Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Day 115: Creating Prim Shoes Part 4 (Ankle Strap and Bling)

This is Part 4 of the creating prim shoes tutorial. After this, I promise not to mention shoes for a while :P

In this tutorial, we are going to finish jazzing up the heeled pumps we made in Creating Prim Shoes Part 2 and Part 3. You do not need to complete Part 3 before working on this tutorial. We are going to add an ankle strap, a gemstone, and bling to the shoe.

You will need the free Gemstone Textures and Bling Script from Sirena Hair & Fashion to complete this tutorial. Search under Places for "sirena". The SLURL is Sirena Hair (116,217,22).

So lets get started!

1. Creating the Ankle Strap

Ankle straps are used for decorative purposes in SL. After all, you dont really need ankle straps to keep your heels on your feet. But then again, you dont really need shoes in SL either :P

But if you plan on making high heels, you need to create ankle or other straps to "explain" how the shoes are being supported.

For toe and other lower straps, you would add additional prims to the shoe. Probably thin, path cut cylinder or tori.

But you have a choice when it comes to ankle straps. Ankle straps may be created in 1 of 2 ways: you could add prims to the exising shoe, or create a lower leg attachment.

Adding prims to the exising shoe is easier to do. It also uses less attachment points. The problem is that it is hard to keep the strap on your ankle as you move. You would either have to grossly oversize the strap, or just let your leg pass through the strap as you walk. And dont even try some of those weird model poses :P (Actually, few heel designs can accommodate all of the crazy model poses. But I think they should at least look decent for "normal" stand poses)

Creating a lower leg attachment is more complicated. You need to position it so that it appears to be attached to the shoe (even though it is an independent attachment). And it is an additional attachment (requiring 4 total attachments for the shoes, 2 for each leg). However, this effectively solves the problem of keeping the strap on your ankle, since it is actually attached to your ankle. The straps would stay in place. BTW, this is also how boots work: the boot part of the shoe is a lower leg attachment.

We are going to use the 2nd method, creating ankle straps as a lower leg attachment. We will be creating a new set of 3 linked prims. Because there are only 3 prims, we will create them in their final size directly (i.e. small). So get those camera controls ready :) You might want to check this entry on Camera Controls for some tips.

Rez a prim on the ground. Press Shift-X. This moves the prim to the nearest 0.25M point. This helps us line stuff up later.

Go to the General tab, and change the Name to "1". Go to the Object tab. Change the Building Block Type to "Torus".

Go to the Texture tab. Click on the square above "Texture". This will open the Pick:Texture window. Click on the Blank button and the Select button.

Click on the square above "Color". This will open the Color Picker. Select a color to match the rest of your shoe.

So make sure Prim "1" is selected in Edit more, and you can see the Red/Green/Blue movement arrows. Press and hold the Shift key, then click on the Blue arrow and pull it up. This will make a copy of Prim "1" perfectly lined up above.

Do this once more until you have a total of 3 prims.

Starting from the bottom, Edit each prim and change the Name to a number from 1 to 3. The one on the bottom should be "1". The one on the top should be "3". This will helps us reference the prims below.

Go back and Edit Prim "1" (the one on the bottom).

Go to the Object tab and Enter the following settings:

Size (meters) X: 0.010
Size (meters) Y: 0.070
Size (meters) Z: 0.080

Rotation (degrees) X: 90.00
Rotation (degrees) Z: 90.00

Hollow: 80

Hole Size Y: 0.05

Profile Cut B: 0.60
Profile Cut E: 0.95

Ready to get out the microscope? :P

OK, now Edit Prim "2".

Leave the Building Block Type as "Torus". Enter the following settings:

Size (meters) X: 0.010
Size (meters) Y: 0.010
Size (meters) Z: 0.070

Rotation (degrees) X: 15.00

Hole Size Y: 0.15

Edit Prim "3".

