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Natalia's Getting Started in Second Life Guide

Last Updated: February 2, 2009

This Guide assumes you are a new Second Life resident, fresh from Orientation Island. The goal is to give you the essential information and skills you need to explore the rest of SL on your own.

1. Coming out of Orientation Island

OK, you just picked your first and last names, and somehow managed to get out of Orientation Island. You are probably at a Welcome Area somewhere wondering where to go and what to do.

If you ever need to go back thru Orientation Island again, click on the "Help" option from the top menu bar, select "In-World Help", click on "Orientation Island Public". When the map appears, click on the "Teleport" button.

If you have some SL questions and want to ask fellow residents, check out the Help Island! Click on the "Help" option from the top menu bar, select "In-World Help", click on "Help Island Public". When the map appears, click on the "Teleport" button.

At this point, a lot of new residents ask, "What's the goal of Second Life?" My standard answer is: "Theres no defined goal. You are in Second Life to have fun (provided that you do so without hurting someone else)." I also wrote about "The Meaning of Second Life" in a blog entry.

There are a few essential skills you need to get around SL. They are covered in these guides:

   Movement, Camera Control, and Interaction Guide

   Teleport, Finding Places, and Landmark Guide

   Inventory, Clothing, and Objects Guide

2. Teleport Basics

For long distance travel in SL, we teleport (or TP) around. Its almost instant travel from one place to another within SL. Check out the Teleport, Finding Places, and Landmark Guide for more details.

So how do you find a place to teleport to? The best place is the Search window. Click on the Search button at the bottom of your screen. The Search window provides a wealth of information to find just about anything in SL. For now, select the "Places" tab. In the "Find:" box, you can type in any keyword to get a list of places. For example, if you are shopping for shoes, you can enter "shoe" to get a list of shoe stores (and other things too, unfortunately).

For now, enter "tutorials" in the "Find:" box and click the "Search" button. You should see quite a list of places, arranged by the amount of traffic they receive. Just because a place is popular doesnt mean much: a lot of places pay for people to come and sit in camping chairs. So always check the descriptions to get a sense of what the place has.

For now, click on "NCI Kuula-New Citizens Incorporated" and click the "Teleport" button. Congratulations, you found your first teleport destination and TP'ed there!

Just FYI, one alternate way to find a place in SL is via the SLURL. These are links on Web pages (like this one) that will provide you with a TP destination in SL. This is a good alternative in case Search/Places isnt working. However, you should get used to using Search/Places as your primary means of travel.

Here is the SLURL for "New Citizens Incorporated": Kuula (54,175,29). Clicking on this link will also take you to New Citizens.

3. New Citizens Incorporated

New Citizens is a place designed to assist new residents in SL. All services and classes here are offered for free. Theres even a collection of freebies, including avatar skins, clothing, hair, shoes, and gadgets.

There are "notecards" available with information on everything from adjusting your appearance to getting money in SL. The best part is that if you had any questions or need some extra help, there are volunteer "NCI Helpers" walking around who can assist you. There is also a group of regular folks that hang out here, so if you need help, dont be shy. Just ask!

I would recommend that you spend at least an hour at New Citizen's to get familiar with various aspects of Second Life and try out some freebie clothing items. They may not be the coolest cloths out there, but just get an idea of how to put on various clothing items and attachments. We will do serious shopping in a few minutes.

Check out the Inventory, Clothing, and Objects Guide on how to get the freebies at New Citizens.

4. Free Dove

(Here is an old photo of me, coming out of Orientation Island! :P)

I am assuming that your first priority is getting your appearance in order. That means getting together items to wear, preferably for free. Free Dove is the best in that regard. So click on the Search button at the bottom of your screen, select the "Places" tab, enter "free dove" in the "Find:" box, and click the "Teleport" button. Here is the SLURL: Gallii (113,53,33).

By the way, if you are a guy, I have a little bad news for you... As you will quickly discover, there are far more clothes and avatar-related items for girls than guys in Second Life. (Thats because most of us like shopping and most of you dont :P) Unfortunately, this means it is more challenging for guys to put together a nice outfit. But dont despair! You are a real man. You are tough. You can shop :) I wrote a blog entry about Getting Started as a Guy. I hope this helps. Also, check out section 9 below for some special newbie deals.

