Saturday, December 02, 2006

Day 69: Under the Sea

Under the sea
Under the sea
Darling it's better
Down where it's wetter
Take it from me
Up on the shore they work all day
Out in the sun they slave away
While we devotin'
Full time to floatin'
Under the sea

(Under the Sea, from Disney's The Little Mermaid)

Yep! Im a mermaid :)

This is, of course, my friend Sorcha's fault. :P The Search/Places function is still not working in Second Life today. So I went to another one of Sorcha's recommended places with another landmark she provided: Mermaid Oasis.

You see, ever since I was a little girl, Ive wanted to be a mermaid. I watched "The Little Mermaid" a gazillion times. So when Sorcha sent me to a place where you CAN be a mermaid...I couldnt resist! :)

There are 2 important things you MUST have in order to become a mermaid in Second Life (OK 3, but flirting skills can be learned later :P). First you need a tail! And second, you need an appropriate set of Animation Overrides (AO).

There are a number of vendors who sell mermaid tails and accessories. If the Search/Places function were working, I would probably search under there. But I got a few notecards with mermaid landmarks and went shopping from there.

Mermaid tails range from semi-realistic to glitzy. I went for the semi-realistic fish tail look and bought a tail from Merwings for $200L. Mermaid tails are actually a number of clothing and attachments items combined. The tail I am using has a left leg cover and fin, right leg cover, right leg fin, textured pants, textured socks, and a textured skirt. I also needed to make 4 lower body adjustments, in particular increasing my Leg Length dramatically. So be sure you save a set of your Appearance settings if you want to try this. :)

So after I put all this stuff on, I stood with my legs apart, wearing what looks like an ugly blue/green skirt and something weird attached to my feet. You see, mermaids have to keep their legs together and toes pointed at all times! :) That calls for a special set of Animation Overrides (AO) and poses.

I bought a basic set of preloaded AO with animations from Nora Wayne at Mermaid Oasis for $150L. This includes a set of 7 animations (ground sit, sit, swim, up, up with spin, stand, and stand typing), which is a pretty good deal. This is enough to get you started. You can "stand" around (basically floating and flapping your tail), sit, swim like a mermaid (you need to turn on "Always Run"), and fly out of the water like a fish :) last thing. With just a tail, theres certain parts I couldnt exactly wear a bikini top, so I had to make something. No problem. I used the Color Matching trick to find out the shade of blue and green used on the tail, then made a set of blue/green shells for the top. They are 7 path cut/tapered tori side-by-side, with Low Shininess.

The standard tail leaves half your butt hanging out. Im feeling kinda exposed already, so I added an extra torus around my hips to cover my butt. Its the salmon pink thing you see at the top of the tail.

So what does a mermaid do all day? Well, theres a surprising number of places for a mermaid to go! I will cover some of them here.

As I mentioned, this all started when I went to Mermaid Oasis. Oasis has a large mermaid tank with a number of pose balls for you to relax and play around on. Some of the animation is really cute! Be sure you say "ao off" when you use the pose balls. And your land-loving friends can watch you via a couple different observation areas. So this puts you on the wrong side of the fishtank :)

Oasis also carries a number of mermaid products, including Nora Wayne's Animation Override (AO) attachment. To come here, Search under Places for keywords "mermaid oasis". The SLURL is Kot (14,242,95).

Another great place for mermaid shopping is EmeraldEver's Shop By The Sea. Emerald has products from a number of different vendors. To come here, Search under Places for keyword "emeraldever". The SLURL is Pyeonghwa (27,180,26).

EmeraldEver's also has this *GREAT* information board with landmarks to a number of really nice mermaid hangouts :) So let me run through a few here:

Remember the SupportForHealing center? Did you know they had an underwater labyrinth? I didnt either until I became a mermaid :) The labyrinth is in the NE corner of the sim. To come here, Search under Places for keyword "supportforhealing". The SLURL is SupportforHealing (232,230,8).

And if there is a magical place in Second Life for mermaids (and land-lovers alike), it would have to be the Siren's Grotto at Selune's Kiss. The Grotto and the surrounding waters provide plenty of places for a mermaid to brush her hair, stretch her fins, and frolick in the waters.

***Update: Siren's Grotto at Selune's Kiss is back! Its moved here to the Maculata sim (Thanks for the comment, Leita!)

I even found this wonderful clam-shell bed with satin sheets! Oh, I dont think Im leaving the water...ever. :)

How about exploring the waterways of a Goth island sim with a pirate ship next to a black beach? Then come check out the Black Sand Beach at Relic. It is currently being remodeled, which makes it that much interesting... To come here, Search under Places for keyword "relic". The SLURL is Sanctum Sanctorum (28,216,24).

