Sunday, January 07, 2007

Day 105: Housecleaning

Its Sunday, and its time for the pre-Spring cleaning!

Ive been noticing that as this blog grows, its getting harder and harder to find things. The Category Labels worked fine when there were only a few posts, but with 34 posts under "Siteseeing and Exploring", it is virtually useless (you cant really see 34 full entries on 1 page).

So its time to re-organize :)

So I spent the day creating index pages by hand to better organize the content. The index pages contain a link to each blog entry, with a short text description. These pages will form the Site Index (on the top right of your window). With the new Site Index, you should be able to find things much quicker in this blog.

So check them out, particularly the "Siteseeing and Exploring" and "Sports and Activities" headings. If you ever get bored in Second Life, theres bound to be something in there to keep you busy :)

In addition, I went through all the old blog entries, and updated them with SLURL's! Gees, that was a lot of fun :P But after a couple weeks with no Search/Places in SL, Ive learned my lesson.

Oh, and I thought seriously about making a French maid costume for this post. But decided against it: Im sure its going to get put to bad use in SL :P

Hope you find the new Site Index and SLURL's useful!

P.S. I taught my first class today in SL...actually, anywhere!

Its the "NCI Class: Making Prim Heel Shoes" at New Citizen's Plaza on Sundays at 3PM SL/PST/Linden.

The class teaches how to make a simplified version of the Heeled Pumps. Because the class has to be delivered in 1 hour, I reduced the shoe to 6 prims, removing the heel back (the back thing behind your foot), the heel outsole (the bottom piece of the heel), and the sizing board.

Even so, I ended up running over. The class was chaotic, because we ended up with at least 3 griefers! I now have a whole new level of respect for SL instructions! :)

Oh, and if you ever need to teach classes or give speeches on an on-going basis in SL, check out the Speaker Buddy. You can buy it on the 2nd floor at the ICT Library (Search in Places for "ict"; here is the SLURL: Info Island (53,201,33)) on Info Island. The Simple version is $250L and comes in a single prim, which you can shape into anything (like a speaker, for instance :P). Then just load your Notecard with your speech into the Speaker Buddy, and click on it to start delivering the class. It delivers 1 line per click. And you can tell it to rewind to any point. You can also put private comments in there for you alone (I put in timemarks and places to break). Really great stuff!

P.P.S. While we are talking about gadgets, a friend gave me a Landmark to a free cool gadget a couple days ago. Some of you may have heard of it: the Babbler and the De-Babbler. They are both HUDs you Wear.

The Babbler translates what you say in Chat into one of 8 languages (Chinese, Pirate?, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, French, German, and Spanish). Whenever you say something in Chat, the Babbler automatically translates it :) It translated "Hey Sexy, where do you live?" to "Hey sexy, dove in tensione?" in Italian. Guess it doesnt understand "Hey Sexy" :P

The De-Babbler does the reverse: translates what you hear in other languages to one of the 8 languages above.

So if you plan on picking up guys in Italian (assuming you dont speak Italian), you can get your free Babbler here: Phreak Isle (226,230,25).


Kiek Shinji said...

I loved your class natalia!
OMG 4 guys tried to pick me up during class :s that's even worse then in a club :S (I guess they like a girl with skills :p). If only they were sweet boys ;-)

So now you have to give the same class every sunday?? ;-)

Grtz from the girl that showed up early :p

Pyxel Courier said...

Nat! It's great that you are teaching a class! Good for you!

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know about another interest of mine in SL. It is a group known as the JLU. If anyone has ever read comics, they will recognize this as the Justice League Unlimited.

Part of the fun is that the group dresses up their AVs as comic book superheroes. (You've seen me as Aquaman! LOL!)But that is only the icing on the cake....

One of the missions of the JLU, is to protect the innocent people of SL against griefers. The JLU has done such a good job of this, that the Lindens have even commended them.

Anyway, get a hold of me, and I will ask Kalel Venkman i fhe will give you a distress signal communicator, so that the next time you are being griefed, the JLU can come to the rescue, and you'll be able to resume your class!

It's kinda neat when a bunch of superheroes shows up at a griefing scene. Typically the griefers stop peacfully, just because of the impression it makes...which is one of the goals of the end griefing situations peacefully.

Anyway, get a hold of me!

Caterin said...

Glad to hear the class went well!

SLNatalia said...

Kiek, thank you for coming to the class. Sorry about all the interruptions! Im sure those guys are looking for a girl to make them a pair of shoes (heehee).

I will be teaching the same class every Sunday. Im going to see if I can relocate it to a sky classroom or something, so it is less disruptive.

Pyxel, OMG, thats hilarious. I could just imagine Superheroes showing up! :) Heehee you are a very imaginative group. Yes, I would love to talk to you about that soon...and just visit with Aquaman anyway :)

Caterin, heehee the class was really crazy! I was so panicked in the middle of class (never really had to deal with griefers before). Hopefully we can find a quieter spot next time :)

Vel Noarlunga said...

Huahaha! The Italian translation is hilarious!

SLNatalia said...

Vel, now you have me worried! Lol What does it actually say? :P

Kefrens said...

Okay for the Babbler.
Now, I understand what it is :)

But I think I prefer my poor english than this gadget.

See you soon and continue your tutorials and business.
Next time, I'll go to visit your Store in Rieul.

SLNatalia said...

Kefrens, I use Babbler when I go to Paris or Barcelona (just to check on what the guys are saying :P)

Hope to see you soon! :)

Oracolo said...

Hi, ust in case you're still wondering... the italian phrase "dove in tensione" means "where in tension". I cant' immagine why "live" was translated like in was "in tension"

SLNatalia said...

Oracolo, heehee Ive used Babbler a lot in the last few months and it always gets a good laugh, often in both directions :) I cant imagine what it even says in like Japanese :P

Lindsay said...

Hi Natalia. Interesting that you had so many griefers at a shoe making class. Maybe they were shoe fetishists! I used to work at a charity shop in RL and we regularly saw this man who was a shoe fetishist. He'd take his shoes off and try on the ladies' shoes! I think this is quite a common thing in men from what I've heard and read. :)

Arbella Dragonash.

SLNatalia said...

Lindsay, I was getting a lot of griefers because at the beginning, the class was held on the ground floor at New Citizens (NCI). So a lot of people were just wandering around (along with a healthy dose of troublemakers ;P). They see a bunch of people in a class and they just wander in...

Its always fun to have someone pick you up while you are trying to teach a shoe class ;P

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