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Day 209: Creating Jewelry Part 1

There have been quite a bit of interest in creating jewelry with the Necklace Generator. So I thought it might be a good idea to write some tutorials on making jewelry :)

Actually, Ged Larsen's fantastic LoopRez script can do everything that the Necklace Generator script can do. It also gives you more control over the end result. So I prefer making jewelry using LoopRez instead of the Necklace Generator.

I do make jewelry once in a while, but I am not a jeweler. So there are 3 things I really havent done: First, I havent made really high-quality gem textures. Second, I havent made highly detailed jewelry pieces. Third, I havent written any custom jewelry scripts. These are probably things that master jewelers should invest time in doing.

For example, Johanna Hyacinth has an excellent blog on all the cool things she can do with jewelry. So there is quite a lot you can do with jewelry beyond the basics.

However, I can show you how to make basic jewelry pieces to go with an outfit. But you probably should buy an engagement ring if you plan on proposing :P

In this Part 1 of the tutorial series, we are going to create a simple pearl necklace using the freebie LoopRez script. In future parts, we will talk about using gemstone textures and micro-prims.

You will need the free “Ged Larsen’s LoopRez Script” from Sirena Hair & Fashion to complete this part of the tutorial. Click on Search, select Places, and enter “sirena” as the keyword (SLURL: Sirena Hair (116,217,22)).

1. Pearl Necklace Overview

As you might know, the LoopRez script duplicates a simple object around a circle or ellipse. You edit the LoopRez script to control the number of times to duplicate an object, and the size of the circle or ellipse.

A short pearl necklace (like a choker) is basically a number of “pearls” around an ellipse about the size of your neck. So it is perfect for the LoopRez script.

Before we start, we need to know 2 things: The size of the circle/ellipse and how many pearls we would need. We will need to put these settings into the LoopRez script.

We can “measure” the size of our necks by using a hollow Cylinder. I wont go into much detail here, but heres a quick overview: Rez a Cylinder. Set Hollow to 95. Take the Cylinder into Inventory. Attach it to the Chest. Then we can reposition and adjust its size to get an idea of the size of our neck. (If you make this Cylinder shiny, you would have a metal choker :P)

My neck is about 0.110M by 0.100M. Your neck may be slightly different. But unless you are a dragon or giant robot, you can adjust the necklace by stretching it. So you can probably skip this whole measuring step. And if you are a dragon or giant robot, you probably wouldn’t look good with a pearl necklace anyway :P

As to the number of pearls, this can be calculated. We are going to make a spherical pearl that’s 0.010M across (the smallest prim sphere without using tricks). So how many of these would it take to cover an ellipse that’s 0.110M by 0.100M? I needed some serious help for this (so thank you, you know who you are :D)

As it turns out, its really hard to calculate the path of an ellipse. But theres a calculator for this: Ellipse Calculator. Just punch in 0.11 and 0.10, and it will give you the size of the ellipse (just dont ask me how it works :P). In this case, its 0.330M.

So simply divide 0.330M by the size of our pearl 0.010M. The result 33 is the number of pearls we are going to need :) We are actually going to use 34, because the extra pearl will fill in the gaps around the necklace.

So lets make the necklace!

2. Create a Pearl

Rez a Sphere on the ground. Enter the following settings:

Size X: 0.010
Size Y: 0.010
Size Z: 0.010

Go to the Texture tab. Click on the Texture square. This will open up the Pick:Texture window. Click on Blank and Select.

Click on the drop down for Shininess and select “Low”.

Now go back to the Main tab. Change the Name to “Pearl”.

Right-click on the Pearl and select “Take” to take it into your Inventory.

3. Setting Up LoopRez

Next, we need to prepare the LoopRez script to generate the necklace.

If you are planning to sell this necklace, you will want your name as the Creator of the Necklace. You should perform the additional tasks described in "Step 1. Rezzing the LoopRez Object" in the Flexi Prim Skirt Tutorial. This enables you to create your own LoopRez object, with your name as the Creator. You may want to come back and do this once you have tried this tutorial first…

If you are just making this necklace for yourself, then you don’t need to worry about making your own LoopRez object.

Look for the “LoopRez v0.6 object, full perms” in your Inventory. Rez the LoopRez Object on the ground.

Right-click on the LoopRez Object and select the Contents tab.

Look for the “Pearl” you just created in your Inventory (Its probably in the Objects folder). Drag and drop the “Pearl” from your Inventory to the Contents tab of the LoopRez Object.

Go to the Contents tab of the LoopRez Object. Double-click on the “LoopRez v0.6” script. This will open the script editor window.

Make the following changes to the top of the script:

string objectName = "Pearl";
integer numObjects = 34;
float xRadius = 0.055; // Half of 0.110M
float yRadius = 0.050; // Half of 0.100M
float flareAngle = 0;
float bendCoefficient = 0.0;
vector rotOffset = <0.0,>;
vector posOffset = <0.0,>;

Click on “Save” to save the script.

Close the Edit window.

4. Creating the Necklace

Now for the magic! :)

Stand back and Touch the LoopRez object. You should see the pearl necklace appear above the LoopRez object. The pearl necklace is relatively small, so look carefully :)

If nothing happens, you may be in an area that does not allow foreign scripts to run. There is typically an indicator icon at the top of your screen that shows this. Try moving to a public Sandbox just to see if your LoopRez object is working.

