Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 1245: Sirena 2 NEW Animated Curly Hair (Layla/Elaine)

The new Alice in Wonderland is opening soon!

Time to check out those Wonderland sims :) The coolest one so far is New Wonderland. It's a role-playing sim full of little doors and things that tell you to eat or drink them :P

The SLURL is Silence (188,6,27).

"Layla" is a long, curly hair that goes down to your lower back. It's Animated, and pulls up to a half ponytail using the sculpty Hair Comb. And of course, it plays an animation when it changes style :)

"Elaine" is a shoulder-length curly hair with a blunt bang/fringe. It's Animated, and pulls back using a Headband so you can show off your earrings :) You can optionally let your friends remove your Headband and let your hair down.

All Sirena hairstyles come in 3 sizes, (S)mall, (M)edium, and (L)arge for easy fitting and adjustment.

There are 60 textures in 15 color packs to choose from. And all hairs can be color-tinted (with 66 colors) to give you even more color choices!

Check them out online at or at Sirena Hair. Click on Search, and enter "sirena" as the keyword. The SLURL is Sirena Hair (116,217,22).

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Misae Silverfall said...

I'm really, really loving these new fluffy hairs! Once I get a little extra cash, alt will be getting Layla. I've been waiting on a half ponytail!

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Misae, heehee they are def fluffy, arent they? I wonder what they look like when they get wet? ;P

Misae Silverfall said...

Is that a hint of things to come? x3

I can't wait to be able to buy Layla. It looked so~ good on my av. I guess in the meantime, I'll try to get the alt's tail to match the hair better.

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Misae, lol I tried to do a wet hair this week and didnt finish in time ;P Oh well, theres always next week!

Kate said...

OMG, they are just perfect hairs!

Anonymous said...

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I really like long wavy hair of Layla. I wish I would change my avatar's hair just like her.