Saturday, February 17, 2007

Day 146: Pre-Show Check for Sexy Wear Trivia Event

If you are around a computer tomorrow, Sun Feb 18, from 11:00am-11:30am SL/PST, can you please vote for me? The website is (only works from 11:15am-11:30am SL/PST). Just select Rank 1st under my picture and click the Vote button. That's it! You dont need to be in Second Life or even have a Second Life account to vote. But the votes *MUST* be cast between 11:15am-11:30am SL/PST to be counted! Thank you so much in advance! :)

(Yes, they did move the time up!)

This is the Trivia/Sexy Wear Event. This event will decide who will go onto the Final Round! Its a Trivia contest at 11:00am, where we have to answer questions about SL trivia and history. Then at about 11:15am you (both the web and live audience) and the judges will vote on our Sexy Wear outfits.

If you can come in person, please come vote for me in person! Web and live votes are counted separately, and you can vote twice! The event will take place at the Inworld Mall at Chieut (147,126,134). Or IM me (Natalia Zelmanov) and I will send you a TP :) Just come and click on my picture on the voting board: Thats it!

Please please please vote for me if you can!! Thank you!

OK, I feel silly! :P

I like dressing up as many things, but Ive never been comfortable with being "sexy". As you can probably tell from the rest of the blog, I can be naughty, but outright "sexy" is not really me.

Tomorrow is the Miss Second Life pageant event Ive been dreading since signing up: the Sexy Wear event. I thought it was going to be a swimwear event. But the final decision is to make it PG-compliant Sexy Wear (no nudity).

Thankfully (or maybe not), its also going to be an SL Trivia Quiz event. I assume we are going to get a bunch of trivia questions and will have to answer them in a short amount of time. Ive been studying SL history and trivia like mad for a couple weeks now!

The scoring will be 3 points for the Sexy Wear, 3 points for the Trivia Quiz, and 1 point for showing up. The 3 points for the Sexy Wear will be based on your votes and the judges' decisions. So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE vote!!!!! :)

So far, we have accumulated up to 8 possible points. This event alone is worth another 7 points! The total points will determine who goes on to the Final Round!

Im back in Selune's Kiss, the famed mermaid's hangout that used to be in Elf Haven. It disappeared for some time. I found it again recently while searching for mermaid stuff. Its moved to Maculata (73,16,23). And its gotten a whole lot nicer :)

So the stressed-out mermaid (me) runs back to Selune's Kiss to get ready for the big day tomorrow...

OK, you may be wondering what is that thing on my outfit :P

You see, heres my strategy: if I cant be sexy, at least I can distract everyone with smoke... literally :) The top is 3 particle emitters, and not much else :P The particles create dense smoke around the top to provide coverage. When I walk, it actually leaves a trail of smoke behind me :)

I believe this is the first PG-rated particle bikini top in SL :) I wonder if this qualifies as an SL Clothing First in the SL History Wiki :P

Alright... for all the guys looking up how to turn off particle display on the SL client, Im wearing something underneath the smoke :) Its the exact same color as my skin tone, so its invisible when the particles are on. But theres nothing to see underneath... trust me :) But you can try if you come vote for me in person :P (Oh no no no... I didnt just say that!)

The "other" issue with a bikini (or sexy wear) is exposing one's um... back side. I REALLY would rather not, but it IS a Sexy Wear event... I cant exactly show up in a gown :P

Thanks to Ged Larsen's LoopRez Deluxe (and the cool new Skirt Programmer feature), I was able to make a sloped 30-panel lace skirt without having to adjust manually! :)

This is suppose to be a wrap around a bikini bottom. The wrap starts high on the left side, and gradually slopes to the right. It covers the back without being a long skirt. Its still "sexy", without having to be uncomfortable :)

Although this could have been done by hand, the Skirt Programmer feature of LoopRez Deluxe made it possible to increase the number of skirt panels. I increased the number of panels to 30 without going crazy with manual adjustments! This made the sloping much more gradual across the skirt :)

So heres the final "Sexy Wear" event outfit! Im really really nervous about this event, because its worth so many points and so many things going on!

If you are around a computer tomorrow, please come vote for me in person or on the web. Or do BOTH, since they are counted separately! I really really appreciate it!!! Thank you!

OK... back to studying...

Whos the first avatar in SL? How long is an SL day? Who were the first avatars to be married in SL?