Free Dove is owned by Palomma Casanova and Wilco Walcott. They are a super nice couple and genuine Second Life entrepreneurs who provide Free Dove as a resource to help new SL residents get started.

Free Dove has rows of tables covered with boxes from various SL vendors, each with free sample products. To get the contents of most boxes, Right-click on the box, click "Buy...", make sure the price is $0L, and click the "Buy" button when it appears (may take a few seconds). You should now have a new folder in your Inventory screen. Check the Inventory, Clothing, and Objects Guide for more details.

I would recommend that you find items for each of these areas:

Hair: There is a table set aside for hair. There are 2 major types of hair: the grown hair (the ones you have from Orientation Island), and the prim hair. Prim hair tends to look better and support more styling options. Prim hair is not actually hair, but more like a wig: it is an attachment. Like wigs, you need to prepare your head first before you can put wigs on. All prim hair comes with a "base" of some kind (typically a bald base), and then the actual prim hair wig. So you need to "Wear" 2 separate items: the bald base, and the prim hair.

Some of the hairs are not in boxes, but are posters on the wall. So click on the posters as if they were boxes. Try out various styles and see what you like. Note that these are the freebies. There are a LOT of hair in every imaginable style, texture, and color you can purchase in stores later.

(Note: I make and sell prim hair in SL. I also give away free hair at Free Dove. I have recommended Free Dove long before I started making prim hair.)

Shape: The avatar shape is basically a collection of "Appearance..." settings for your avatar. This includes things like your height, size of your head, position of you lips, etc. You selected a standard shape on Orientation Island and perhaps made some adjustments. If you like your shape, or if you are comfortable adjusting the shape, go for it (I encourage you to make your own adjustments). Alternatively, Free Dove has a few pre-made shapes you can use as starting points, then you can adjust on your own.

Skin: This is the skin texture for your avatar. In most cases, this affects your makeup (if female) and facial hair (if male). This also includes your appearance when naked, but you should spend some $L on skin if you plan on stripping ;P

Free Dove has a really good free female skin from Celestial Studios named "CS Passport Skin - Malibu/Brown". Even if you dont like the skin, check out the details. The skin is in the grey/purple twisted thing in the middle of the table. Sorry guys, they do have some male skins, but I wasnt too impressed (wait for Sarah's Freebie Paradise or Tete a Pied Skins below).

Cloths: Free Dove is full of cloths, from tops, to pants, to skirts, to underwear and swimwear. Go ahead grab what you can and try them out.

Shoes: Like hair, there are 2 types of shoes: texture shoes, and prim shoes. Texture shoes are basically a distorted version of your feet, with a texture applied to it to make it look like a shoe. Prim shoes are attachments. They are actual prim-based shoes that attach to your feet. Needless to say, prim shoes tend to look better.

Like hair, Free Dove has the best selection of freebie prim shoes. So grab all you can and try them out. BTW, like hair, prim shoes have a shoe base and the actual shoes themselves. You "Wear" the shoe base, then "Wear" the left and right shoes.

Jewelry and Accessories: These are optional, but what the heck? A girl cant walk around without jewelry. :) Free Dove has a few jewelry items, although thats not their focus. You will soon discover the joys of "bling"... :P

If you have gone through all of the above items, your avatar should be in pretty decent shape. If you feel your options were limited, just remember these are freebies. Wait til you go shopping! :)

5. Camping (Optional)

Camping allows your AV to earn a small amount of Lindens ($L) just by sitting around doing nothing. The reason I am suggesting some camping at this point is that you will need a few $L (around $20L to $50L) for the next step. If you signed up as a resident, or if you have purchased/received $L, then you can skip this step.

So how do you find places to camp? Like everything else, the Search button at the bottom of your screen. Click Search, and select the tab "Popular Places". These places are popular because lots of people visit them. An unusually high amount of people, in fact. Why? Usually because they pay for people to come sit in camp chairs.

