Sunday, February 04, 2007

Day 133: LoopRez Deluxe

***Note: Just FYI, Ged Larsen has not been in SL since Jan, 2008. I have not been able to contact him. So please be careful when purchasing the product (it might be difficult to get a refund until he returns!)

Its Sunday! And its time for Gadget of the Week :)

By all means, the gadget this week has to be Ged Larsen's new LoopRez Deluxe.

Ged released his original LoopRez script in December. His script fixed a number of problems with the original Necklace Generator and added some much needed ways to control things like flare angles. Its not just great for skirts, but jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, etc), cuffs, ruffles, glove tops, even Prim Hair :) Someone even made a building with LoopRez!

The LoopRez script was a big step forward, but its still a script that needed to be edited.

And if you wanted to change something about the skirt panel (the width, for example), you needed to rez it on the ground, change the settings you need, take it into Inventory, copy it to the Contents tab of the LoopRez script, and regenerate the skirt. Then you have to re-link the skirt and re-attach it to yourself to see if that fixed the problem or not. It takes a few minutes to do this each time, so its not something you want to do very often.

Ged has since gone back to the drawing board and spent countless hours tweaking. The end result is LoopRez Deluxe. At its heart, LoopRez Deluxe does the same thing as the LoopRez script: rez things in a circle.

What makes LoopRez Deluxe cool is: It lets you change just about anything on the fly. Need more flare? Or wider skirt? Or longer panels? Not enough Tension? Or need a different texture setting? No problem. ALL of these change be changed by chat command.

Oh, and see that little floating ball on top of the platform? LoopRez Deluxe automatically creates and links in a Root Prim at the center of the skirt. This saves the additional steps to create a Root Prim and link it in! :)

Briefly, heres how it works (Ged has more details on his site):

1. Tell LoopRez Deluxe how many panels you want ("/1 number 15")

2. Touch LoopRez Deluxe to generate the skirt (or item)

3. Link the panels

4. Now comes the cool part: Tweaking

Skirts rarely come out right the first time. Its generally a painful process of adjusting little things until it looks right.

With LoopRez Deluxe, you can step on the LoopRez Posestand and adjust the skirt right there. Increase the width, decrease the depth, raise the flare angle.

You can even drop a script onto a separate skirt panel, change something in the panel, and then touch it to update all the panels in the skirt. For example, you can change the panel Size, Path Cut, Taper, Flexible Path settings (Softness, Drag, Wind, Tension, Gravity, etc), and Texture settings. This can all be done while you are still on the Posestand :) No need to re-rez or re-link the skirt!

And a really cool feature I personally like. Um...not that I have a big butt or anything... But have you noticed that flexi-skirts tend to either run into you butt or need tons of hand adjustments?

Well, LoopRez Deluxe has a BACKANGLE feature that lets you add some additional "poof" to just the panels in the back. This feature is really useful for me, cause it saves a lot of manual adjustments, particularly for skirts that have a high number of panels! :)

Ged has started selling LoopRez Deluxe. Its available in 2 versions: Personal Edition for making skirts for yourself. And Commercial Edition for pros planning on selling their wares.

The original LoopRez script continues to be available for free. The LoopRez Deluxe Personal Edition is $200L. The Commercial Edition is $2000L.

The original LoopRez script has dramatically changed how flexi-skirts are made. I suspect LoopRez Deluxe will be responsible for the next generation of cool outfits!

BTW, 100% of the proceeds go directly to Ged Larsen. Im not being paid to write this (other than getting advanced versions to tinker with :) ), not do I make anything from the sales of LoopRez Deluxe. A few of us know firsthand the countless hours Ged has put into making this set of tools and are grateful that he did. Besides, he really needs some new clothes ;P


Caterin said...

Mmmmm, Natalia, we're looking forward to trying-on the fruits of this wonderful new technology! ;)


Meni said...

Maybe we can create an Irish kilt for Ged using LoopRez :) Saves us from making pants and err... underwear ;)


Virrginia Tombola said...

I love my LoopRez Deluxe! 0 to 60 prim ball gown in less than an hour! (and, er, another 12 prims for the sleeves)

And Mr. Larsen needs some decent hair, too.

Ged Larsen said...

Mr. Larsen really, really has been trying (well sort-of) to slowly make himself over! He has doubled his purchased clothing in the past week (i.e., he bought about 3 or 4 things).

Yesterday, he even tried to step into the guy's side of Gurl6 (it's a little smaller than the girl's side, isn't it?) and into Blaze!...

... but then got distracted and got a MystiTool HUD instead.

Well, at least I'm predictable.

SLNatalia said...

