Sunday, January 07, 2007

Day 104: Mermaid at Muse Isle

Warning: this is a mermaid post! You have to put up with these once in a while when you read a mermaid's blog :P

Welcome to Muse Isle. Live music is a very popular pastime in Second Life. There are some events going on most days from 4:00pm-8:00pm SL/Linden/PST all over SL. Muse Isle is one of the major live music venues. And its also a pretty sim on its own.

Any place that has an underwater club/lounge will definitely get a mermaid's attention :)

Thank you! Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen :)

The Muse Isle Arena is the main performance area. Its a dramatic open-air concert hall that rivals any in RL.

The Aoede Square is the central area for musicians and music lovers to hang out. It features Cecilia's, which hosts regular live music and dance events in a cozier setting.

There is also a meeting hall and a small art gallery in the Square.

Why is that cat looking at me like that?

But the cool part is all these wonderful little sitting areas where you can relax, watch the ocean, and listen to the waves. They are scattered around the back of the island, similar to the Lost Gardens of Apollo. a PG sim, OK? So keep it nice :)

There are a couple of pretty waterfalls and nice landscaping. So take a walk on the path around Muse Isle!

Say, why are all the cats here looking at me like that?

Drop by Muse Isle and check their event listing. Not all of these events are listed in the Search/Events section. Muse Isle also has a nice website with artist information.

To come to Muse Isle, click on Search, select the Places tab, and enter "muse" as the keyword. The SLURL is: Muse Isle (147,222,28).

As I mentioned in my previous mermaid post, there were seams in my old mermaid tail. Mermaids arent suppose to have seams!

Despite the seams, practically every mermaid I met so far (and I met quite a few), asked me where they could buy my gold mermaid tail. Everyone seemed to love the complex patterns as much as I do.

Also, the fins on almost all mermaid tails in SL look like a couple of thin sheets: They are made with a couple of thin flexi-prim panels. They are not solid tails as you might expect on a real mermaid.

Tails are VERY important to a mermaid! :) So I couldnt just ignore these problems. It was back to the drawing board...

First, I figured out a way to match the front and back textures seamlessly. I started with a similar, but reddish texture for this new mermaid tail. I fixed the texture seam problem by using a mirror image of the same texture on both sides. Unfortunately, the front and back skirt texture maps are not exactly the same size (and I have no idea why!). So I had to nudge the 2 textures and test by uploading several times to make sure their seams would close at the same position along the texture map.

Second, the fin portion of the tail has been completely re-built. It used to be 2 thin flexi-prim panels attached to a 3rd prim. The bottom of the fin is now a single, solid 3D flexi-prim that tapers as it goes down to the end of the tail. So it is fleshy at the top, and very thin at the bottom.

This is attached to a couple specially shaped tortured prims (a sphere and a torus). I figured these shapes out after spending some time at the Ivory Tower of Primitives. I also made a new set of textures that matches the shape of the new tail!

And I also went back and re-made the original gold mermaid tail :)

And created a new Aqua tail.

Did you see the movie Aquamarine? (probably not...:P) Its a mermaid movie :) Anyway, the mermaid's fingernails changes colors according to her mood. I can wear a different tail according to my mood :)

BTW, if you are a new mermaid, you will need an Animation Override (AO) device to use most mermaid tails. You can purchase one at Mermaid Oasis for $150L. Search under Places for "mermaid" (SLURL:Kot (14,242,95)). I talked about how to become a mermaid in my original mermaid post. :)

Im sorry, kitty, but you cant eat my tail!


Caterin said...

Yes, Muse Island is great, I played the piano there some time ago. Your blue hair looks georgeous with that tail!

SLNatalia said...

Caterin, somehow, I was sure you wouldnt miss a cool music spot like Muse Isle :) We should all go to a concert some time :)