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Day 216: Creating Jewelry Part 2

In Creating Jewelry Part 1, we created a pearl necklace using Ged Larsen's LoopRez script.

Have you ever seen the ruby bracelet picture at the top of the Flexi Prim Skirt Tutorial? I used that as an example of what Ariane Brodie's original Necklace Generator was designed to do (before we coerced it into making flexi skirts for us :P).

Now, we are going to coerce Ged Larsen's LoopRez script (designed to make flexi skirts) to make bracelets for us. Go figure... :P

In this Part 2 of the tutorial series, we are going to make that ruby bracelet. This is an example of how to use the LoopRez script to duplicate a multi-prim object with different sides (unlike a sphere, like a pearl). It also shows how to work with gemstone textures.

A sidenote in case you have Ged Larsen's LoopRez Delxue: Unlike the freebie LoopRez script, LoopRez Deluxe is designed specifically for making flexi skirts. It has a lot of enhancements that makes creating flexi skirts easier. But one tradeoff is that it cannot duplicate multi-prim objects and still let you manipulate the objects (this is partly because of SL limitations). So you have to use the freebie LoopRez script to make things like this bracelet for now. Until Ged gets around to creating a jewelry maker or something :) (hint...hint...)

You will need the free “Ged Larsen’s LoopRez Script” and "Gemstone Textures" from Sirena Hair & Fashion to complete this part of the tutorial. Click on Search, select Places, and enter “sirena” as the keyword (SLURL: Sirena Hair (116,217,22)).

1. Ruby Bracelet Overview

Like the pearl necklace in Part 1 of this tutorial series, we need to know how many rubies we would need for our wrist. We can follow the same procedure we used in Part 1 to measure our wrist and calculate the number: wrap a hollow cylinder around our wrist, then use the Ellipse Calculator to figure out how many rubies we would need.

My wrist is about 0.070M by 0.065M. Your wrist may be slightly different, but unless you have an unusually proportioned avatar, you should be able to stretch the bracelets later to fit.

The Ellipse Calculator tells me that the path around my wrist is about 0.212M. Since our rubies (along with their metal backing) will be 0.010M in size, we would need 20 rubies for our wrist.

OK, we are ready to make the bracelet!

2. Create the Ruby

Be aware that the prims in this tutorial will be very very small. So be sure you have a good place where you can keep track of them (preferably some place with solid color walls and floor). Remember that you can always go into Edit mode and draw a window around where you *think* the prims are. This will select the prims within the window.

Rez a Torus on the ground.

***Update: Be sure that the Hole Size for the Torus is 50 (sometimes a Torus can rez with a different Hole Size). Thanks for the helpful comment, Alison! :)

Make sure you are in Edit mode (you can see the Red/Green/Blue arrows). Press and hold the Shift key, and pull UP on the Blue arrow to make a copy of the Torus.

This will create a copy of the Torus.

Edit the Torus on top and enter the following settings:

Size X: 0.010
Size Y: 0.015
Size Z: 0.015

Rotation Y: 270.00

Profile Cut B: 0.15
Profile Cut E: 0.30

Look for the "ruby" texture from the Gemstone Textures folder you picked up from Sirena Hair & Fashion.

Go to the Texture tab. Click on the Texture square. This will open up the Pick:Texture window. Select the "ruby" texture and click Select.

Enter the following settings in the Texture tab:

Repeats Per Face Horizontal (U): 3.000
Repeats Per Face Vertical (V): 0.500

Rotation: 90.00

Look for the "Full Bright" checkbox on the right side of the Texture tab. Check the "Full Bright" checkbox (cause we want our gemstones to be bright, right? :D)

For the prim on the bottom, we are going to do some weird things to this prim. Its one of the tricks to get a really flat prim (below 0.010M). Basically, we are going to change the prim to a sphere, change the dimple settings, then change it to a cylinder, and finalize the settings. The dimple settings enables us to create a prim below 0.010M thick. The only way we can change dimple settings is if the prim is a sphere.

So here we go:

Edit the Torus on the bottom.

Change the Building Block Type from a Torus to a Sphere. Enter the following settings:

Dimple B: 0.00
Dimple E: 0.05

Change the Building Block Type from a Sphere to a Cylinder. Enter the following settings:

Size X: 0.010
Size Y: 0.010
Size Z: 0.010

Taper X: 0.30
Taper Y: 0.30

Look for the "silver" texture from the Gemstone Textures folder you picked up from Sirena Hair & Fashion.

