Monday, January 22, 2007

Day 120: Serpent in the Rainforest

Welcome to The Rainforest! Join me on a tour of this Aztec wonderland...

Oh, you might say there are a few pyramids here...giant ones...with lots of steps, passages, and even secret chambers...

Heehee...somewhere in this sim, theres a train in a secret room :) Think you can find it?

Hey look...inside one of the pyramids, theres a big red button that says, "Push Me". OK...



Thats the last time I listen to a stupid sign on a button!

I did mention that we are in a rainforest, right? Full of trees, plants, flowers, and... serpents... bwahahahaha

Come sit with a friend in one of these giant flowers :) Theres even a hot tub in one of the flowers!

And dont forget to take a photo of the wonderful waterfalls!

The Rainforest is a residential sim. About half the sim has private houses. The other half is open to the public. There are maps throughout the sim that show the public areas.

Like the Lost Gardens of Apollo, The Rainforest is a pretty Aztec-themed garden with different areas for sitting together.

To come explore The Rainforest, click on Search, select the Places tab, and enter "rainforest" as the keyword. The SLURL is
The Rainforest (128,110,23).

In preparation for Valentine's Day, Im going to be a bit... naughty... this week. :) So cover your eyes if you are from Caledon :P

This outfit is called Serpent. Its because of the scaley texture :) What else should someone wear to a rainforest? :P

It has a scoop neckline. Really scooped :P The same one as the Surfer Girl bikini top. Im hooked on Photoshop Paths :)

And the gloves are essential for extending that scaley texture! :)

Oh, the boots are an important part of this outfit!

This is the first time Ive made what I call hybird shoes. These boots are a combination of textures (SL Shoes) and prims. The boots use the same scaley texture as the rest of the outfit. Only the heels are made with prims, including invisi-prims. I typically see hybrid shoes used for making tall leather boots, like Goth or biker-style boots.

BTW, the hair is a $1L hair from Here Comes Trouble's booth at the Big Hair Affair. Pretty, isnt it?

Blue Poseball... um... sweetie... people are starting to ask about how we met. What should I tell them?

Blue... you DO remember how we met, dont you?


Cinthia Eckersley said...

Lol Natalia, Im sure Blue remembers very well how and where you met...he's such a faithful companion, follows you everywhere :D hehe!

I enjoy your blog so much, brings me a smile every day and of course, useful tips for a girl in SL.

I followed your tutorials and I'm experimenting on shoes of my own now, but I'd love to see a tut on a basic clothing piece using the Photoshop Paths that you're enjoying so much, does it have to do with vectorial illustrations? So if you have some time, pleeease write a lil tut on that, for all of us your readers :D

Cinthia Eckersley

SLNatalia said...

Cinthia, heehee I love giving Blue a hard time :P

I like Photoshop Paths for a few reasons. They let me create nice curves (and play around with them). They are very useful for doing seam matching, cause I can keep tweaking an anchor point until the seams match. And the Stroke button is great for adding edges and trims!

I have been avoiding a Photoshop-specific tutorial because everyone seems to have a diff drawing tool. I think most people have Paintshop Pro or Photoshop Elements. And most people with Photoshop know more about it than I do (since Im new to all this! :P) I would like to redo the Making Clothing tutorials Ill think of something... :)

Sorcha McConachie said...

Wow! natalia you are getting in touch with your wild side!! I love this snaky outfit!! And the boots are fabulous ! Please tell me it's for sale in your store! Very nice job Natalia!

SLNatalia said...

Sorcha, isnt this a wild outfit? :P And the dress is in the store...Im starting to get better about this :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome dress. Dig it.

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Dear Anoymous, heehee thank you so much :)