Go through the descriptions of the top places and look for camp hairs. Then TP to them. Note that camping places could get crowded, so you may have to go to a few to get an open seat.

Here is a casino with some camp chairs (the blue/black chairs). These seats are just regular chairs, except you will notice text tags over people's heads that say "Earned $10L" or something like that.

One suggestion: when you go to a new camp place, sit in a chair long enough to earn some $L (usually 10-15mins). Then stand up and make sure you actually collected that amount (a message should pop up telling you that someone paid you). If you got paid, great! Sit back down before someone takes your seat :) If not, find another site.

DavidLuis Saenz recommends filling out surveys as a way to get free L$. I have no experience filling out surveys, but it looks like you should take some precautions before doing so. Read his comments to this post if you are interested.

6. More (Sorta) Freebie Places

Free Dove is a great start for freebie items. But if you really want to load up on all thats available, you have to hit the mother lode: Yadni's Junkyard, Sarah's Freebie Paradise, and the GNUbie Store. Note that some of the items here are free, while others cost $1L to buy. $1L is one-third of one cent, but you still need $L to get the box. Thus the camping above...

Yadni's (SLURL: Leda (210,28,54)) is great for...well...the boys stuff. Buildings, vehicles, weapons, scripts, and gadgets. Sure, they have cloths too, but the cloths are bundled with dozens of outfits in a box. Unless you have a lot of time to try them out and sort through them, this could be a real pain. But there are a few useful gadgets there, so check out my earlier blog post for the items.

On the other hand, Sarah's (SLURL: Philereme (201,162,55)) is great for outfits, since she separates the outfits and makes nice displays for them. You know what you are buying, without having to sort through boxes of stuff. Theres also a free pair of ice skates here, in case you wanted to go skating!

Finally, the GNUbie Store (SLURL: Indigo (201,62,38)) has unique items not found in Yadni's or Sarah's. They dont have a LOT of things, but instead have some really cool things for both newbies and long-time residents. They have clothing, jewelry, prim hair, male skins, furniture, buildings (houses, stores, event a skyscraper), textures, gadgets, and scripts. Definitely worth checking out.

7. A Few Recommendations

OK, but now, you should have your appearance reasonably under control.

Before I turn you lose in the world of Second Life, my I take this opportunities to give you a few quick pointers?

a. Your avatar cannot be permanently harmed. Your avatar can "die" in a combat sim, but that just means you get TP'ed back home.

With that said, "griefers" (basically the bad guys) can push you into the sky, put you in a cage, set you seemingly on fire, etc. If that happens, just TP out of that location. At worst, just log out and log back in (relog). You'll be good as new :)

Unfortunately, there are many scams in SL. Some residents will try various tricks to get money from you. If you are not comfortable with a situation, just TP out.

b. Remember that there are live human beings behind each of the avatars you see. They have feelings, just like people in Real Life. So be nice. Do as you would in Real Life. Dont use people; dont abuse people; dont hurt people.

Dont blindly solicit "cyber" from every avatar you see...not everyone is an escort. This is REALLY offensive to most people. You wouldnt do it in Real Life, so dont do it in SL. If you want quick cyber, go to an escort club (click Search, Places, and type in "escort" as keyword).

c. Manage your Inventory! After the loads of freebie stuff you just got, you'll be luck to find your underwear. So start creating a folder system with sub-folders and organize your stuff. Also, use the Search bar at the top of the Inventory window...its a lifesaver at times. Check out the Inventory, Clothing, and Objects Guide for more details.

d. If you have a Real Life relationship, think about the impact you may have before engaging in a Second Life relationship. I have read several accounts of people getting divorced over SL affairs. I have also met people badly hurt by SL affairs. Cheating on a Real Life partner in Second Life is still cheating. So beware...

e. If you are interested in someone, read their Profiles before you engage in a serious dialog. Right-click on their avatar, and select "Profile..." You will learn a lot about the person before you start talking to them. Maybe they are a mermaid, and you are alergic to fish ;P If the person says they are in a commited relationship or are otherwise unavailable, guess what? They are not lying. Dont waste your time on them. Move on to others.

