrots, it’s a simple press of a button. If I want to make myself a delicious smoothie, I can do that too.

It also has settings for chopping, crushing, kneading dough and vitamin extraction. I can’t say that there are too many blenders or food processors that can truly do it all.

It Makes Meal Preparation So Much Easier

As you go through the various blender reviews talking about the Ninja BL770, one thing that you find many owners often tout about is its power. This blender packs a punch, and the horsepower is visible. You can make cups of your favorite juices in seconds or chop up onions for your pasta dish in under five minutes.

Ninja total crushing feature in BL770 blenderComplete set of Ninja mega kitchen bl770 blender system

After a hands-on experience with it, I can understand the reliefs of many owners who have raved about how the NInja BL770 has indeed reduced their dinner preparation time significantly.

I think that what gives the Ninja its biggest asset are the blades. Ninja Mega Kitchen System can crush ice, which is something my grandkids love for their juice drinks and smoothies.

Balancing the Pros and Cons

I really only have one little gripe. The system is a little bit space consuming. All of the parts don’t fit on one shelf, so it definitely needs its own area. I still think that it’s worth it because of all the things that it can do in a single setting. It’s also pretty easy to clean up.

One of the other things I noticed is that the manufacturer really didn’t put a lot of effort into how useful this appliance is for cooking. Most of the recipes in the booklet that come with it are for drinks and smoothies.

That’s really diminishing the potential of this machine because most of what I use it for is prep. Slicing, chopping, crushing and dicing is what the Ninja does best.

A number of containers come with the Ninja too. This makes it easy work to separate all of your ingredients or to create different juices throughout the day. Since I like to make my own drinks, it’s pretty perfect for me and my needs. I have been using it without a problem, and I don’t see any issues with it in the future.

In Conclusion

Now that you have a better idea on what the Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System has to offer, the ball is now back in your court. No one but you can decide if this is the best system for your kitchen.

To me, the decision boils down to this. If I need nothing more than a no-frill smoothie maker, this system is definitely an overkill. But if I need an all-in-one food processor that is reasonably priced, I think this is one of the best alternatives that are currently available.

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