Thursday, January 18, 2007

Day 116: Phantom of the Opera

Think of me
Think of me fondly
when we've said goodbye
Remember me once in a while,
please promise me you'll try
Flowers fade,
The fruits of summer fade,
They have their seasons, so do we.
But please promise me that sometimes
You will think...of me!

My name is Christine Daaé. I am a chorus girl in the Opéra Populaire here in Paris.

Yes, the rumors are true. This is the very building where the infamous Opera Ghost resides.

Very strange things have been happening here indeed. Could this be the work of the Ghost? Our Prima Donna is scared out of her wits! Its fortunate that the Angel of Music has been tutoring me, so that I may fill in during her absence.

This is our chandelier, the centerpiece of our performance hall. Isnt it beautiful? I hope that its properly secured: It would be a shame if anything happened to it...

Come, lets go into town! Im sure the Angel of Music wont mind if I sneaked a break after the performance...

What a pretty French courtyard! With a water fountain and a cafe.

This has to be the best kitchen Ive ever seen! Just up the road from the courtyard.

Oh dear, this is starting to look spooky! I better turn back before the Angel finds out Ive sneaked away...

The Opéra Populaire is part of the Intemptesta Nox (Dead of the Night) sim. The sim is owned by the creator of Serendipity Studios, who brought us all the grand pianos in SL. The Opera house is now the main store for Serendipity Studios. The Opera house appears to be under construction, but the main areas are already complete.

A paved road leads from the Opera house to a number of shops that sell furniture, decorations, and a number of other items. The road eventually leads into the adjacent RELIC sim. The setting is what I think the French countryside would look like. The stores here are really well done and very cute :)

If you are a fan of the Phantom, or just like French stuff, come check out Opéra Populaire and the surrounding countryside. Click on Search, select the Places tab, and enter "opera" as the keyword (select "Intemptesta Nox"). The SLURL is Intemptesta Nox (184,129,76).

Yep, this is one of the beautiful gowns from the movie version of the musical "Phantom of the Opera". :) You have seen "Phantom of the Opera", havent you? I mean its like my all time fav fav musical!

This is the gown Christine wears during her first solo, "Think of Me". No one can accuse Phantom of lacking in costumes, particularly gowns :)

This was a VERY tough gown to create. The main challenge was the skirt. The original gown has a base skirt, and then a sheer layer on top with the star-burst pattern. I decided to do the same thing. I created a base skirt. Then added a second skirt with transparency on top.

I used the trick that Virrginia recommended: make the skirt panels solid grey, then make just 1 face of the panels transparent. This almost eliminated the transparency problem!

Also, I needed to make sure that the base skirt doesnt keep poking out of the transparent layer on top. I ended up using a higher Gravity setting for the base skirt, and a higher Tension setting for the transparency layer on top. This helps to keep them apart.

And the star-burst patterns on the transparent layer are big: they run across multiple skirt panels. That meant matching up the textures between skirt panels, similar to the Poodle Skirt. Except this time, its all the way around the skirt!

Oh, and the top of the skirt is shaped like a "V" up front. That required hand-placing ALL of the panels...twice (once for the base skirt, and once for the transparent layer).

Oh and the earrings! They are 2 star-bursts with clear stones.

So I decided to reproduce them...using prims :) Yes, all of the stones are tiny, tiny prims. Everything is below 0.01M (and really weird things happen when you try placing prims that small :P).

The earrings have 65 prims...EACH. OK, its probably not as crazy as the jewelry that Johanna makes. :P But arent you glad personal attachments dont count towards the prim limit at your house? :)

You alone can make my song take flight.
It's over now the music of the night!


Caterin said...

Natalia, you have surpassed yourself with this lovely creation. Well done! I'll be popping down your shop in the very near future...

alyse said...

I agree with caterin... truly stunning!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for introducing me to so many new places in Second Life. I love Phantom and am on my way to check this out.