Caterin, Ive already started using it :) Arwen's outfit was really the first one to benefit (by making a relatively tight double skirt). Going to try other cool things now :)

Meni, good idea :) I have a lot of Tartan textures :) I wonder what clan Ged is in :P

Virrginia, thats why Caledon is slowing down! :P Heehee have some mercy on the poor sim servers!

Ged, we are just kidding about your outfits. :P Anyway, we will gang up on you and get you fixed up...

Isobelle Dumont said...

Natalia, the LoopRez Generator Deluxe is a spectacular piece of work , waaaaaaay more versatile and time saving. I am very impressed and pleased, thank you for the heads up.

Vickley Coronet said...

I bought a LoopRez Deluxe today and oh my gosh i think Mr Larsen has totally outdone himself this time! Especially how easy to is to change the texture/colour/flexability etc. I think i will be eternally grateful!

SLNatalia said...

Isobelle, Ged did a great job with this tool! Really, if you make a lot of skirts (or round things), this tool is well worth it :) BTW, I love your name!

Vickley, I love the ability to just change texture and size AFTER the skirt is generated. Its amazing, isnt it?

Anonymous said...

My AV is tall with a grown-up booty instead of a (pre-teen booty), so many flexi skirts did not fit me. Many were no-mod, and those that did allow mod didn't include enough panels to cover me up.

I many flexi-skirt classes in the hopes I could make my own, but they didn't fit right either, even when I included extra panels. The suggested X/Yrad's caused the panels to ride very high on my sides, ewww!

So I started playing around with different X/Yrad's and then the middle panels came up too high. I was going to continue the tweaking game when my friend was convinced that I should also fiddle with the flare angle.


I bought the personal deluxe looprez after reading this article, mostly because of the backangle poofy thing LOL, but the rest of the script will probably be a delight as well.

Thank you both!

SLNatalia said...

Dear Anonymous, yes the back side is a problem with most flexi skirt :) That is one of the cool things about LoopRez Deluxe, cause it has a built-in way to adjust the back!

Also, you can adjust the back panels by hand. I used to do this (and still do). Just switch your Ruler Mode to "Local" and rotate the back skirt panels as needed. Its pretty easy once you get the hang of it...

Patrice said...

I am willing to pay anyone tuition money who knows the Looprez Deluxe and can explain it to me in a good way! ;-)

Contact: Sascha Frangilli
(am usually at Casablanca Society Lounge and very desperate to get the hang of the looprex deluxe)

SLNatalia said...

Patrice, youve probably done this already, but you may want to check out Ged Larsen's blog at Also, there is a LoopRez Users group (Search/Group for "looprez"). You might be able to find a tutor there. Good luck!

Cindy said...

Hi Natalia,

When I use the looprez deluxe, Ged Larsen's name keep popping up as the creator. I already used the command /1 done but that won't make any difference. So far I don't like this script because of this issue. The free version of looprez is much easier but the dresses aren't nice. I don't like dresses that are in your body. And my math isn't so good so... To be honest I wouldn't reccomend the looprez deluxe version.

Merry x-mas

SLNatalia said...

Hi Cindy :) If you want your name as the Creator, be sure that you create a new skirt panel (with your name as the Creator). Then put the skirt panel into the LoopRez Deluxe, and it will create skirts with your name as the Creator :)

The LoopRez Deluxe makes it easier to adjust the skirt panels (and make unusually shaped skirts). You dont really need it to make skirts, but it just saves time if you make a lot of them.

Unfortunately, most flexi skirts will have their top parts "inside" the avatar. You can try to get around it by using a belt or accessory, but its really hard to do... :(

Cindy said...

Hi Natalia,

Thanks for the quick response :)

I've tried to put in a flexi prim (with the same script that was in the original prim) of my own. So far is everything oke. But when the prims are rezzed and I select them including the ball and link them the sim will crash. I've did it with christmas and someone was not happy with that ;) Everyone will crash on that sim as long as the script is on it. What am I doing wrong? :(


SLNatalia said...

Cindy, lol Im glad the prim worked out. Ive never had any problems with the script crashing sims (nor have I heard from anyone).

But Im not really super technical. And that sounds pretty serious! Can you IM "Ged Larsen" when you get the chance? He is pretty good about getting back, especially if its a serious problem like this!

Also, check out Ged's blog at You can also contact him thru there as well! Good luck!

Cindy said...

Hi Natalia,

I'm very good in breaking things lol.
But...surprise...after crashing 2 sandboxes I finaly get it ;) But then the script told me...sorry you can't make resell skirts with the personal edition.
Grmbl...;) But the most important thing is that I finaly made it without crashing something lol.

Thanks for your help Natalia. You are great :)


SLNatalia said...

Cindy, lol oh dear ;P Im glad you did get it to work though.

You do need the Pro version to make skirts you can sell. But the Personal edition is a great way to see if you like the tool (and make things for yourself).