Saturday, February 03, 2007

Day 132: Arwen in Elf Circle

I am Arwen, Princess of Rivendell. I travel this day to the distant land of Elf Circle, home to some of my kindred Elves.

Elf Circle is the name given to 5 connected regions, most with estates belonging to an Elven Lord or Lady.

Elf Circle is circled by waterways. So one way to travel through this land is to ring for a ferry. Just go to any of these signs, and press the bell to summon one.

Here are the halls of the grand Elf Castle.

I see the local clans enjoy a good fight! They have a colosseum to celebrate their sport.

Fortunately, Elf Circle is so much more than such violent sport! The miniature garden in Elven Moor, for example. A marvel of ingenuity!

Or the sheer beauty of the waterfalls and treehouses in Elven Vale...

The gentle waterways of Elven Harbor...

And the estates of Elf Haven. It was rumored that there are mermaids in these waters. Of course, we know there are no such creatures!

At the heart of Elf Circle is Elven Glen, where the market is located. This is also the community center, where much of the gathering take place. A listing of events is posted at the market for all to see, a sure way for one interested in joining the community of Elves.

Think of Elf Circle as Caledon for Elves. Its a series of 5 connected sims with a common fantasy theme. Most of the land are home to (and built upon by) different individuals. However, almost all estates are open for visitors to explore.

If you are interested in Middle Earth, Elves, or fantasy in general, come visit Elf Circle and check out the events. To come to ElvenGlen, heart of the Elf Circle, click on Search, select the Places tab, and enter "elvenglen" as the keyword. The SLURL is ElvenGlen (128,64,0).

Im an Elf! Im an Elf! Heehee! :)

And not just any Elf! Im the Elven Princess Arwen from Lord of the Rings.

And wearing not just any outfit, but the famous Chase dress from the first movie, where she outrides the bad guys and valiantly defends Frodo.

Thanks to the Costumer's Guide, here is closer look at the Chase dress.

Although it may not look like it, this dress had LOTS of little details. There are the "baseball" stitches that run down along the chest and back. The collar with different material on the back side. The design on the upper arms. The 2 different textures at the arms. The ribbon and buckle at the front of the dress.

So most of the work on this dress is on texture: incorporating all these details into the top texture map.

Again, Paths in Photoshop was invaluable, particularly for doing the "baseball" stitches. I created a simple Photoshop brush for the stitches. In the Brushes palette, there is a tab called Shape Dynamics. If you change the Angle Jitter Control to Direction, the brush strokes will follow the angle of the Path. Think of it as putting a lace trim on a rounded neckline. So just set the brush up, and tell Photoshop to Stroke the Path. And you have a set of stitches that follow the curve of the Path :)

And 2 different layers of skirt pleats. Thats right, its a double-skirt. Just because it causes more lag that way :P

Oh, and my cute little Elf ears :) As long as you can modify your shape, you can have Elven ears too. Its just done using the Appearance... menu, under Ears.

Is it me, or is the weather getting warmer already?


Lauralee said...

Excellent recreation of the dress. I really love the texture!

Pyxel Courier said...

Hey Nat,
Great dress! I love LOTR stuff.

Since we are on the subject of texturing and Photoshop and such, I was wondering if you'd accept a little challenge?

As you know, I have heavily involved myself with the Justice League Unlimited group in SL. As a matter of fact, I have recently been "promoted" to full member. Anyway, one of the neat little things we do is we all dress up like superheroes. You've seen me as Aquaman, I here's the challenge.

Pick a comicbook hero or heroine, and make an outfit based on that character. Typically, most superheroes in comic books wear skin-tight spandex or leather, so making the actual clothing peices is easy. The hard part is the texture details! I'd love to see what you come up with. I made a "Pheonix" suit for a fellow JLU member, and she loved it so much she gave me a gift of $1000L on the spot! Yay!

So how about it, Nat? Up for the challenge?

- Pyx

SLNatalia said...

Lauralee, thank you :) The texture really matched up nicely on this one!

Pyxel, I have the perfect comic book heroine. In fact, I was planning to work on an outfit already... :)

Anonymous said...

"I have the perfect comic book heroine. In fact, I was planning to work on an outfit already... :)"

Oh! I'm so excited!!!! I can't wait!


SLNatalia said...

Pyxel, I dont think youre going to like this... :P