Leave the Building Block Type as "Torus". Enter the following settings:

Size (meters) X: 0.010
Size (meters) Y: 0.015
Size (meters) Z: 0.015

Rotation (degrees) X: 90.00

Profile Cut B: 0.15
Profile Cut E: 0.30

With Prim "3" still selected, go to the Texture tab. Click on the square above "Texture". This will open the Pick:Texture window. Choose a Gemstone texture from the Gemstone Textures folder from Sirena Hair & Fashion (or any gemstone texture you prefer). I will use the "ruby" gemstone texture for this tutorial.

Also, enter the following settings under the Texture tab:

Repeats Per Face Horizontal (U): 4.000
Repeats Per Face Vertical (V): 0.500

Rotation (degrees): 90.00

When you are all done, you should now have a tiny column of prims that look something like this.

2. Assembling the Ankle Strap

We are now going to put the ankle strap together.

Edit Prim "2". Move Prim "2" to one end of Prim "1" so that the bottom of Prim "2" tilts outward away from Prim "1". This is the part of the ankle strap that will "attach" to the shoe.

If you can still find it...Edit Prim "3" :P Heres a trick: while still in Edit mode, draw a window around the general area where you think Prim "3" is. This should highlight Prim "3". Once you have Prim "3" selected, you would be able to move it around.

Move Prim "3" to the other end of Prim "1", opposite of from Prim "2". This will be the gemstone with the bling.

3. Linking

Now we need to link all these prims together.

For the ankle strap, we want the Root Prim to be Prim "1", the strap loop.

Make sure you can see the entire strap. Right-click on any prim and select Edit.

Click and hold outside the strap, and drag the yellow window around the entire strap. The entire strap should be outlined in yellow.

Now press and hold the Shift key. Left-click on Prim "1" to de-select it. Left-click on Prim "1" again to select it. This makes Prim "1" the last prim to be selected, thus will make it the Root Prim when we link.

To link the prims, click on Tools at the top of your screen, and select Link. You will notice that all the prims are now outlined in blue, except Prim "1" is outlined in yellow.

4. Adding Bling

Next, we are going to add some bling to the gemstone on the heel strap.

Bling is a particle effect, much like smoke, fireworks, dripping water, etc. There is so much you can do with particles that I will do a future tutorial on particles by themselves :) If you are curious about what particles can do, check out the Particle Laboratory.

Particle effects are created through scripts. OK, I know that sounds pretty scary, but its really not that bad. :) There are many drop-in particle scripts available for various effects (particularly for bling). You can also tweak these scripts to change the effects to suit your needs. Its just a matter of changing some settings at the top of the script, much like working with Ged Larsen's LoopRez script.

Despite what people say about bling causing lag, it is really not that bad. Bling is a client-side effect, which means your own computer creates the bling effect and displays it, not the servers at Linden. If 30 people in a room can "see" your blinging shoes, then all 30 computers are creating the bling effect separately and locally. It causes very little additional load on the sims. And most bling scripts generate very few particles, so this should not cause too many issues on most computers.

But if people tell you to turn bling off, I wouldnt argue with them. Just turn it off if it makes them happy :) Personally, Im not that wild about bling. This has more to do with how it looks, not because of lag issues. I tend to use bling sparingly for an occasional effect. I would avoid adding bling scripts to every attachment on your AV :P

For this tutorial, we are going to drop in a ready-made bling script.

Go ahead and Right-click on the ankle strap and select Edit.

Click on the "Edit linked parts" checkbox on the top of the Edit window. This would enable you to select a single prim out of a group of linked prims in an object.

Click on the gemstone at the front of the ankle strap to select it. If SL wont let you select it (because it is already selected along with other prims), click on something else outside the ankle strap, then click on the gemstone again.

Select the Contents tab of the gemstone. Drag and drop the "Blingy Jewels Script" from Sirena Hair & Fashion in your Inventory into the Contents tab. Now close the Edit window to exit the edit mode.

Now say the magic words out loud (in Chat): "bling on" You ankle strap should start blinging :)

You can also turn bling on and off on this particular Bling Script. Just say "bling on" in Chat (out loud so everyone can hear you :P) to turn bling on, and "bling off" to turn it off. You would only affect your own bling items by giving this command (and no, you cant turn off someone else's bling :P).

