Saturday, December 22, 2007

Day 454: LinkRez

***Note: Just FYI, Ged Larsen has not been in SL since Jan, 2008. I have not been able to contact him. So please be careful when purchasing the product (it might be difficult to get a refund until he returns!)

Ged Larsen created LoopRez and LoopRez Deluxe, which made creating flexi skirts much easier!

Several months ago, Ged introduced LinkRez, a cool tool for creating necklaces and jewelry pieces. (Sorry for taking this long to write about it :P)

In SL, a flat circle necklace like this doesnt look very realistic. It either floats in the air up front or sticks into your neck in the back.

A few months ago, I wrote a tutorial on how to create a Chain Necklace with LoopRez.

However, the standard LoopRez script can only bend in the exact middle of the chain. This doesnt work for longer chains. Also, the LoopRez script cannot rotate the chainlinks, so you are limited to links that will lock to itself (like the one in the tutorial).

Wouldnt it be nice to have something that lets you adjust the bend around your neck? And create rotating chainlinks?

Thats what LinkRez does, along with a bunch of cool features that take the major pains out of creating necklaces in SL.

Also, LinkRez does what LoopRez Deluxe did for flexi skirts: it lets you design your necklace interactively :)

You stand on a special posestand, adjust the guides around your neck, and give the command to create the necklace.

Plus you can tweak and customize the necklace in ways that go way over my head (even while wearing an updo ;P).

Check out these amazing creations on Ged's blog for what other residents have done with LinkRez!

You can also stop by Script Thingies (Ged Larsen's store) and check out the real time LinkRez Demo. You can watch LinkRez create a number of different designs :) Search/Places for keyword "thingies". The SLURL is Linji (148,225,67)).

LinkRez costs L$3000. It is available at both Script Thingies and the Sirena store. BTW, I do not make any L$ from the sales of LinkRez (or LoopRez Deluxe). I write these tutorials because I use these tools myself (and because Ged promised to pose in Hot Pink hair ;P).

The Quick Demo

LinkRez can create temporary test necklaces. This is a great way to see how LinkRez works :)

Just stand on the LinkRez posestand.

Right-click on the Blue/Purple Guides and select "Edit...".

Be sure that "Stretch Both Sides" and "Edit linked parts" are both checked.

Click on the lower Blue Guide to select it. Press [Ctrl-Shift] and stretch the Blue Guide to the desired length. Then press the [Ctrl] key and rotate the Blue Guide to fit the neck.

Next, click on the upper Purple Guide to select it. Adjust it as needed around to back of your neck.

Then just say "/1 TEST" in Chat, and watch LinkRez create a necklace to fit the 2 guides :)

The necklace is temporary, and will disappear in about a minute.

You can get fancy by saying "/1 LINKTYPE ALTERNATE", and then "/1 TEST". This will create a necklace with links that rotate alternately. Perfect for tiny chain links :)

LinkRez has a whole bunch of commands you can use to adjust the shape and style of the necklace.

Remember, this is just a fitting demo. We are going to make the real thing next :)

Creating a Necklace Link

The most important part of the necklace is the individual links.

You can create an entire necklace from the same kind of link, like this necklace made from Tiny Tubes.

You can even program LinkRez to use different kinds of links and different settings with a Notecard!

This necklace was completely generated by LinkRez using 6 different kinds of links :O

And a necklace link can be a single prim or a linked set of prims. But keep in mind that SL has a limit of 255 prims in a single linked object (so we cant get too crazy ;P).

Lets create a necklace using a single Tiny Tube.

Go ahead and rez a Torus on the ground.

Edit the Torus. Select the Object tab and enter the following settings:

   Size X: 0.020M
   Size Y: 0.040M
   Size Z: 0.040M

   Hollow: 95.0

   Profile Cut Begin: 0.200
   Profile Cut End: 0.300

Go to the Texture tab.

Change the color to Orange (Red=255, Green=128, Blue=0).

Check the "Full Bright" checkbox (because we are making jewelry :D).

Change the "Shininess" to Medium.

Go to the General tab.

Change the Name to "Tiny Gold Tube".

Right-click on the Tiny Gold Tube and select Take to take it into your Inventory.

Sizing the Link

Next, we need to figure out how these links fit together.

Instead of fiddling with settings, LinkRez has an ingenious little tool for figuring out the exact settings: the Sizing Board. Its right above the posestand. Its tiny, so you have to zoom into it!

In the middle of the Sizing Board are 3 "toothpicks" (thats what Ged calls them ;P).

