Thursday, March 15, 2007

Day 172: Verloren Castle

Nestled in beautiful countryside of Bavaria (Germany) in Second Life is the Verloren sim, home to one of the grandest castles anywhere!

(Oops, I thought this was Swedish before...thanks for letting me know, Dana :) )

Welcome to the grand ballroom. This is a sim sized castle, so all the rooms are HUGE!

The castle is tastefully decorated with classical art pieces. Especially this mermaid paneling :)

This is a modern castle, and has all the modern conveniences. Including this cool retro space chair. Totally goes with my outfit :)

Wow, check out the size of this kitchen. You can feed an army from here!

And they have the prettiest tea-room! :)

Even the grounds are impressive! With a stable for the horses...

A windmill and a nearby inn... for the um...economy tour :P

Veloren is also home to Exakt, a light and furnishing store with the trademark Swedish style. In fact, to come to the sim, you TP in via Exakt.

If you enjoy exploring a good build, you really should see Kasteel Verloren (its proper name). It has an endless array of rooms: dining area, sitting areas, game room, library, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, bell towers, even servant's quarters.

To come to Verloren, click on Search, selec the Places tab, and enter "verloren" as the keyword. Select the "EXAKT" store. The SLURL is Verloren (219,31,34).

Spring is here (OK its really really close). And this season, print dresses are all the rage :) So here I am, just having fun with a retro print dress.

I made the texture on this outfit using 1lovesdevine's Photoshop brushes from Its from the Retro Revival series. If you have not used Photoshop texture brushes before, they are basically rubberstamps with a lot of controls. There are brushes for just about anything: flowers, cars, houses, fruits, even mermaid tails :) But brushes take a bit of adjustment and getting used prepare to spend a bit of time learning how to use them.

Of course, the textures are lined up along the bottom of the skirt to make it flow across the panels. This is becoming a habit for me, particularly with all the print dresses I have to make this season :)

Um... Blue Poseball, darling! Can you please pass the salt?


Caterin Semyorka said...

Looks like a likely place for a grand piano..!

Lyndsey Forager said...

Wow natalia,

I totally LOVE thant dress, its so pretty and retro!

I wonder if anyone has told you natalia, but I think your wardrobe is being raided now and then - have you noticed anything go missing? Keep an eye on that dress, im sure it woln't be long before it goes missing too . . . . . :P


Ged Larsen said...

I see you found my summer cottage!

... yeah, I wish...

Tiana Meriman said...

a sim size castle? wow that is a huge castle! i love your new dress and hair ^^

wrath said...

Felt like you were totally rockin' a Tori Amos vibe with that look, Natalia! (Which is a good thing, btw)

I'm just wondering if Blue Poseball® has any reason to be worried about Retro Chair.... hmmm

Anonymous Coward said...

Natalia ... Good grief girl! That's not only retro, it's almost exactly like a dress I wore when it was in fashion the first time.

Alison Upshaw said...

Love the dress! You're so talented when it comes to making those.

I went to the castle and got totally lost inside of it, pretty sure I didn't see all of it. *chuckles* You didn't mention the hedge maze though.. wow! Thank goodness for adjusting the camera view.. or I'd still be there. *laugh*


SLNatalia said...

Caterin, hmm...I dont remember seeing a grand piano...but the castle is so huge, I would not be surprised if there is a giant organ in there somewhere :) Definitely worth checking out!

Lyndsey, thanks :) Hmm...I havent noticed anything missing, although on some days I feel like Ive been wearing a ton of makeup the night before. Strange, isnt it?

Ged, my goodness...where do you spend you winters? :P

Tiana, thanks :) That is a huge castle! Its so big, its easy to get lost in...

Wrath, heehee Blue has nothing to worry about...the chair is just too green for me... :P

Dear anonymous, oh my goodness, do you still have the dress? Its time to bring it out! They are so back now!

Alison, I got lost too in the castle! Its so huge and has so many rooms and things inside.

Oh yeah, I totally forgot about the hedge maze! Arent they fun? Its too bad we can cheat and use our cameras :)