Finally, edit the strap. Click on the General tab. And change the Name to "Heeled Pump Strap (L)".

Close your Edit window to get out of edit mode. Right-click on the strap and select "Take" to take the strap into your Inventory.

5. Fitting the Ankle Strap

Now that the strap is ready, we need to attach it to our avatar. It helps to Wear your heeled pumps, so you can get an idea of where to attached the strap.

To fit the strap, Right-click on the "Heeled Pump Strap (L)" in your Inventory, select "Attach To >", and click on "Lower Left Leg".

The strap will initially attach with the wrong orientation. We will need to rotation and reposition the strap.

Go ahead and Edit the strap while it is on your leg. Enter these values under the Object tab:

Rotation (degrees) X: 270.00
Rotation (degrees) Y: 75.00
Rotation (degrees) Z: 270.00

Next, drag the Red/Green/Blue arrows until the strap fits well on your leg. If you use the numbers at the top as a reference, this is a good position: "X:0.018 Y:0.007 Z:-0.160". Dont worry if you cant get an exact match (for example, Z may get stuck at -0.159 and -0.161). Just pick one and move on.

When you are done positioning, Right-click on the strap and select "Detach".

In your Inventory screen, Right-click on the "Heeled Pump Strap (L)" and select Copy. Then Right-click again on the "Heeled Pump Strap (L)" and select Paste. There should now be 2 copies of the strap.

Right-click on one copy, select Rename, and change the name to "Heeled Pump Strap (R)". Now Right-click on "Heeled Pump Strap (R)", select "Attach To >", and click on "Lower Right Leg".

Go ahead and Edit the strap while it is on your leg. Note that you have to look around your ankle a bit to find a piece of the strap. Enter these values under the Object tab:

Rotation (degrees) X: 90.00
Rotation (degrees) Y: 75.00
Rotation (degrees) Z: 90.00

Next, drag the Red/Green/Blue arrows until the strap fits well on your leg. If you use the numbers at the top as a reference, this is a good position: "X:0.018 Y:0.005 Z:-0.160". Dont worry if you cant get an exact match (for example, Z may get stuck at -0.159 and -0.161). Just pick one and move on.

Note: after you do any fitting with a prim attachment, be sure that you detach the prim after you are done to "save" the settings.

So go ahead and right click on "Heeled Pump Strap (R)" and select Detach.

You now have a set of ankle straps complete with bling for your new heeled pumps :)

If you feel up to it, you can continue to jazz up your shoes by adding Fur Trim to make them fuzzy, raising the heel (and platform) height to create a pair of high heels, or adding additional prims and turn them into a pair of boots. Not to mention changing the texture, adding additional straps and gemstones, or even ribbons! The possiblities are endless, so have fun with your new shoes :)

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Decibel said...

I love your shoe articles..very detailed but easy to follow. Personally I'd be happy if you carried on doing them ha scratch that...start one on hair!!
Either way..don't stop!

Virrginai Tombola said...

Ah, now must go back to those Embroidered Parisian Shoes and add bling! Lord, what was I thinking, not adding bling? (well, the originals didn't have it, but...*shrug*)

About closed shoes/boots, aka "What I learned about Shoe Making This Week"

-If making a closed shoe, go ahead and have the whole invisi-prim cover the shoe completely, stopping just below where the leg meets the shoe. That way, if the avi shifts a bit, her foot won't pop out the top of the shoe. Before I discovered that, I was making the shoes far too inelegantly large in order to cover up even the size 0 avi feet.

-If applying a fancy design on your texture, try using a simple, single prim shape for the areas with the design. I tried complex shapes of multiple prims at first for my upper and trust me, unless your texture is fairly simple, it is near impossible to get it to align seamlessly.

-A mentor of mine disagrees with the build large then shrink technique, I'm afraid. It works for a simple shoe like this one, but the problem is that as you shrink, SL can glitch and give you alignment problems. Also, if you have a small shape, it can bump up against the .01 size limit and keep the shoe from shrinking--then you must go through the object one prim at a time, find the culprit and then fiddle with it/delete it. Easier just to start small, and zoom in on it to work with it.