So where do mermaids go to party? Why, at their very own underwater club at Thalatta Sirens Dance Club! :) This beautiful underwater club has a fully stocked bar, dance floor, and state-of-the-art video and sound systems. Oh, and it has a lot of fish and coral :P

***Update: this has been removed from Search and EmeraldEver's...bad sign. But the SLURL is Scoopwing (22,203,2). Enjoy it while it lasts :)***

See, being a mermaid isnt just about floating in one spot! :)

Doesnt it feel like most guys have way too many hands? :P

P.S. I think being a mermaid is contagious! My friend Sorcha just got her mermaid outfit as well. This is going to be so much fun!

P.P.S. Come was a special day. There had to be a video! :)


Sorcha McConachie said...

Hi Natalia! I loved being a mermaid with you tonight! What an adventure!

Truewater2 said...

I really enjoyed your video and your blog. My toon in Second Life is quite new to the world and still learning her way around. Thanks to you I realize there are wonderful possibilities.

SLNatalia said...

Hi Sorcha and Truewater! I love being a mermaid! In fact, I put in a *small* mermaid tank in my house already :) Im thinking of converting my little house to a mermaid tank after this Miss SL thing! :) Heehee cant wait...

Mipsie said...

Thanks Sorcha! I was having real trouble finding mermaid stuff with the borked Search function. You really helped me out. I enjoyed reading your page, and the video is utterly charming. More power to your fins my dear. xx

SLNatalia said...

Mipsie, you are welcome :) BTW, Sorcha is my long-time friend who told me about Mermaid Oasis.

Also, they are creating a new Mermaid Oasis, so keep an eye out!

. said...

Hi Natalia, I wanted to let you know Selune's Kiss - Siren's Grotto was moved to Maculata. You can find it here: Selune's Kiss

And if you get a chance (and have a love for the fae), check out The Faerie Grove.

Keep up the great posts!

Leita Michelson

SLNatalia said...

Leita, thank you for letting me know about Siren's Grotto! Ive been there a few times (even blogged about it), but forgot to update this post! Thank you so much for mentioning it :)

Moon Ballinger said...

Greetings Natalia! I enjoyed your video. In fact, as a SL newbie I've been pretty much reading your blog cover-to-cover and finding it very helpful and, well, fun! Thanks!

SLNatalia said...

Moon, thank you so much :) I hope you enjoy exploring the sights in SL as much as I did :)

amy said...

hi everyone i was going to sign up to second life but it wants your adress and where you live so is it not dangerous or is there any risks at all please tell me and if i do sign up how do i know what to do because it confuses me so please help as i LOVE mermaids and sooo want to be one and i need your help???!!!!!!!!!xxxxx

SLNatalia said...

Amy, its been a long time since I signed up, so I dont remember what SL asked for. SL doesnt show your address to other residents. But it is in a computer somewhere, so you might want to use a PO Box or something if you feel uncomfortable. They dont actually send you anything (at least they never sent me anything ;P).

As far as what to do once you get into SL, you should definitely check out the Getting Started Guide on this blog. Theres some basic stuff that would help a lot (like how to move around, find places, and managing your Inventory).

Being a mermaid is actually somewhat complicated. Its not very hard to do, theres just a few things involved. In particular, be sure that you are comfortable with Wearing clothes and attachments. You will also have to use an Animation Override (AO) gadget (or you will want to at some point).

For a one-stop place with all the mermaid things you need, check out Emeraldever's Shop by the Sea or the Sirens Mall and Club. You will need at least a tail and the Animation Override gadget.

Good luck and have fun :)

Anonymous said...

I LUV mermaids!!!!:)Iwantto be a princessy one!With jewelrey!

SLNatalia said...

Dear Anonymous, heehee its fun to be a mermaid! Lol and theres no lack of jewelry in SL...theres even tiaras if you really want to be a princess ;P

kaddykat said...

can you get pink mermaid tails from mermaid oasis?

kaddykat said...

and do you play SL or Teen SL?

SLNatalia said...

Kaddykat, check out Mertopia (its the new sim created by Emeraldever and her group). They have mermaid tails in just about every color and shape. There are also a number of other residents who create specialized tails :)

Im in the Main Grid in SL (the adult one). Ive never been to the Teen SL, but I understand that it has very different places.

