Monday, June 11, 2007

Day 260: Sirena 5 New Hairstyles (Long Hair at the Beach)

Do you have a question about Second Life you've always wanted to ask? Or just want to dance with a group of friends? Come to the Sirena Q&A Dance Event this Sun, June 17 from 11:30AM-12:30PM SL/PDT at the Sirena store (Search/Places for "sirena", SLURL: Sirena Hair (116,217,22)). We will try to answer your questions, from basic to advanced. But be warned...we may give silly answers ;P

Thanks, LadyAyn, for this great idea! If this works out, we will do it on a regular basis :) how does this Dance Ball thing work again? ;P

Wow, its Monday again! Time for another 5 new hairstyle :)

This week, its long and beach hair :)

Leilani is a Hawaiian hair style, with long hair that runs down the back. The cool part is the traditional Hawaiian Hair Flower (in this case, a Plumeria, but its color-changeable). In Hawaii, the Hair Flower shows your availability, much like a ring. If worn on the right side, it means you are available. If worn on the left (closer to the heart), it means you are taken...

Amanda is the attention-getting of this group: a lot of hair that flows all the way down your back, tied with a cute fuzzy hair tie :)

Nicole is an elegant updo, great for any formal occasion. It has a flower garland that can change color in certain areas (so its multi-colored, but color-changeable :D)...

Mariah is the long hair with an attitude. A big top with long curly locks. Comes with a jeweled headband with color-changing jewels...

Kelly curls away from the face in a styled cut, with a string of super cute color-changing beads...

All hairstyles come in 3 sizes, (S)mall, (M)edium, and (L)arge for easy fitting and adjustment.

There are 48 textures in 12 color packs to choose from. And all hairs can be color-tinted (with 66 colors) to give you even more color choices!

So check them out at Sirena Hair & Fashion. Click on Search, select Places, and enter "sirena" as the keyword.

So many beaches in Second little time... ;P


Georgette Whitfield said...

Damn you, Natalia! The Kelly hairstyle is so hot I will need to spend yet more Lindens this week, especially as I just got a beach-front house. :) You really are super talented girly!

Hope I can come on Sunday, but I might be at a bellydancing gig in RL. It's a tie which party will be the best!

Big hugs,

LadyAyn said...

How exciting! It's definately marked on my calendar. I didn't think about the dance part, but I'm glad you did. :) I wore "Catherine" to a concert Saturday and received more compliments than I ever have on a hair - thanks!
(Groan!) FIVE new styles? Oh my poor $L balance. It looks like there may be a new swimsuit too.;)
I'm SO looking forward to finally meeting you! See you Sunday.
Love you

Jennifer Dunne said...

Oh, rats! I wish I could come, but I'll be traveling in RL on Sunday. I hope you do make this a regular event, and I can come to the next one.

Have you considered making a short, curly hair?
/me looks beseachingly at you.

Ekio Locatiare said...

Aww I'll be gone * Pouts no SL, whats a girl to do, teehee* this weekend. Hope you all have fun.

You continue to amaze me with what you can do in a week. Very cute styles. ^-^

Suki Kyomoon said...

I have seen all your hairstyles. They look so great. I think everyone would love it if you gave an in-world tutorial on making prim hair.

Suki Kyomoon

Luke Poplin said...

Five new styles for the Ladies? Hmm...a quote comes to mind.

"We really do need to make things easier for them!" -Natalia Zelmanov

(Jan 20, 2007 3:57:00 PM in response to Day 117: Guy for a Day comments)

Hair for the Lady: 10+ (?)
Hair for the Gentleman: 5


Moran Singh said...

Ooh, more shopping! I love the Chloe hair that I bought last week, and the new styles are so tempting.

I was in your shop last night picking up some more outfits and saw your sign about the dance. I have already marked next Sunday on my calendar.

I'm with Jennifer -- a short curly style would be great. ;-)

Ged Larsen said...

You left out option #3, a flower on each side -- taken, but looking for trouble? ;)

SLNatalia said...

Georgette, the Kelly hairstyle is actually my fav of this batch, just because it came out so well :) Heehee and dont miss your bellydancing gig! We will probably be having the QA dance regularly, so I can see you in a couple weeks :)

LadyAyn, thanks so much! Catherine is definitely the romantic hair of the group, perfect for a concert! See you on Sunday :)

Jennifer, I hope to do this regularly (if the sim owner doesnt get mad at me :P) So I hope to see you in a couple weeks :) The short curly hair sounds like a great idea...let me find something (flipping furiously thru fashion mags :D)

Ekio, dont worry! We will do more of these in the future. Hope to see you in a couple weeks :)

Suki, thank you so much :) I thought about a hair class when I was teaching at NCI. The problem is that hair is very...well, messy. When I make hair, I start with a tapered Torus and just keep copying it around the head, tweaking them as I go. There really are no special techniques or gadgets involved, unlike making skirts or jewelry. Its basically placing 50-130 toruses (tori) around the head, one at a time :P

Unlike shoes or skirts, its hard to describe making hair in steps. Thats why I use LoopRez to create a quick base for the hair tutorial in this blog. In a 1-2 hour class, all I could teach is a simplified version of the hair tutorial in this blog...

Luke, Im working on some more hair for the guys :) Its actually frustrating for me, cause I dont dont what guys want (who knows what guys want :P) So Im waiting to see what sells, so I can get an idea :)

Unfortunately, I can only make 4-5 hairs a week (they take me a LONG time to do), so I have to be a bit careful choosing what to make at first. Hope things get a bit easier once theres a bit of a selection :)

Moran, thank you so much for getting the Chloe hair! Lol sounds like I really need to make a short curly style! I hope to see you this Sun :)

Ged, Im shocked you are the one who said that! (I was expecting someone to say it :P) Lol I deliberately used the same attachment point for both Hawaiian Hair Flowers (left and right). So they cannot be worn together :) Guys are already accusing us of sending mixed signals as it is ;P

OK, you can copy and move one of the flowers to a diff attachment point. But thats not my fault, OK? ;P

Lyzz Sewell said...

Hello and thank you for your blog and your creations,

I've spent a long time looking at the hairstyles and ... leave with the yellow sundress :)

Like in RL choosing a new hairstyle is more difficult than buying a new dress.


Dani McGough said...

I wish I could be there on Sunday. RL is getting in the way, lol. I wonder if it's too late to move Father's Day. If you do this again, I will definitely be there. You've been an inspiration to me. I actually opened a store last week and sold my first item! It was just a tattoo, but it was something I made . . . I was so excited! Anyway, hopefully I can be there next time.

SLNatalia said...

Lyzz, thats so true! Actually, I have a hard time with both (esp since I try to match the hair to the clothes Lol). The good thing is, at least we can change hair often without have to dye it :)

Dani, sorry we missed you today! But dont worry, we will have another in a couple weeks :)