Go to the Texture tab. Click on the Texture square. This will open up the Pick:Texture window. Select the "silver" texture and click Select.

Enter the following settings in the Texture tab:

Repeats Per Face Horizontal (U): 1.000
Repeats Per Face Vertical (V): 2.000

Change the Shininess to "Medium".

Check the "Full Bright" checkbox (hey, its jewelry!).

Now move the red ruby on top down to the silver backing on the bottom until it sinks into the backing.

Right-click on the red ruby on top and select "Edit...". Then press and hold the Shift key and click on the silver backing on the bottom. This will make the silver backing the last prim selected, thus making it the Root Prim when we link.

Click on the Tools menu at the top of your screen and select "Link". This will link the 2 prims together. The red ruby on top should be highlighted in blue, the backing on the bottom should be highlighted in yellow.

Go to the General tab of the Edit window, and change the Name to "Ruby".

Now close the Edit window to get out of Edit mode. Right-click on the Ruby and select "Take" to take it into your Inventory.

3. Setting Up LoopRez

We will prepare the LoopRez script to generate the bracelet.

If you are planning to sell this necklace, you will want your name as the Creator of the Bracelet. You should perform the additional tasks described in "Step 1. Rezzing the LoopRez Object" in the Flexi Prim Skirt Tutorial. This enables you to create your own LoopRez object, with your name as the Creator. You may want to come back and do this once you have tried this tutorial first…

If you are just making this bracelet for yourself, then you don’t need to worry about making your own LoopRez object.

Look for the “LoopRez v0.6 object, full perms” in your Inventory. Rez the LoopRez Object on the ground.

Right-click on the LoopRez Object and select the Contents tab.

Look for the “Ruby” you just created in your Inventory (Its probably in the Objects folder). Drag and drop the “Ruby” from your Inventory to the Contents tab of the LoopRez Object.

Go to the Contents tab of the LoopRez Object. Double-click on the “LoopRez v0.6” script. This will open the script editor window.

Make the following changes to the top of the script:

string objectName = "Ruby";
integer numObjects = 20;
float xRadius = 0.035; // Half of 0.070M
float yRadius = 0.033; // Half of 0.065M
float flareAngle = 90;
float bendCoefficient = 0.0;
vector rotOffset = <0.0,>;
vector posOffset = <0.0,>;

Click on “Save” to save the script.

Close the Edit window.

4. Creating the Bracelet

Here we go! :)

Touch the LoopRez object. You should see the ruby bracelet appear above the LoopRez object. The ruby bracelet is relatively small, so look carefully :)

If nothing happens, you may be in an area that does not allow foreign scripts to run. There is typically an indicator icon at the top of your screen that shows this. Try moving to a public Sandbox just to see if your LoopRez object is working.

The newly created ruby bracelet is made up of separate objects. We need to link them together to make a single bracelet. In addition, we want to add an object in the middle of the bracelet so it would be easier to position and fit the bracelet. We will use a copy of the LoopRez object in the middle of the bracelet.

First, we are going to make a copy of the LoopRez object. Right-click on the LoopRez object, and select Edit. Now press and hold the Shift key. Click and hold on the Blue arrow and pull it up towards the bracelet.

This will create a copy of the LoopRez object. Put this copy in the middle of the bracelet (actually, it would cover the whole bracelet for now).

Go to the Content tab of the copy of the LoopRez object, and delete the "LoopRez v0.6" script (Right-click on it and select "Delete"). This will prevent accidentally setting off the script again. :)

Next, go to the Object tab and make the Size smaller. Because this item is small, we have to use a smaller size X=0.020, Y=0.020, Z=0.020.

Now while you are still in Edit mode, draw a box around all the rubies and the copy of the LoopRez object. Dont include the original LoopRez object. You may find it helpful to go to the Tools menu at the top of your screen and select "Select Only My Objects".

Then press and hold the Shift key. Click on the copy of the LoopRez object to deselect it. Click on it again to select it. This will make the copy of the LoopRez object the Root Prim.

Click on the Tools menu at the top of your screen and select "Link".