f. Read and understand the Second Life Community Standards. These are the Big Six laws of Second Life. Break these and you will get banned.

g. If you see someone breaking the Community Standards (such as Harrassment or Disturbing the Peace), dont shoot back or provoke them further. Follow this guide to file an Abuse Report.

h. If you have some SL questions and want to ask fellow residents, check out the Help Island! Click on the "Help" option from the top menu bar, select "In-World Help", click on "Help Island Public". When the map appears, click on the "Teleport" button.

i. Sometime, people may tell you to "Rebake" your texture, or tell you that you have "Missing Texture" on you. To fix that issue, you need to turn on the Debug menus. Press [Ctrl]-[Alt]-D to enable these menus. You should now have 2 more options at the top of your screen: Client and Server. To rebake your avatar's texture, select Client, Character >, and Rebake Textures. This should fix most display problems associated with your avatar's textures. If not, try relogging.

j. Dont forget to take a few pictures of yourself! Its free! Click the Snapshot button at the bottom of your screen, select "Save snapshot to hard drive", pick a size and select "Save". That way, you can remember what your newbie self looked like :) Note: Other residents can hear your camera clicking away, so dont do it in crowded places! (Thanks Mereille, for your comment!)

k. Warning: In SL, it is possible for an attachment or object you rez to send your L$ to someone else. Fortunately, SL will first pop up a window asking permission to take money from your account. So be careful if you receive an unknown object asking permission to take money from you (even if it promises to give you money).

Also, it is possible for an object to re-produce itself (sort of like a virus). This can flood and crash a sim (and usually annoy the sim owners). So be careful when you receive objects from someone you dont know. Before Wearing or rezzing it, check it in a sandbox first. (Thanks Marc, for your comment!)

8. The Great Yonder

OK, you are now ready for the vast reaches of Second Life. If you are wondering what the goal of Second Life is, here are my thoughts on it.

Dont forget all the different things you do in SL listed in the Teleport, Finding Places, and Landmark Guide!

9. Great Stuff for Newbies

Lucrezia Lamont has created the wonderful "New SL Resident Resource Kit" full of detailed tips for new residents. Here is the SLURL for a free copy of her kit: Necros (249,34,49).

Anna Zwiers: Anna is on a mission to find all the freebies in SL :)

Savoir Hair: Has the most complete list of newbie and discounted hair in SL. There are always new versions of the list, so check the "Important Links" area on the left side and click on the "Newbie Hair List" for the latest list.

There is a trend in Second Life to offer free or greatly discounted stuff to new residents, typically if you are under 30 or 60 days of age. Here are just a few Ive come across. Pls let me know if you see anything else :)

Nyte 'N' Day (SLURL: Couture Isle (140,133,48): Women's newbie toolkit with skin, hair, shape for L$1 (Thanks for the tip, Demelza!)

Sin Skins (SLURL: Port Seraphine (131,196,21)): New resident pack of female skins in 7 shades for residents under 30 days old. (Thanks for the tip, Georgette!)

Fleur Skins (SLURL: Fleur (49,118,27)): Free male and female skins in 9 skintones for residents under 30 days old.

Let me know if you find other great items for newbies so I can include them here (add a comment or IM me inworld)! Future residents will thank you!

10. Final Words

Welcome to your new life. I hope it will be a wonderful journey, as it had been for me. If there is something you would like to add to this guide, please let me know (add a comment or IM me inworld), so we can share it with others!

Even though I sometimes feel otherwise, Second Life is a game. YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO HAVE FUN IN SECOND LIFE. If you stop having fun, log out, and examine your Second Life. In the worst case, delete your account and start over with a new avatar. Thats the wonderful thing about Second Life: You have the freedom to do what you like, as long as you do not injure others.

Always remember: Second Life is suppose to be FUN! :)

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Caterin Semyorka said...

Wow, the guide is great Natalia, thanks for taking the time-out to write this.

Jessie said...

Agreed! I look forward to using your advice :)

Anonymous said...