Theres a tiny blue sphere where the 3 toothpicks join together.

Rez the "Tiny Gold Tube" we created above.

Place the Tiny Gold Tube in the same direction as the Red toothpick.

Then try to center the Tiny Gold Tube at the tiny blue sphere where the toothpicks join together. As you move the Tiny Gold Tube, you will notice the Red/Green/Blue lines will start to match up with the toothpicks :)

Press and hold the [Shift] key. Click and drag the Red arrow to make a copy of the Tiny Gold Tube to the right.

Position the copy of the Tiny Gold Tube so that it is how you want the links to appear on the necklace.

Then just Touch the "Center" button on the Sizing Board. It will say something like this in Chat:

   zzzLinkRezSizingBoard: CENTER alignment sizing
   zzzLinkRezSizingBoard: Name ~ distance(mm) ~ rotationOffset ~ positionOffset
   zzzLinkRezSizingBoard: Tiny Gold Tube~6.103516~<-0.00000, 0.00000, -0.00000>~<0.00002, 0.00002, 0.00015>

Make a note of the last thing it says ("Tiny Gold Tube~6.103516~<-0.00000, 0.00000, -0.00000>~<0.00002, 0.00002, 0.00015>"). We will need this in a minute.

Creating the Necklace

Ready? Lets make a necklace :)

First, lets put the Tiny Gold Tube into the LinkRez.

Right-click on the big transparent LinkRez ring and select "Edit...".

Go to the Contents tab. Drag-and-drop the "Tiny Gold Tube" from your Inventory to the Contents tab of LinkRez.

Go on the posestand!

Adjust the Green and Purple Guides as needed to fit your neck. Remember, you can always say "/1 TEST" in Chat to see how the necklace would fit :)

Here comes the fun part :)

Say "/1 LINK Tiny Gold Tube~6.103516~<-0.00000, 0.00000, -0.00000>~<0.00002, 0.00002, 0.00015>" in Chat(without the quotes). And watch LinkRez make your custom necklace :)

BTW, all those numbers came from the Sizing Board above (just cut-and-paste it from your Chat history). Dont ask me what they mean ;P

Finally, we need to link the Necklace into a single object. We want the metal ball in the center to be the Root object.

Stand up from the posestand.

Right-click on the metal ball in the center and select "Edit...".

Click in an area outside the necklace and draw a box around the entire necklace to select all the necklace links.

Press and hold the [Shift] key. Click on the big transparent LinkRez ring to de-select the LinkRez object.

While still holding the [Shift] key, click on the metal ball in the center to de-select it. Click on the metal ball in the center again to select it. This will make sure that the metal ball will become the Root prim.

Click on "Tools" from the top menu bar and select the "Link" option.

Right-click on the metal ball and select "Edit...".

Go to the General tab. Change the Name to "Test Necklace".

Right-click on Test Necklace and select Take to take it into your Inventory.

Look for Test Necklace in your Inventory. It should be in your Objects folder.

Right-click on Test Necklace in your Inventory and select "Attach To>", then "Chest".

When you first attach the necklace, it will be in the wrong place.

Just Right-click the Test Necklace and select "Edit...". Then use the color arrows to move it into position.

Thats it! You should now be wearing your custom fitted necklace :)

Ged Larsen has very thorough documentation at his blog, including a detailed tutorial, tips, and other great info!

If you plan on making custom jewelry (or similarly complex designs), definitely check out LinkRez.

Have fun makeing those prim-hogging necklaces ;P

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Anonymous said...

Hey Natalia, i have read a few of your tutorials all relatively easy for me to understand. But this one on LinkRez has got me confuzzled:P, i try to make the gold tiny tube,it comes out as just a plane ring! I have fiddled with it for a while now but still cant make that little tube please try and help if you can:)

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Dear Anonymous, be sure you are using Profile Cut, not Path Cut:
Profile Cut Begin: 0.200
Profile Cut End: 0.300

Anonymous said...

I tried this but it doesn't work keep getting this error message zzzLinkRezSizingBoard: *** ERROR: no link pairs detected ***

Too Bad I wasted my L$ on the linkrez and I know there will be no way to get a refund because Ged Larsen is no longer on SL which after wasting my L$ on this product it doesn't surprise me as to why he is no longer on SL, probably got to many complaints from people like me.

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Dear Anonymous, I am assuming you have LinkRez Deluxe. Did you link the prims (either manually or enable the Auto-link thing)?