The newly created pearl necklace are made up of separate objects. We need to link them together to make a single necklace. In addition, we want to add an object in the middle of the necklace so it would be easier to position and fit the necklace. We will use a copy of the LoopRez object in the middle of the necklace.

First, we are going to make a copy of the LoopRez object. Right-click on the LoopRez object, and select Edit. Now press and hold the Shift key. Click and hold on the Blue arrow and pull it up towards the necklace.

This will create a copy of the LoopRez object. Put this copy in the middle of the necklace (actually, it would cover the whole necklace for now).

Go to the Content tab of the copy of the LoopRez object, and delete the "LoopRez v0.6" script (Right-click on it and select "Delete"). This will prevent accidentally setting off the script again. :)

Next, go to the Object tab and make the Size smaller. I typically use X=0.050, Y=0.050, Z=0.050.

Now while you are still in Edit mode, draw a box around all the pearls and the copy of the LoopRez object. Dont include the original LoopRez object. You may find it helpful to go to the Tools menu at the top of your screen and select "Select Only My Objects".

Then press and hold the Shift key. Click on the copy of the LoopRez object to deselect it. Click on it again to select it. This will make the copy of the LoopRez object the Root Prim.

Click on the Tools menu at the top of your screen and select "Link".

Go to the General tab of the Edit window, and change the Name to "Pearl Necklace".

Now close the Edit window to get out of Edit mode. Right-click on the necklace and select "Take".

5. Fitting the Pearl Necklace

Here comes the fun part. We get to Wear the necklace! :)

Go ahead and find the "Pearl Necklace" object in your Inventory (probably under the "Objects" folder). Right-click on it, select "Attach To >", and click in "Chest". You can also use "Spine" if there is something attached to Chest, since Chest and Spine are almost the same for a necklace.

When you first attach the necklace, it will be somewhere around your stomach (dont ask :P). Right-click on the necklace, and select Edit. In the Object tab, change "Rotation Y = 90" and "Rotation Z = 90".

Now slide the necklace into place using the 3 Red/Green/Blue arrows. As a reference, look at the numbers at the top of your screen. It fits me well at these settings: "X:0.000 Y:0.358 Z:-0.140". These numbers will vary somewhat for you. Note that if you used the Stomach attachment point, these numbers would be different.

Depending on your body settings, you may need to Stretch the necklace to fit. To Stretch the necklace, go to the Edit window, click on "Stretch (Ctrl-Shift)" at the top of the Edit window. Now, click and hold one of the little white boxes around the necklace and move it slowly away from your avatar.

And here I am, wearing my new necklace :)

Once you have your pearl necklace, you can add decorations to it. For example, the mermaid necklace that I wear has several pearls removed up front and a seashell added.

Also, you can also change the color and texture of the pearls, and even the transparency :)

Have fun with you new pearl necklace!

In the next part of this tutorial series, we are going to make a bracelet using gemstone textures.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks ... I was not doing the step of calculating the size ellipse I needed, and would have beads spaced like this:

. . .

SLNatalia said...

Dear Anonymous, I made almost all of my necklaces and jewelry without calculating the sizes first :P I mostly did it by trial and error (keep adding until it looks silly :P)

Actually, I asked a friend out of curiosity and he was kind enough to show me. So I included it here in case someone is interested in the "proper" way to do it :) Its kinda cool still have to do some adjustments, but it does save time in guessing.

Alyse said...

Another wonderful tutorial, Natalia... thank you so much!

Taffy Allandale said...

Hi Natalia!

I used the LR in a similar fashion to make a cool chain belt to wear - I'm actually thinking of selling them at the store.

I never thought to "measure" myself by using a prim - Thanks! Wondered why those skirts needed so much tweaking. LOL!

PS: I'm about ready to open the store - I think and I'm now a student teacher! Big Career Move!

SLNatalia said...

Alyse, thanks Alyse. Good luck with making the jewelry :)

Taffy, congrats on your coming store! :)

Lol I just learned how to "measure" myself too :) Ive never done it before, and always had to guess at the number of pearls or objects. This makes it a bit easier :)

Anonymous said...

Natalia Help!

I have followed your wonderful tutorial to make myself several skirts and belts, but when I have my AO on the belt ends up "traveling" all over the place! Each position changes the fit of the belt drastically, any idea of how to stop this?

SLNatalia said...

Dear Anonymous, because belts are attachments (and not part of the avatar mesh), they stay with the attachment point and will not move with the avatar. Especially on the more extreme poses (some of the ones found in AO's).

Belts are particularly hard to fit, because a lot of poses twists the avatar. Be sure that you are using the Stomach/Pelvis attachment points. And try to have the belt as low as possible (around the hips instead of stomach). This will look a bit better, but unfortunately is not perfect...

Chimi said...

An excellent tutorial again. Thank you very much :D. Can't wait to try the next ones!

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Chimi, thank you! Good luck :)

Anonymous said...

i always search google for tutorials... but like ur toturials!! i have never seen better seriously... thanks alot


Natalia Zelmanov said...

Dear Anonymous, heehee thank you so much! Good luck on your project :)

Nala Mistwalker said...
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Nala Mistwalker said...

Natalia, thanks so much for these tutorials. They help even us novices look like we know what we're doing.

I'm sure I speak for many more than myself when I say that you've made SL a much more user-friendly second home. You're definitely the whale's tail!

Anonymous said...

has sl done something odd as i can not make the prims rezize i link them and then go to wear and well its huge what am i missing