Great advice! It covers all that beginners need to know. I will give the address of this entry to new players and I can spare myself the typing.


SLNatalia said...

I am very glad that this is useful information! It is a bit opinionated and geared towards women...but, hey, the guys dont need as much hair, right ;P

Lauralee, thats exactly the reason I made this entry: I keep going through the same questions when I hang out at Ahern. There are directories of things, but not really a step-by-step type guide.

I made a permanent link at the top right of the blog to this entry: * Getting Started in Second Life Guide *. That way, the page wont get lost.

If you can think of anything thats missing, please let me know and I will add it! :)

Dolmere said...

Excellent blog post here Natalia! Thanks for sharing.

SLNatalia said...

Dolmere, thank you! Please let me know if there is anything you like me to add or change :)

Paolo said...

What a brilliant post! Interesting and useful. Thank you from a newbie

SLNatalia said...

Paolo, thank you so much! Pls let me know if there is anything I should add :)

Georgette Whitfield said...

Thank you so much for this post, and your blog in general. I read about SL in a magazine and couldn't decide if it was for me but after reading bits of your blog, I thought it looked like such fun I had to try it. I started on SL today and can tell this guide is going to be invaluable. You've also inspired me to keep a diary of my own SL adventures. So thanks, Natalia! I hope all SLers are like you (though I'm suspecting they're not). :S

SLNatalia said...

Georgette, welcome to SL :) Im glad you found the guide helpful. There are many helpful people in SL who helped me get started. Like RL, its a diverse community, but I think in general, people are nice in SL. Have fun with your adventures :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for all the info Natalia -- just stumbled onto your blog and have learned more in an hour than I have the previous week wondering around SL-Land :)

thanks again
cormac Miles

SLNatalia said...

Cormac, thank you so much. Im glad its helpful :) Pls let me know if there is anything I can add!

Georgette Whitfield said...

Hey there, I found out that Sin Skins also do a free skin pack for new residents. And Taunt has 5 free hairs to find hidden in statues around the island. The freebies just keep on comin'! :)

SLNatalia said...

Georgette, thank you so much! That is great news, especially for Sin Skin! I will go check it out and add the link :)

Halo Askew said...

This is by FAR the best newbie "how to" SL guide I've seen thus far. I've been searching for *weeks* looking for the "lowdown" without having to fork out a wad of dough, or search through bits of advice scattered everywhere on the 'net. My computer isn't even up to specs yet, but I've got my SL name, and a driving notion that I was born to be on SL!

BTW, it took me hours to come up with my SL name. Just when I picked my "fave" last name, none of the first names I wanted were available. Grrr! After checking out all the baby name sites without luck, I finally found a great (free) source for unusual names -- the Jockey Club! (Thoroughbred horses). That's where I finally hit upon the name "Azeri." (Added bonus: I was standing at the fence at the finish line during a race where she ran and won!)

Here's the link to the online names book for your readers (just enter any letter, name, whatever, and start searching for inspiration!)

Thanks again for the great advice, Natalia!

SLNatalia said...

Halo, thank you so much :) Especially for sites on naming your avatar!

Heehee actually, I did go to a site for horse names when looking for a name for Zippy (my unicorn BF :D). I dont remember which one, though...

Thanks for stopping by!

Rita said...

Great post, Natalia!
As I'm still new to Second Life, I can say that it has given me a big bit of orientation :-)

SLNatalia said...

Rita, thanks! And have fun in SL :)

Anonymous said...

Hello.. I'm Italian!! To create a new account, I must pay?? Is it not free?? Ask me

SLNatalia said...

Dear Anonymous, (or Ciao :) ), you do not have to pay for a basic account in Second Life. You can download the Second Life software and create your avatar all for free.

You only need to spend money if you want to buy things in Second Life (land, clothes, etc). You dont have to buy things if you dont want to. You can have a lot of fun in SL without every spending any money (But you may need to spend some time camping or digging through freebie boxes).

Anonymous said...

