Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Day 345: Galveston Island, Texas

Its always facinating for me to see a Real Life place reproduced in Second Life. So when I heard about the Galveston Island sims in SL, I had to go check it out :)

The Galveston Island sims are sponsored by the The Galveston Island Convention & Visitors Bureau to promote the Real Life Galveston Island in Texas. The RL Galveston is a tourist attraction known for its historical neighnorhoods, beaches, and attractions.

The designers even won an award for the design of these sims!

If you click on these green binoculars in Galveston, they will take to some webcams with live pix of the RL Galveston. Totally spooky :P

Take a trolley through the length of the 2 sims, including the downtown shopping area.

(Lol, this is so weird referring to the RL website ;P)

At the Walking Tour of Historical Galveston, they even have one of those display areas with info on how the town got started, etc. Its so spooky, cause it feels just like the ones in RL...or is it the other way around?

Theres a piece of the Moody Gardens here. Just like the RL one, they have these giant pyramids with displays inside. The Aquarium Pyramid (my fav, of course :D) is 12 stories high with 1.5 million gallons of water! Thats a lot of prims! :P

Oh...oh...and they have an amusement area with TONS of rides! And you know how much I love rides :)


The Seawolf Park at Galveston Island has also become a popular live music destination in Second Life. There were at least 2 live concert events today that threatened to pack the sim!

Just one minor complaint: the event schedules in the sim are outdated, making it hard to find out about Galveston-based events. I hope they get a chance to update them soon!

If you enjoy live music, or want to see how real a virtual resort town can look, come check out Galveston Island. Click on Search, select Places, and enter "galveston" as the keyword. Pick any of the TP destinations for the Galveston sims. The SLURL is
Galveston Isle (197,164,27).

BREAKING NEWS: Punk mermaid terrorizes Galveston Island, Texas...


Anonymous said...

Please stop putting out more hair, i'm going broke ;P

And wow, i've only been to Galvenston for the music events so far, will definitely go and explore the rest! Thanks for the info!

Sally Silvera

Jungle Jewell said...

Uh, I haven't been there yet. I usually avoid going there (in RL) during big events and on weekends. I did have to go there frequently for work, but thankfully those happened on weekdays. I did go to Moody Gardens many years ago, and it was very nice, so I'll probably check it out in SL too.

Did SL's Galveston have the haunted face of UTMB? I've seen it 8^)

SLNatalia said...

Sally, lol I cant help myself...more hair...more hair ;P

Galveston is a beautifully built-sim. I really hope the owners put some effort into promoting it...it could be like a modern Caledon with a whole community :) That would go along way towards promoting the RL Galveston!

Jungle, oh wow, the haunted face of UTMB is SO COOL (had to look it up on Google)!!!

Im not sure if its in the Galveston sim (I dont think so...) But that would be so neat to have!

Lyndsey Forager said...

Hey Natalia,

Just a quick comment to say hello, although i love the hair, i keep noticing the new lovely outfits you are wearing, did you make them? are they for sale soon in your shop? please please,its been ages since i have bought a lovely sirena outfit

Ekio Locatiare said...

Whoot punk mermaid on the loose ^-~ Galvenston wont know what hit it. He He.

SLNatalia said...

Lyndsey, thank you so much! I really miss making clothes too... :)

I sorta made these outfits, but I dont want to sell them: They are photo-sourced (not to mention they are rushed together just for a photo). I make them because it usually takes me longer to shop for a particular outfit in SL...

Ekio, beware the wrath of the punk mermaid! Heehee actually everyone in Galveston was busy at the live concert and totally ignored me :P

Pyxel Courier said...

Actually, Ekio, she'll fit right in!

Hi from Houston, Nat! From your friendly neighborhood Aquaman.

SLNatalia said...

Pyxel! I was just trying to think of someone who lived in Texas. Aquaman shouldve top the list! (lol I gues Im not used to seeing you dry ;P)

Ive never been there in RL :( But if punk mermaid fits right in, Galveston Island sounds like a cool place ;P

Anonymous said...

You sound almost ashamed of using photo sourced textures for the clothes; I would think that wrapping a 2d photo fabric texture onto a 3d form is just as skilled as drawing wrinkles from scratch, just different. Almost all fabric textures I have found are photo sourced (as well as most bricks, trees, eyes, etc etc....), so why not the rest of the outfit? I agree with Lyndsey; surely if it looks good, it is good, and does not matter if the maker was skilled with drawing or photo manipulation.

SLNatalia said...

Dear Anonymous, I dont have a problem with photo-sourcing: its a quick way to make certain types of outfits. I prefer to do it for personal use though, and not sell them. Lol theres a funny preference among designers for "drawn" textures, and Im sticking with the "code" for now ;P

But by all means, photo-sourcing is fun and makes some really cool outfits. :)

Swimmie said...

hi natalia! i'm about a month old in sl and enjoying it so much. someone referred me to your blog and i found it very informative. thank you! you are a wonderful guide to sl and i love to see your clothes and hairstyles too. one question ... how do you wear a hat without being bald? i had an embarassing moment i mistakenly replaced my hair with a tierra in a ballroom....:(

SLNatalia said...

Swimmie, thanks so much :) Regarding wearing hats, it has to do with Attachment Points on your avatar. Almost all prim hair uses the Skull Attachment Point. Almost all hats should use some other Attachment Point (Chin, Mouth, Nose, etc). Unfortunately, some hats/hair accessories (like your tiara) uses the Skull Attachment Point, which would replace your prim hair :(

There is also no easy way to tell which attachment point an object would use until you Wear it...so try it beforehand!

You can change the Attachment Point of an object. But you will have to rotate and reposition it. To change the Attachment Point, Right-click on the object in your Inventory, select Attach To>, and the attachment point (like Chin, Nose, Mouth). You will then need to rotate and position it in the proper place. Not easy to do, but not that hard once you get the hang of it :)

swimmie said...

natalia, thank you very much for your kind advice. i'll try your adjustment method. thanks again and hope i can see you in sl someday :)!

SLNatalia said...

Swimmie, good luck with the adjustment! :)