Taimi Valeeva said...

Dear Natalia,
I just wanted to be the first to say best of luck!!!!!(even if you are a hussy, for wearing that outfit!!

Love Taimi Valeeva

tina dojoji said...

wow, i dont know what to say. i'm not sure about the smoke thing. dont you find it a bit...indecent? i mean the top remindes me of those "movies" when the girls walks out of a very hot shower.

i love the bottom though ^^ best of luck and i'll be sure to vote for you ^^

Sorcha McConachie said...

WOWEE NATALIA!!!! That is the most amazing idea for a sexy outfit!! You are a genius! I can't be on SL until Tuesday but I will be voting for you online! Best of luck sweetie : )

Love Sorcha

SLNatalia said...

Taimi, oh no! Im not a hussy! Really!! Its just a bikini! Really!!! :) Thanks you for your well wishes :)

Tina, Im wearing a bikini top underneath! The smoke is just an effect :) Heehee it is a *little* naughty :P But really, Im quite covered. I have less on wearing just a bikini... But thats quite a shower! :P Thank you for voting! :)

Sorcha, thanks and we hope you are alright!!! Please take care of yourself and come back when you can! We all miss you :)

Caterin said...

Natalia, you've always been sexy, just not banal, or corny, a big difference.

Especially love that skirt...C

Ged Larsen said...

Note that all the guy readers of Natalia's blog are silent.

We are all busy trying to collect our collective jaws from the ground.

virrginia tombola said...


Miss Zelmanov is a mistress of design! Note that she wears MORE and appears (no offense) naughtier. It's not about skin area-- can-can dancers do quite well wearing more clothing than many modern girls would wear to a picnic.

/shakes Mr. Larsen, waves hand in front of eyes

Good luck today, Miss Z! Difference engine willing, I shall be there

Anonymous said...

Always a master od creative design..thinking above and beyond what is possible in reality I'll be voitng for you..and good luck!

Vistathorn Zeno

Anonymous said...

The people who organize these competitions have no clue what they do to their fellow human beings! I mean not to you, but to people like me who want to vote for you. Only 15 minutes to cast one's vote! First I had to figure out exactly what time "11:15am-11:30am SL/PST" is in my part of the world (European continent). Turned out to be a nine-hour difference. Dinner time, in my RL. So I set my alarm clock at 20:10, and when it went off – just when I was having my dessert - I ran upstairs. Found the website and cast my vote. For you, of course. Your blog has been my guide ever since I joined SL some two weeks ago. I think I've read every word you have ever written. I have visited the places you have recommended. Tried out the "Workspace Buster - Fixed" you described on Day 140. The lot...
But on Second Life I got hopelessly lost. "Search" did not give me the proper place for voting (the "Chieut" you mentioned produced no results). Finally, after more than 10 minutes of pure frustration, I IM'ed you. (Had to figure out how IM works first...) You replied straight away, but could only say that the voting had just been closed.
Anyway, I do hope you got enough votes for a first place. I'm sure the other contestants are very deserving too, but because you have been my guiding angel ever since I entered SL, I personally hope that you come out on top.
Cor Klees

SLNatalia said...

Caterin, thank you :) Heehee I can be corny though :P

Ged! The skirt is all your fault :P Really, thanks for making the Skirt Programmer feature! I cant wait to do other things with it.

Virrginia, thank you for coming to vote :) Its funny how suggestive the smoke can be (oh no...its the hussy speaking :P)

Vistathorn, thank you so much for your support! This is definitely an SL-only thing... wouldnt want to try this in RL :P

Cor, thank you so much for voting! Im so sorry about all the crazy timeslot! Its like any crazy SL event :)

And sorry for the mix-up in the place too. I couldnt believe how full the sim got! It was packed before we started. It took a while just to get everyone in to vote!

Pyxel Courier said...

...I wish I was smoke!...


SLNatalia said...

Pyxel! :P

Anonymous said...

I know this is an old post but i just have to ask. Is there anywhere that i can get that outfit? it's just beyond cute!.

IM me in world to let me know plz.

Parttimetara Dreamscape

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Parttimetara, lol its particle-based (so it's um...custom :P) Its too easy to have accidents in this thing ;P

Anonymous said...

oh well i guess i'll have to try and make my own. wish me luck!

Parttimetara Dreamscape

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Parttimetara, heehee good sure to wear something underneath ;P