Bodum Bistro Blender is Cheap. But is it Good?

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Blade Sharpness is Key to a Blender Performance

Blade Sharpness is Key to a Blender Performance

The Bodum Bistro Blender is one of the better mid-quality blenders I’ve used. The main thing when looking for any blender is the strength of the blades, and these blades are pretty strong. I make a lot of smoothies and so far with this I’ve been able to grind up ice easily.

Zooming In on Bodum Bistro Blender

It’s a No Fancy Blender

This is definitely not a fancy blender. It often takes a little longer than I expected to get everything blended together smoothly, but it will get the job done eventually if you’re patient.

I will say I have had some trouble with smoothly blending greens. Pre-blending seems to help, though. I haven’t yet found anything that it absolutely will not blend. Sometimes it just takes a little while.

Build Quality

This blender is entirely made of plastic, not glass. This makes it really light, which has its pros and cons. On one hand, it’s easy to transport or move around, but there’s also the worry that it’s not going to stay on the counter where you need it to be.

There are suction cups provided to keep it in place, and so far that’s worked just fine for me, although I’ve seen some blender reviews that complained about it moving.

Pitcher image of Bodum Bistro blenderControl panel view of Bodum bistro

With regards to appearance, it does look a little cheap, though I like the bright red color and think it looks just fine in my kitchen. If you have other Bodum products in your kitchen already, this won’t look out of place.

Be warned though, it is very loud, so you probably don’t want to do a lot of blending if the baby’s sleeping.

Easy Cleaning

It’s really easy to clean, as it’s dishwasher safe and the pitcher is all in one piece. I hate when I have to dissemble the entire blender and take off rings and gaskets just to wash it.

I’ve had no problem with that at all here. I will say it’s difficult to get the cover off, so that can sometimes be a little annoying. I could probably pry it up more easily if I had longer nails, but as it is I sometimes have to use a knife to get the lid off.

Easy to Use but Can be Better

The controls are really easy to understand — great for anyone who likes their appliances simple and uncomplicated. Just choose the speed you want and push start.

The various speeds and styles are indicated with little symbols, but they’re all easy to follow. The ice cube symbol means the ice crusher, the cup with a straw indicates the perfect smoothie setting, and so forth. The pulse function is a nice feature as well, letting you blend in short bursts.

Red color option of Bodum bistro blenderA Simple take of Bodum bistro blenderA Close-up view of Bodum bistro in green

I would say it’s a little annoying having the on/off switch at the back. This is because typically I keep my blender pushed up against the wall and sometimes it gets jostled and turns off when I don’t want it to.

This also makes it difficult to get to when I do want to turn it on, since the button is all the way at the back and I have to turn the blender sideways to reach it. Of course, depending on where you plan on putting the blender in your kitchen, this may not be an issues for you at all, but it’s something I have run into. For alternative within the same price range as Bodum Bistro blender, we recommend Ninja Master Prep.

The Final Say

This may not be the best blender or one that can chop anything up in seconds. But if you’re looking for something simple that will get the job done, this is a good choice. It’s easy to use and easy to clean, even if it’s not the quietest or the fastest blender around.

Are you all made up about Bodum Bistro blender? If not, be sure to check out our pick for the ultimate smoothie maker champion. Find out where the greats set themselves apart from their mediocre peers.

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