Thursday, March 22, 2007

Day 179: Weather Girl

Welcome to the U.S. Department of Commerce National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's sim (or just that NOAA place :) ).

Both Alyse and Sioban have told me to come here (probably because of the nice water exhibits). So how can I resist? :)

You gotta love sims with a directory. It even has a Virtual Tour HUD. This place is organized!

The NOAA sim is designed by legendary Aimee Weber. She even has an ice cream stand here :)

NOAA was know for its realtime weather map. Unfortuantely, the map has been moved to the University of Denver sim. (mental note: milk the University of Denver sim for another blog entry...)

And the weather today will be mostly um...just look at the map! Blue means cold :)

I can so totally be a weather girl!

**Update: Blue is night-time lights, not cold... Thanks Hackshaven :) Guess I dont make a very good weather girl after all :P

And it sounds like the realtime weather map will be returning stayed tuned :)

NOAA has a number of really cool exhibits. Here is one about the Earth. Its a cool exhibit, with voice-over by this guy with a really calm cute voice :P

A glacier exhibit, where you can watch an animated version of the glacier melting...

And a weather balloon "ride". Say, arent "rides" suppose to come with a seat?

BTW, this is a round-trip ride, right?

Hey, what do you mean "Thanks for riding?" Aaaaahhhhh!!!! own plane ride :)

Say, why does it say "Hurricane Ride"?

Submarine ride? Umm...Im a mermaid?

Oh a nice comfortable beach chair! Finally, a place to relax :)

What do they mean by "Tsunami Exhibit"?

Hey, whats that?

Thats not sea water, is it? Oh no...

Totally not funny!

The NOAA also have lectures and talks in their discussion hall.

If you have not been here or if you love the Weather Channel, come check out the NOAA sim! Definitely worth a visit. Click on Search, select the Places tab, and enter "noaa" as the keyword. The SLURL is Meteora (177,161,27).

Well, at least their have a nice underwater area. You can even see it in a submarine :)


Alyse said...

Psst! I was trying to convince my boss that SL was educational... LOL!

Tiana Meriman said...

wow you certainly put yourself at risk for this entry, dropping of a balloon, giong thru a hurricane asnd then a tsunami. its a good thing you could find a nice place to relax after all that ^^

SLNatalia said...

Alyse, thank you so much for telling me about NOAA :) And of course SL is educational...I mean look at all the modeling class we have :)

Tiana, lol this place is dangerous! :P But it certainly is a great way of making weather interesting! Cant they have a sunny beach exhibit? :P