Oh Natalia! This is the very best tutorial I have come across. I no longer walk around SL looking like the nerdy high school girl who can't get a date! Thanks to all of your tips I am now the smoking hot sex vixen I was meant to be in SL*L* I have so many clothes my inventory looks like it's own shopping mall, shoes, HAIR (Oh my, so much HAIR!!), and so much bling I could nearly fall over from the weight of it...hee hee hee. I even managed to snag an SL bf thanks to my new look;P And TONS of friends thanks to your tips on being polite and such. Now I only need to continue browsing your tutorial to learn how to buy some land, build a really cool house, and sit back and enjoy the parties at my place. Second Life is soooooooo much more fun thanks to you taking the time to teach us HOW to enjoy it properly. (I spent a week wandering around aimlessly and was ready to quit when I found this site) I can't wait to go out into SL and share all of the wonderful information I have found here. You are such an angel for all of this wonderful help. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

SLNatalia said...

Dear Anonymous, welcome to Second Life :) I hope you enjoy all the cool things!

I havent written about buying land or building houses...but there are advice on these topics in the SL Forums (especially buying land).

Good luck! :)

Lace xx said...

Hey, Natalia.

I just wanted to thank you for your fabulous guide which has helped me greatly in my new adventures of Second Life.

I've referenced your post in my first post to my own blog and just wanted to take a moment to thank you. This is an amazing guide and one I'm sure I'll refer to over and over.



RedDawn Bade said...


I can't even begin to tell you how much your blog site has helped me in Second Life. Your tutorials are fabulous and your articles are great inspiration for things to see and experience.

It is people sharing their knowledge and experience that has made my Second Life so enjoyable.

Thank you so much!

SLNatalia said...

RedDawn, thank you for reading the blog :) There really are a lot of nice people in SL willing to share their knowledge. Just look at all the cool classes! Take care, and have fun in SL!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Natalia!

Well, what can i add to all those thanks before:) It's really great newbies-first-aid-kit. You really helped a lot of newbies (including me) to stat and survive first days of their new life. We newbies are kinda like babies, totaly defenceless in sometimes tricky and scaring world of Second Life. But thanks to people like you, we can survive first weeks and stay in this world for longer.
Now, when I survived i have to read other info you place at the blog:)

But I want to contribute a little, too.
First, about Calla, you told about prim hairs, but they give quite nice, fully made avatars as well. And few other nice things.

I also found it good to sign to many different fashion, designing, animation and others groups. Some of them give members-only freebies, which are very useful at the beggining. They also give info about sales.

Another thing i found intersting is camping for stuff, instead of money. For example at Calla (big thanks to this newbies-friendly shop:)) you can camp for very nice fully proffesional prim hairs. And while you camping you can chat and meet new people, or just go afk. There are also other places like this, but don't remember them now.

Ok, got to finish, thanks once again.:)

Klaudia Taurog

Anonymous said...

OH HELP - it won't find New Citizen's Plaza in the search! Wanted to go to all those cool free shops, did the name change? or the url? Typed in the #s in the correct box and it said not found.... not sure what to do now!!! if anyone knows please LMK at

SLNatalia said...

Klaudia, welcome to SL! Im glad you have gotten through your first week :) It really can be a bit confusing at first, but there are thankfully many places in SL that can help. NCI really is a great resource...the people there are really the best!

Dear Anonymous, there were some problems with Search the last couple days (this happens occasionally). I checked today using "nci" as the keyword and it worked. If it acts up again, try using the SLURL from this will teleport you directly there.

Mykh said...

Hiya Nat.

Nice guide!
Linden should hire you for "official greeting person" or something.

SLNatalia said...

Mykh, lol thanks :) Im working on updating this guide, so I hope to make it more useful for new residents.

BTW Lindens used to have official "Greeters" :) They actually welcome new residents at Welcome areas. SL can be a bit confusing at first, so this really helps!

Anonymous said...

I was looking everywhere for a list of "things to see" in SL beside clubs, shops and freebies heavens and when i was beginning to feel very frustrate (the search menu is good, but only if you know what you are searching for!)i found your blog, then your Guide, then your "siteseeing" list!
Thank you!!!!
And not one but many many many thanks!!