If not for you, I'd spend ALL my Second Life time at the Blarney Stone in Dublin. Not a bad thing, because the Blarney Stone IS the most dependable place for fun if you prefer fun lively conversation and dancing rather than flashing lights, camp chairs and "dancers"

Consider this an invitation!

Lauralee said...

Beautiful! And now I understand, why you said, that the earrings were so much hard work. But very well worth it!
Strangely I don't get this transparency problem, several lace layers looked the same - with both sides textured or just one side.

Johanna Hyacinth said...

Great work on the earrings! (And on the gown, of course, but by this point, that's a given!)

I'd love to see an even closer-up view of them, if you'd be so kind.

Virrginia Tombola said...

Lovely as always--especially the earrings! I second Ms. Hyacinth's request for a close up (and DO hope you put adequate "bling" on)

Lauralee, the transparancy issue crops up if the lace (which has alpha channel intructions to be transparent) overlaps itself--then you will see parts disappear that you didn't want to disappear. It sometimes only occurs from certain angles. It's not just clothing--builders need to take it into account when making windows and whatnot.

SLNatalia said...

Caterin and Alyse, thank you :) I really love the Phantom, especially the gowns!

Dear Anonymous, believe it or not, Ive never been to the Blarney Stone, though I have heard so much about it! :P I really need to get out more :) Heehee I would definitely love to come to Dublin and check it out :) Hmmm...what do people wear in Dublin... :P

Lauralee, if you dont have the transparency problem, then you built your skirt well! So dont worry about it :) I used to make skirts that overlap too much...and had a lot of problems.

Johanna, Im really honored by your comment (heehee, maybe its because you havent seem them close up :P). Anyway, they cant compare to the treasures you make :)

I couldnt zoom in while wearing them for some I finally gave up and rezzed one on the ground and took a pix!

Virrginia, heehee I did get a close up pix in finally...silly of me not to do that in the first place!

And...well...I didnt put bling in there! I thought about it, but bling is so...well...blingy! :P I dont know... Not too sure about the whole bling debate. Maybe I should bling it up! Someone can always turn bling off if they want.

Johanna Hyacinth said...

Natalia, one way to zoom in closer on something is to hold down the Ctrl key and tap 0 (using the zero on the main keyboard, not the numeric keypad); keep hitting 0 and you can zoom in much farther than normal. Ctrl-8 will zoom out, and Ctrl-9 will reset everything to normal.

And I stand by my comment, your earrings look great!

SLNatalia said...

Johanna, thank you so much for the tip! Ive been trying to do that forever! :) I really appreciate that! :)

Ekio Locatiare said...

*passes out* You did a great job with her dress. I LOVE Phantom and will be over there asap! Keep up the great work ^-^

SLNatalia said...

Ekio, the Opera house is beautiful, but incomplete. But the main areas are done. I especially like the countryside outside, its just so French :)

maya said...

you've done a wonderful job with your lovely phantom creations!

SLNatalia said...

Maya, thank you so much! The Opera gown is definitely one of my favorites :) I still wear it to parties and balls :)

Samiya Rossini said...

I was just here a couple days ago, and it appears the chandelier has fallen... >__>

The sims are all under reconstruction apparently, but it's still lovely.

SLNatalia said...

Samiya, ah oh! I do hope they finish creating the Opera House! I had a feeling they ran out of prims before... Even so, its such a beautiful place :)

Anonymous said...

I been looking for for christines gown in SL for nearly a year! Doi you by chance sell this anywhere?

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Dear Anonymous, heehee yes, I sell the Opera gown (and a black version of it) at the Sirena Hair & Fashion store (Search/Places for "sirena", or click on the Sirena page link on the right side of the webpage) :) Have fun!

ayakia said...

Ohh, I love that gown! too bad im living off of the freebies i collected >.>

phantom? ohh, i love the music from that musical! :D

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Ayakia, the sim is still there, but the Opera House is gone :(