Anonymous said...

do you mean in the game your friend took you to a place you can be a mermaid,or in real life? If in real life where is the place?

Serena said...

how do i sign up for mermaid diaries?

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Dear Anonymous/Serena, I am in a virtual world called Second Life. You can sign up for it at (its free to sign up and explore :D)

Britta Balbozar said...

Hello Natalia! *smiles and waves* My name's Britta Balbozar on Second Life, and while I've been on SL for about half a year, I've only recently bought my first tail and AO - just yesterday, in fact!

So far I'm really enjoying being a mermaid! I've been discovered twice, but both times the humans I encountered were very kind, promising me they wouldn't tell anyone of my existence. One told me I was very beautiful, which is always a nice thing for a mermaid to hear! But then she also told me I smelled like fish *blushes*... so from then on I decided to keep a pretty, nice-smelling flower in my hair, hehe.

I haven't met any other merpeople yet, but I hope to soon! :-)

Anyway, I just want to say thanks for your Mermaid Guide - it's really helped me out in my first couple of days as a mermaid!

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Britta, heehee Im so glad you are having fun as a mermaid! :) If you want to meet other mermaids, check out Anne Bonny Cove and Cave Rua (2 popular places to float about ;P). Take care, and have fun!

Roe said...

thank this really helped. im having so much fun being a mermaid and explroing. Thank agian :) smiles

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Roe, have fun, and have a great holiday season ;)

Taureanne said...

I just wanted to let you know that I DJ at the Legacy Club, and we regularly do a monthly undersea event. I usually play Enya all evening, and it's a beautiful venue! The next one will be March 23rd from 7-9pm SLT.

I have a bunch of mermaid dances on my huddle.... hope to see some of you there, soon!

BTW Natalia, I am totally hooked on your hair (pardon the awful pun!) and wear it more than anyone else's!

NaloMeli said...

Thank you so much for your mermaid diaries...I have left the land and live in the sea now.

There are just so many options for tails and AO's, and I've bought my first Seahorse for when my fins get tired.

I've not found too many more merfolk, but will check out the sites listed in your blog.

Thank you again for this inspiration!

Nalo Jampoler

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Taureanne, wow, that's so cool! Heehee I play an Internet New Age station when Im on SL :P Good luck in your club!

Nalo, heehee isnt it fun to be a mermaid? There are not a lot of mermaid sites (because most of us are sneaking around the regular places most of the time ;P). But check out the mermaid places in the Travel Log. Also, if you like, find a large body of water near a popular spot (like a welcome area or romantic place) and take it over :)

Aiya Nubalo said...

Hey Natalia, how hard do you think it would be to attempt making something like this?

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Aiya, lol Im prob not the best person to ask, because I work on prim stuff all the time. If you are familiar with making prim attachments (esp with transparent textures, like with wings), it doesnt seem to be very hard...but it might be time consuming to get the texture right. There's also the transparency issue to deal with (the alpha sorting issue)...

damiana Thespian said...

Natalia, You are such an inspiration. I'm a vampire in SL and the thought of donning a tail would never have occurred to me! I got a tail from your shop a couple weeks ago, picked up an AO, and "dove right in"! I love it!

You have given me new and great things to explore... including blogging! I just wanted you to know that I just gave you a plug (or 3) on my blogspot! You can see it here: That particular blog is "Putting it All Back Together".

You so rock! I'll be mentioning you quite often I'm sure in my adventures :)


Natalia Zelmanov said...

Damiana, thank you so much! Heehee hope you have lots of fun exploring the other half of SL (you'd be surprised whats under the water sometimes ;P).

GeorgieBoy Juliesse said...

Hi Natalia, can I be a merman?

Anonymous said...

I like to visit Haven of Rogues and the next door place called Haven of Mermaids. Very very wonderful.

Anonymous said...

hi mer a mermaid and i saw ur posts.So for all who want to join us in our underwater magically rhealm,try searching the most unbeieveble place for mermaids: Mermaids of the Mists.thats where we all will be amazed by the surroundings,hangout places,animations all over the land and the charming music of the ocean.hope to see u all there.

Anonymous said...

News Update Mer Lovers: Mermaids of the Mist has closed. Another place to swim around and find mer resources is Safe Waters Foundation. No need to be a member of the group, but we love to help and answer questions. There are also freebies set out for new mers trying the water for the first time. All are invited.

kevin kocsis said...

hi natalia i loved your film i m a mermaid ASWELL.... i like to meet you at second life my username is aqua10 or whiteyblacky