Now on to making a strapped shoe :) But first back to my flappy wing flying thingamabob (Your fault, again. This time because of your link to the animation workshop....)

Lauralee said...

As always - very useful! And not only if you want to create a shoe, but if you're wearing one, too. I always wondered about the additional attachment with boots - now I know!

Martin said...

Don't stop now! I love shoes.

I'd like a tutorial on seams when making boots. Right now I'm trying to make a pair of boots. Preferably modeled after these:

But without the high heels.

I've made a black fur to go with them, but i can never make the leg-attachment and shoe-attachment look right together. It just looks like they are two seperate pieces. I'd love some tips on that subject - so please continue. :D

I still love your blog.

SLNatalia said...

Decibel, yes, I am planning to do one on hair in a couple weeks. I figured out a nice way to do hair textures. Now, just need to get some practice... :) BTW, guys hairs are SO much easier! :P

Virrginia, thank you so much for the great comment! Your comments are always great and informative! :)

BTW, I start large and shrink the shoe to make it easier to build and align the pieces. It puts a lot less strain on camera controls. I agree with your mentor that this is not a good idea when designing shoes.

The tutorial shoe was designed at actual "small" size. I just multiplied all the sizes by 10 to make it big for the tutorial. I did this to make it easier to build the shoe.

Its not easy to build a shoe at the final size on your first try! I wanted to improve the odds of success :)

Lauralee, doesnt it seem strange to have a 4 piece boot? :P We do fake a few things in order to look good in SL :)

Martin, for boots, the sides of the shoe needs to go up as high as possible. The lower leg attachment needs to run into the shoe, so there is no gap. For a really nice boot, check out the ones at Topaz Square!

Stray said...

Tippically me, I could not find the "Blingscript" in youre store (witch is very nice!!)

SLNatalia said...

Stray, Im very sorry, but the Bling Script went away from the store for some reason. I just put it back... Thanks for letting me know!

Aluviel Nakamura said...

Thanks so much for this tutorial. I am in the process of trying to creat some getta platforms. The soles or heels seem too tall and sink into the ground even with an invisaprim.
Is there any way to get around this? Compared to some spike heels the ones im making dont look as high??
Is it possible I may have to amke a shoe for a size 2 or 3 foot? would increasing the foot size give me more height to play with?

if ther is a way around this issue please let me know!
Writing to you from the dreams sandbox
ALuviel Nakamura

SLNatalia said...

Aluviel, when designing a shoe, you should make the Appearance/SL shoe base first. Then create the prim shoe around your foot. Be sure to use a posestand.

Its a bit tricky to work on a shoe on your foot, but its the only way to get it to fit right. Designing a new shoe does take a bit of work...

If you want to design a really tall shoe, you should change the Shoe Height and Platform Height to 100.

Hope this helps...

merlina-thalia said...

I was curious if you have to attach the script to each jewel because I made the bracelet from your other tutorial and added the bling script I want the whole thing to sparkle (I would think separate scripts would make it lag more) but I applied it to the whole linked set and it doesn't do anything. Also, if you change the channel number do you just put /# before bling? I'm just asking because the necklace I have has the same command on the main channel.

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Merlina, the bling script only works for relatively small objects (because the particles come out of the center of the object). It is a particle effect. You might want to check out the Particle tutorials in the Build section for info on how to change it :)

Anonymous said...

Hi:P I just finished the tutorial:D
It was cool! I never knew I could do something like this. I love your tutorials! Keep writing them:)


Natalia Zelmanov said...

Chimi, congratulations! Im glad you made it all the way here :)

mizzBING said...

hey natalia, thanks so much for your helpful tutorials. Av been looking for the bling script on your shop but i just don't know where to find it lolcan i get a new help once again please thx

Natalia Zelmanov said...

mizzBING, all the supplies are in the Tutorial Supplies area under the big mermaid sign (be sure to Buy the boxes for L$0 :) ).