Go to the General tab of the Edit window, and change the Name to "Ruby Bracelet".

Now close the Edit window to get out of Edit mode. Right-click on the bracelet and select "Take".

5. Fitting the Ruby Bracelet

Here comes the cool part. Wearing the bracelet! :)

Go ahead and find the "Ruby Bracelet" object in your Inventory (probably under the "Objects" folder). Right-click on it, select "Attach To >", and click in "Left Forearm" (you can do the Right Forearm later if you wish).

When you first attach the bracelet, only a small part of the bracelet will be visible on the inside of your arm. The rest of it is buried in your arm. Right-click on the bracelet, and select Edit. In the Object tab, change "Rotation Y = 90" and "Rotation Z = 90".

Now slide the bracelet into place using the 3 Red/Green/Blue arrows. As a reference, look at the numbers at the top of your screen. It fits me well at these settings: "X:0.004 Y:0.091 Z:0.001". These numbers will vary somewhat for you.

Depending on your body settings, you may need to Stretch the bracelet to fit. To Stretch the bracelet, go to the Edit window, click on "Stretch (Ctrl-Shift)" at the top of the Edit window. Now, click and hold one of the little white boxes around the bracelet and move it slowly away from your avatar.

And heres Daisy, with her new bracelet :) Not very Country Western, is it? :P

You can use different textures for the gemstone and backing. How about a diamond bracelet, for example :)

And of course, you can use the same techniques from Part 1 of this tutorial series to make gemstone necklaces.

Finally, you can use the techniques here to make other things. For example, the spikes on the belt from my Spikes Outfit was made using a similar technique.

Have fun with you new ruby bracelet!

In the next part of this tutorial series, we are going to make earrings using micro-prims :)

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F.Kine said...


Dear Natalia!

My Name is F.Kine. I am the webmaster of - A Community for Second Life Tutorials, Tipps, Tricks & Help. I can't find your E-Mail Adress to contact you - because of this i am writing a comment in hope that you notice it. Please contact me per email : I would like to talk with you about your beauftiul tutorial work, the integration of your tutorials on We already wrote a short article about you... check out an contact me please!



Alison Upshaw said...

Ha ha! I've been waiting for this tutorial! *grin* You've made my day Nat! I am now running to my usual building sandbox to make pretty things! Thankies! Wonderful as usual!

Alison Upshaw said...

Oh, me again! You might want to change the tutorial to mention that the torus hole size should be set to 50 since they sometimes rez with the hole set differently.

Also, for the bottom part, you might want to mention to set the rotation of Y to 0.00 so it's flat under the gem. *chuckles*

Just a few things that I found while I was working from what you had written!

Virrginia Tombola said...

"But one tradeoff is that it cannot duplicate multi-prim objects and still let you manipulate the objects"

I'm a bit confused, actually. I've used LoopRez Deluxe to make non-skirt objects (like a horsehair plume thingee). What is it specifically that it can't do? I suppose I am lazy and prefer to "chat" my setting rather than cracking the script open and inserting them :P

But lovely tutorial! I've been meaning to make a cameo choker for some time.

SLNatalia said...

Kine, please IM me inworld (Natalia Zelmanov), since I dont know your SL name...

In general, please feel free to link to the tutorials in this blog. But please do not copy, translate, "integrate", or use information from these tutorials to create similar tutorials.

I apologize for the seemingly harsh tone, but I am getting regular requests from people who are trying to make money, generate traffic, or otherwise take advantage of these tutorials from their own websites.

Alison, thank you so much for mentioning the Hole Size issue! I will update the tutorial to mention that. Hope you like the new bracelet! :)

Virrginia, you can use LoopRez Deluxe to make non-skirt things, including jewelry pieces. The only limitation is that the base object has to be a single prim. The base object is the skirt panel or a single necklace bead that you put into the LoopRez Deluxe.

The freebie LoopRez script can duplicate multi-prim base objects. But the LoopRez Deluxe can only work with single prim base objects. So for example, you cannot make the bracelet in this tutorial using LoopRez Deluxe (at least without making the gemstone and backing separately, then putting them together afterwards).

Taffy Allandale said...

Hi Natalia!
I used the freebie LR to make a flexi-ruffle on a parasol I made to sell at the shop. Made things much easier - If I'd only known about that ellipse thingy at that time, LOL!

