Thursday, August 02, 2007

Day 312: Chichen-Itza

Heres one of the New 7 Wonders of the World! (Not me, silly, I mean the pyramid thingie behind me :P)

Welcome to Chichen-Itza, Mexico in Second Life!

The world has voted and its (almost) official: Chichen-Itza is a World Wonder!

Chichen-Itza in SL is a project by the Mexican Tourism Board. You know, the folks who want us to take more vacations in Mexico :)

The sim provides a flavor of the real Chichen-Itza. There are info Notecards at major display areas. Like these 1000 stone columns, rezzed by the finest Mayan artisans...

And check out archaeological sites. This one has some cool psychedelic displays :)

Like a pretty garden sim, there are also waterfalls and forest trails...

And the coolest part is that you can take an audio tour (thats right, audio!) of the sim on the back of a butterfly :) The audio tour is available in 3 languages: Spanish, French, or English. these butterflies have seat belts?

Of course, some areas you have to explore on taking a plunge into the Sacred Cenote.

Can you actually do that at the Real Life Sacred Cenote? Since its like...sacred? :P

Or partying in the ancient Mayan disco :)

And stop by now and grab some really nice (and free) Mayan Princess and Mayan Warrior outfits!

Hey, thats unfair...the guys get a spear and shield and stuff. Ooo, wait a minute...nice earrings! :)

Dont forget the sun and the beach :)

Do you like Mayan ruins or curious about one of the World Wonders? Check out Chichen-Itza in Second Life. Click on Search, select Places, and enter "chichen" as the keyword. The SLURL is Visit Mexico (195,62,38).

Oh Blue Poseball darling, will you take me on a tour to see all the other World Wonders?


Wilhelmina Yoshikawa said...

This is one of my favorite places. Did you see the baby turtles on the beach? They are right close to one of the big turtles. The baby turtles move, running to the water. They are not prim work, but a moving texture. If you didn't see it, check again, it's worth it. :-)

Also, at the bottom of the stairs of the temple there is a door leading to a tunnel inside the pyramid, leading to the older temple inside and below the new one. It's easy to find the door. You can also see it here, in the 5th picture.

I love the jungle sounds and the humming birds in that sim!

Eppie Hock said...

Same here!!! I loved the turtles and the Humming birds! They fly around your sweet :-))

Ekio Locatiare said...

Another Lovely area. Did you know that they hired builders from all over the grid and gave them each an area. So the whole place was done by residents. Very cool.

Jacks said...

Oh Oh! Another fun place to check out...right after I hatch my dragon egg >:). Thanks so much for the link.

Delancey Decosta said...

Hey Natalia! I just visited Chichen-Itza and I want o thank you so much for writing about this beautiful sim!

SLNatalia said...

Wilhelmina, yes, I did see the mother and baby turtles! So CUTE!!! :) I didnt see the secret tunnel though...I need to go back and check this out :) Thank you so much!

Eppie, I love the humming birds! And they go to the flower if you touch the flower too. They are so real looking!

Ekio, wow, I didnt know Chichen-Itza was built by residents! That could be why each piece has a diff flavor. Thats a really neat idea...hope they will do more projects like this!

Jacks, oh my goodness...Ive seen a dragon hatch once before! So cool :) Just dont scare everyone at Chichen-Itza! :P

Delancey, Im glad you enjoyed it! Its a cool sim...and I think they were throwing a party there the other day. I hope they will social events there as well!