Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sports and Activities

Do people skydive in a skirt? :P

Here are the sports and activities.

Please let me know if there is something you would like me to add or take out. My only criteria is that it is "nice" place :)

Basketball Play basketball at Ballers City, you can practice alone, or play in teams :)



Carnival Rides: ImagineNation also has a number of carnival, train, boat, and balloon rides

Carnival/Amusement Park: Djorkland Amusements is full of rides, games, and fun stuff to do

Carnival/Amusement Park: Prim Hearts sells many of the rides in SL and has an amusement park for you to try them all out

Carnival/Amusement Park: Carnival of Doom is full of rides, exhibits, and ways to die ;P Another great sim from the Rezzables

Carnival Rides/Bowling: Altstadt is a shopping sim modeled after a German village, with lots of cool carnival rides, L$1 bowling, and free beer on the south end of the sim

Dancing (Club)

Desert Biking/Skiing/Big Wave Surfing: Enjoy extreme weather condition activities at the Weather Channel sim, with free equipment

Diving: Free diving equipment, information on RL diving, and explore beautiful underwater areas in a sim dedicated to underwater diving

Giant Snail Racing: Its silly, its slimy, and you have to see it to believe it! Come join this time-honored Second Life tradition of Giant Snail racing

Go-Kart Racing

Hatch a Dragon Egg: Buy an egg carrier at Grendel's Children and explore the 4 sims of Avaria to find the hidden spots to hatch your own baby dragon

Haunted House: Devil's Labyrinth, a huge haunted house complete with puzzles, mazes, and different outcomes! Amazing details and 3 completely different sections!

Haunted Radio Show: Its always Halloween at the October Country sim; come to The Haunting Hour and listen to scary radio shows from the 1940s and 50s with fellow residents

Horseriding (along with other steeds)

Ice Skating: Can also skate at these locations: Better World, ImagineNation, Nakiska Ski Club, Rockefeller Center, Stockton Springs, and Winterland

Mata Hari Quest: Explore a museum for clues and find Mata Hari's hidden jewels, designed by famed SL jewelry Random Calliope (you get to keep the jewels :D)

Mermaiding: Trust me, its a sport :P

Miniature Golf: Come check out the home of the Flintstones at Bedrock, theres a disco, many games, and a 9-hole miniature gold course

Motorcycle (Harley's)

Motorcycle Racing: A piece of Australia in SL, built by Australian telecom company BigPond for its customers, its a great place to mingle with Australians and race motorcycles; bring your Australian translator :)

Pot Healer's Adventure: Play a free adventure game built right into SL in a gorgeously built sim; with game objects and ability to save your game!


Sailing Adventure/Tutorial: A detailed tutorial on how to sail in SL for free, with a guide to sail through a group of 47 sims

Skiing/Snowboarding (Snow)

Ski Tutorial: Information on ski equipment and where to ski, including downhill trail skiing and ski racing


Staying Alive: The Toxic Garden sim is full of ways to die...just try and stay in the sim to explore this interesting place :P

Stock Car Racing: High-speed racing in the Fairgrounds Speedway, on 1 of 4 tracks

Sumo Wrestling: Join in the long-running SL sport of Pixel Sumo wrestling, or come to the arena and just watch this exciting sport!


Surfing/Skydiving: West of Ireland, an Irish-themed residential sim, complete with an Irish pub, art galleries, and the best surfing (yes, surfing) this side or Ireland

Swimming/Diving/Sunbathing/Body Surfing

Sword Fighting (Samurai): Join a clan and train to be a samurai; yes, you get to fight with a sword ;P

Treasure Hunt: Isle of Tranquility has a treasure hunt that leads your thru the sim, including all the cool underwater places; highly recommended for mermaids :)

Triathlon Training: Training for Real Life triathlons in SL with a community of fellow athletes; spinning classes with live instructors

Vacation: Need a quick vacation? Try Cocololo Island Resort, complete with posh lounges, spa facilities, activities, and even a wedding chapel

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Haylie Cortes said...

hi Natalia. I was wondering if you could also write something about elves/fairies. Becose you also know a lot about mermaids. I would really liek to become a fea for instance so could you please liust some spots or something?

-x-x-x- Haylie

SLNatalia said...

Haylie, Ive been to a couple of fantasy sims that have areas for Elves and particular, Avilion Grove/Avilion Isle and Elf Circle (ElfHaven). Elf Circle is probably the best area, since they have regular events and a whole community. Isle of Wyrms has dragons, but I also see Fae's there. These are all in the Travel Guide :)

There are also some smaller spots, like Faerie Grove and Faerie Gardens.

I want to be a Fae one of these days too. Have to get my wings :)

Haylie Cortes said...

thank you very much:) i think you will look great as a Fae:)

SLNatalia said...

Haylie, heehee thanks. Now I just need the right set of wings and antenna :P

Check Qinan (SL) said...

Natalia, thank you for all your posts, they are most informative. I wish I had read them before I jumped into SL, it would've made for a nicer transition I think.

Anyway, do you know of anyone who is playing or building a soccer/futbol sim? Thx - Check

SLNatalia said...

Check, thanks :) I saw soccer/football fields in Virtual Morocco, Bollywood, and the old Parioli (Rome) sims. Ive never seen them play inworld, but Im sure they do...

You might want to ask the sim owners or check to see if there are any soccer/football groups :)

Aura said...

Hey Natalia, wow you have got a great list compilied here: ) I was wondering though if you have ever heard of the game called Tiny Empires, it is played through a HUD and runs in the background of SL while you are playing. It is a game based in the era of fuedalism and I think it would be a good addition to your list : )

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Hi Aura :) Heehee I actually have seen Tiny Empires...its a bit controversial, so I stayed away from it. But I really should take a closer look at it. Thanks for the tip!