Thanks for all you do!

Edward Pearse said...

Dear Miss Zelmanov,

Yet again another exceptional tutorial post. I've recently begun experimenting with "micro prims" myself, mainly for the sporran chain on the kilt, but it's nice to read what other people have done and how they have done it.

One point I am grateful for is that you haven't suggested putting *bling* in your jewellery objects. Apart from some of the bling scripts adding to lag, it just looks tacky. My Beloved has a wonderful tiara and earings set which is sadly No Mod. When the bling goes off she looks like a flashbulb. Consequently she doesn't wear it as much as she would like.

Congratulations on an excellent addition yet again.

Your Humble Servant,
Sir Edward Pearse

SLNatalia said...

Taffy, congrats again on your shop! I hope you are having great success with it :) LoopRez is such a wonderful tool :) I dont know what we would all do without it!

BTW, a friend helped me with the Ellipse Calculator...I just asked him how I could figure out how many pearls I would need and he launched into a whole discussion :P He did show me the cool site, and how to figure it out :) Really cool...guess theres use for math after all :P

Edward, heehee bling is one of those things that people either love or hate :) I normally dont use it either. Instead, I add so many prims to an outfit that it causes much worse lag :P

But they should definitely have a way to turn off bling on jewelry pieces...

Kathryn said...

Hi Natalia, everything you do is so very good. I thank you much. Last night I made my first bracklet and gave it to several of my friends. Though it was very simple, they loved it. Now all I need to do is work and work and work at making them better and better each time. Your guide helps me lots. Thanks again.

Kathryn said...

Hi Natalia,

Just wanted to say thanks for your great guide to help us learn now to make things. Last night I made my very first bracklet and gave it to several of my friends. While I did not do anything fancy with it yet, they liked it very much. You giving us the basic to work from helps so very much. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Kathryn said...

Opps, sorry for the bouble post. Still getting use to using computer.

SLNatalia said...

Kathryn, you are very welcome :) Im sure its a beautiful bracelet! Now you are ready to bling it up :)

Anonymous said...

Whoopie! Just made the Ruby Bracelet... Natalia you are the greatest!! Thanks for all the groovy tutorials!

SLNatalia said...

Dear Anonymous, congrats on your bracelet! Heehee dont forget to bling it up :)

Ged Larsen said...

What timing :) Since you mentioned necklaces, I thought I'd share some progress I've made and further plans for a necklace chain generating script.

And Natalia was absolutely right about the single-prim vs. multi-prim limitations of LoopRez Deluxe vs. the freebie script.

SLNatalia said...

Ged, heehee I didnt want to leak anything, but I think your script would be so cool! I cant wait to see it :)

Eddy said...

First i have to say that i admire a great blog like this Natalia. And every tutorial is easy to understand.

I (quite a beginner) have a question though:
When i made bracelet of, lets say, 0.8 by 0.8.. and i sell it to someone who had a smaller wrist.. what can i do about that? Should i just check the modify button, or?

SLNatalia said...

Eddy, you can check the Mod button (and sell the bracelet as either Mod/Copy or Mod/Trans). This would enable your customer to resize the bracelet (you might want to include instructions). Just be sure that none of your prims are close to 0.01M. Otherwise, they would not be able to shrink them any further.

But if it is a bracelet, you may not have to be as concerned about size. Your customer can reposition the bracelet on the wrist, so this should fix most issues. In most cases, we just dont want a bracelet to be "floating" in the air.

Eddy said...

Okay, thanks for your help natalia

Larissa Redeker said...

Hi Natalia!

Your tutorials are fantastic!
I have started to make my own objects reading them :)

But I have only one question, that my little brain cannot understand (or don't reach the solution). Why, all the times that I attach a bracelet, for example, it's not in the right place, I need to reposition it all the time?

SLNatalia said...

Larissa, hmmm...thats strange...

Be sure that you attach the bracelet to your Left/Right Forearm. Also, after you attach the bracelet and positioned it correctly, try "Detaching" it right away (Right-click on the bracelet and "Detach"). This "saves" the position. Then try Wearing it. It should go to the right spot!

Val Kendal said...

