Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 1238: Sirena NEW Animated Hair + Free Scripted Locket

Happy Valentine's Day :)

In case you havent been there, you've got to check out My Funny Valentine. It's a sim stuffed full of interesting scenes.

You wear a free HUD, and answer questions you find along the way. And there are some funny ones ;P

It'll only be there thru Feb, so dont miss it :)

The SLURL is Sea Breeze (131,126,21).

"Andrea" is an Animated hair with fluffy, realistic curls. By using the color-change Hair Stick, the hair pulls up to an elegant updo.

And of course, you can let your friends detach the Hair Stick and let your hair down.

This week only, a free scripted Heart Locket for Valentine's Day!

The Heart Locket works with most Sirena Animated hairstyles, and can bring your hair up and down. You can put a picture of a loved one inside the Heart Locket. Then, you or someone else can click on the Heart Locket and open it to see the picture.

Oh, and the Heart Locket is also color-changing ;)

All Sirena hairstyles come in 3 sizes, (S)mall, (M)edium, and (L)arge for easy fitting and adjustment.

There are 60 textures in 15 color packs to choose from. And all hairs can be color-tinted (with 66 colors) to give you even more color choices!

Check them out online at or at Sirena Hair. Click on Search, and enter "sirena" as the keyword. The SLURL is Sirena Hair (116,217,22).

numly esn 33330-100213-950462-74

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Misae Silverfall said...

I just went to see the demo after I got the notice in my email from my Samiya account (for some reason, it didn't come to Misae), and oh my, I LOVE it. It's so flow-y and fluffy! I had to pick it up.

This has to be one of my favorites to date. :)

Todd said...