Monday, January 01, 2007

Day 98: Hermione Visits Diagon Alley

Sadly, I learned that the Magic Alley sim has been shut down. Fortunately, the new Wizard's Alley sim has re-opened to take its place :)

Welcome to Diagon Alley, wizards, witches, and Muggles. OK, Muggles (thats most of you) really arent suppose to be here. But I guess I can let you in for a sneak peek :)

As most of you probably know already, Diagon Alley is a popular shopping area in the Harry Potter series of books and movies. As you know, Harry Potter is a series of books about the adventures of Hermione Granger during her school days at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Diagon Alley is where Hermione and her schoolmates get their school supplies.

And now, you can go to Diagon Alley in Second Life :) But if you are a Muggle, dont tell them I told you about it, OK? :P

Diagon Alley is actually a shopping area. I normally dont talk about shopping areas. But Diagon Alley is so cool, youve gotta come see it!

There is also a very lively role-playing group that haunts Diagon Alley. Dont worry, you dont need to be part of the role-playing to see Diagon Alley. But its fun to see little Hogwarts students running around with their robes and wands :)

All the shops here carry magic and Harry Potter related items. Remember the newspapers and signs in the Harry Potter movies with the moving pictures? Well, they sell animated posters here that look exactly like the ones in the movie!

Quidditch, anyone? There is a Quidditch Supplies store here (its still being setup though). I like the pink one...but green really doesnt go with pink...

And a Harry Potter clothing store, where you can purchase your own Hogwarts robes and Quidditch outfits. They dont carry Yule Ball gowns at the moment though...hmmm...maybe one of the Muggles has some :)

And of course, theres a magic store here! Full of brooms, wands, spellbooks, charms, and other magical stuff. And the wands arent just for looks: They can cast real spells! Amazing! :)

And when you are done with shopping, stop on by the Leaky Cauldron for a drink. Just beware of the dark wizards! :P

Diagon Alley is just part of the Magic Alley sim, which is currently under construction. Only the Diagon Alley area is open to the public.

They are currently building the Hogwarts School, along with the town of Hogsmead.

***Update: the Magic Alley sim has been permanently shut down. Fortunately, the new Wizard's Alley sim has re-opened to take its place :)

Alright, most of you are probably wondering whats up with my outfit.

Some of you die-hard Harry Potter fans may recognize it as Hermione Granger's dress at the Yule Ball. The scary thing is that 2 people DID recognize it when I took these pix in Diagon Alley :P

BTW, I like her poseball better :P

This is definitely the most challenging outfit I have made so far! I spent a fortune in upload fees alone getting all the colors right.

This outfit has prim shoulder ruffles, similar to the Clubbing and Padme outfits. Except this one is behind the shoulders and less noticeable. Prim sleeves is becoming a regular thing with me, I guess!

Of course, the most dramatic part about this dress is the skirt. 6 layers of flexi prim skirts, with 9 to 10 flexi prims per layer, for a total of 58 flexi prims on the skirt alone. Heehee dont expect to win any sailing races wearing this skirt! :P

The skirt alone uses 6 different textures, including a number of layers with gradients that transition from one shade to another.

Actually, Hermione's dress has even more layers and more ruffles per layer. I could probably have made it, but Im not sure the servers could handle it! :)

The skirt is actually not 1 attachment, but 5 different attachments: Pelvis, Upper Right Leg, Upper Left Leg, Lower Right Leg, and Lower Left Leg. Along with the ribbon belt and shoes, it basically uses all of the lower body attachment points!

Each attachment point has 2 layers of skirt. The trick was to get them lined up properly. Not an easy thing, because as soon as you link 2 layers together, they become very difficult to adjust. I finally ended up positioning the skirts in the air at precise locations (entering numbers by hand around The Spot). That enabled me to record their positions before I linked them. I Wear the skirt to see what adjustments need to be made, then reposition the skirts in the air and re-link.

There was also the matter of splitting up the left and right sides of the lower skirts. If I had put all 6 layers in a single skirt, the lower panels would fly out if I simply leaned in one direction. It also looked very strange when I walked. Believe me, I tried it :)

I got frustrated, and realized that they needed to be leg attachments instead. So I made one set for each leg, taking care to overlap slightly in the back (in case I am standing with my feet apart).

So the really cool thing is that this skirt could be worn with all or just some of the layers. Also, I effectively learned how to make a mermaid skirt (one with flexi prims at the bottom of a long, tight skirt). I needed this for an upcoming outfit! :)

Whew! What a skirt! Im so glad it came out. I even went to a masquerade ball tonight to try it out. Because the lower layers are attached to the leg, the skirt even moves well! :)

Hmmm...I wonder if that magic quill could do blog entries... :)


Ana [Lutetia] said...

Beautiful dress!

SLNatalia said...

Thanks Ana! :)

Ivy Norsk said...

You know, Diagon Alley didn't die... it was moved and grew. It can now be found in the Sunset Harbor sim.
The Hogwarts castle with Hogsmeade is directly north in Phoenix Estates, but that is, for now, a strict roleplaying environment, with no visitor access to the castle. Tours are planned though. Try contacting Darcy Rutledge for information.

SLNatalia said...

Ivy, I did hear about Wizard's Alley when it opened earlier this year (hope they didnt move again!) At the time, the castle wasnt done yet. So Im glad its finished :)

Lol maybe I can use magic mermaid vision to look around the castle ;P