Natalia - Thank you *so* much for all your tutorials!! You have added so much fun to my SL! I have a question for you or anyone else still reading this entry - when I get my bracelet, the rubies are inside out. I have linked the 2 prims in the proper order. What am I doing wrong?



Natalia Zelmanov said...

Val, if the rubies are pointing inward instead of outward, its because of the rotOffset setting in the script. It should be <0.0, 180.0, 0.0> (but you may need different values depending on how things are oriented). Try changing the 180 to 0 and see if that helps :)

Chimi said...

Yay! I just finished the tutorial :). Thank you very much! It looks very good on my avatar :P.

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Chimi, congrats! Heehee now you are ready to bling things up ;)

Aeryn said...

Hello, I just completed the bracelet and i also had the problem of my prims being turned inside. I changed the offset rotation to 180 and now there is a lot of spacing. Can you please let me know what else I need to tweak, or are you rotating your original prims and that should be included in the instructions. Thanks

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Aeryn, lol actually, I am not entirely sure why it works for some people and not for others. It may have something to do with how the LoopRez box is oriented (I dont really understand how the LoopRez script works, so cant tell you). I normally just tweak the rotation until I get what I need (very unscientific, but works well for blondes :P)

Aeryn said...

Hi Natalia,

Thanks for replying. Ok, I am so out of my element with scripts. What number do I fiddle with to try and get the spacing correct. Sorry but I need a little more hand holding.


Natalia Zelmanov said...

Aeryn, its the rotOffset that sometimes need to be tweaked. But make sure all the other settings are right (sometimes a single decimal point makes a huge diff :) )

Quy (in world) said...

This response is for Aeryn and everyone else like me who had their prims inward facing.

Getting them to face the correct direction is simple following the pointer given to adjust rotation (rotOffset). But once they're turned around there's all these extra spaces, and the jewel settings aren't even pretending to touch in a "link" kind of look.

Here's what you do: Get into that script in your LR and adjust your float xRadius, and float yRadius. These numbers will determine how you jewels are spaced. I had to shrink my numbers down from the suggested to
float xRadius = 0.025
float yRadius = 0.027
it sinched my prims right up cozy, the way they look in the blog photos for this tutorial.

Good luck!

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Quy, thank you so much for the update! Lol I hope something hasnt changed since I wrote this tutorial... (gotta love SL ;P)

IndiaRose said...

Hi Natalia! I found your tutorials a while ago, but I have just started to use them. I am learning to make jewelry, this has really inspired me!

I did find that your original instructions worked well for me, as opposed to what Quy mentioned. It may be a bit of a preference thing, though. I wanted my links to look like they were just touching, and with Quy's numbers they were overlapping so much the band was inside the next stone (if you get what I mean)...but at your numbers at first they looked too far apart. Once I had it on my avi, though, it looked just fine :-)

Which does bring me to a question...about fitting the bracelet on my avi! When I try to attach it to my left foream, I cannot find the darn thing ANYWHERE! If I attach it on the right, it sticks out just like in your pics. Any ideas what I might be missing?

Thankis again for your blog, you give great advice!


Adriannesuz said...

Great tutorial, as always! Your tutorials are the only ones I can understand and follow and I love your sense of humor. Keep them coming! Oh, by the way...what happened to the prim ribbon tutorial? I try to enter and there is no info. :( It's just what I need, too.

Natalia Zelmanov said...

IndiaRose, sorry for the late response, but if you have problems finding an attachment when you Wear it, try this: Wear it in a diff place (like the hands). Then drag it a couple meters away from the AV. Then attach to the correct attachment point. Now you can adjust it as needed :)

Adriannesuz, the prim ribbon is part of the Gift Box tutorial (under the Build page) Have fun ;)

Jewliana Avril said...

Amazing tutorial, just like your others, very helpful. Thanks!

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Jewliana, thank you! Good luck with your project ;)

Lilia verne said...

Hi Natalia

wow I do love your tutorials!Sometimes I ve got trouble with my GIMP (it looks diffrent to yours) but all in all I just keep on going learning new things! Hey and that keeps me busy all the time....I love and enjoy it...

I am going to create a Shirt for my own Photostudio and may be some jewelery as well who knows. Thanks so much!

Lilia V.

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Lilia, thank you so much! You are prob using a newer version of GIMP (hopefully the tut are still helpful). Good luck with your projects!