SLNatalia said...

Dafne, thank you so much :) SL is really such a HUGE place now...finding stuff is getting harder and harder.

Heehee BTW dont forget the Romantic Places in "Dating and Philosophy", so you can go back to those clubs ;P

Anonymous said...

I have had a few bad experiences as well as good on SL.
I agree with everything you say!
I am now looking forward to having a go at designing clothes etc,.

Thank you Natalia xx

Kit Meredith said...
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Mereille Despres said...

Hi again Natalia.

I have to agree. I think your beginner's guide is the best I've found.

If I had anything else to add it would be:

1. Take Pictures
I didn't for my first 2 weeks, and now I miss not having them.
2. Landmark your best places
I saw a number of places I would like to visit again. But can't remember the name, and didn't make a landmark. inspired me to start a blog of my own.(


SLNatalia said...

Dear Anonymous, good luck with your clothing design :) Its part of the fun of SL!

Mereille, what a great suggestion! I also forgot to take pictures when I was young (so I had to fake my newbie pix :P). And also Landmarking places! Thank you so much for the suggestions :) Hope you dont mind if I mentioned that in the Guide :)

kajue said...

I was totally lost until you saved me from the misery. I'm a Korean user just trying out for the first time, but couldn't find any Korean blog with useful information on how to get started. I think this is why my parents bugged me to study English :P Do you mind if I introduce your blog to other Koreans? perhaps in Korean?

SLNatalia said...

Kajue, thank you so much :) Feel free to link to this blog, but please dont copy or translate the content... I work really hard on this blog and would appreciate that people come to read the contents here :)

robinsteb said...

I wish I would have found this sooner. It explains a lot of stuff. Thanks a bunch!

SLNatalia said...

Robinsteb, Im glad you did eventually find it :) I hope you will at least find the rest of the blog helpful :)

bubbs said...

wow wish i had found this in my first months in sl i will direct all new people i meet here from now on:) a wonderful blog with many good tips thank you as valuable to older sl av's as to newbies:)

SLNatalia said...

Bubbs, thank you for stopping by! And I hope you are having fun in SL :)

Emmie Lyn said...

hi natalia
just wanted 2 add that vienna has a whole sim full of freebies for girls and boys. here's the SURL if you want it:

Wien (149, 215, 27)

SLNatalia said...

Emmie, oh yeah, Ive heard of them. Definitely have to go check them out. Thanks for the tip! :)

Emmie Lyn said...

they recently redid their sim so now u teleport 2 the differnt stores. They also have, for what ever reason, a lot of freebies above the ground so u have 2 fly up 2 get them.

SLNatalia said...

Emmie, definitely sounds like they have a lot of stuff!

Visho Compton said...

I'm on my third day on Second Life, and I'm investigating a lot about it. To be able tu use it good :) What I'd like to do is to prevent pedophiles islands to appear. Can I do that?
I'm concern about that, and I want to help to build a good comunity.

Visho Compton

SLNatalia said...

Visho, everyone on the main grid of SL should be an adult with credit card (18+). In other words, there shouldnt be any underage persons in SL!

With that said, some of these adults choose to play children. So the kids you see in SL should all be adults with credit cards :P

As I understand it, Linden Labs has banned underage play with mature themes. You might want to look into the SL Community Standards to get the specifics. So if you see anything like this going on (even though the "kids" are adults), you can file an Abuse Report.

Im really dont know much about this area, since Ive only seen SL "kids" in passing at public places. But thankfully, real underage children are (hopefully) not taking part in these activities.

Rex said...

I got involved in SL on the 12th of Nov. My reason was the disconnect myy rl wife was having with me and the family. She has been tied too closely with a guy in sl. For months she told me that he was just a chatting friend. But as the computer became her life line and the rl was being neglected I was getting pretty upset. I started asking lots of questions and noted that she regularly closed her laptop or covered it when I entered the room.

It came to a head when she wouldn't leave her dance with him to pickup our daughter.

So two days later I got a SL character. I pulled up her profile and found out that he had asked her to marry her. She went on and on in her profile about how wonderful he was and how much she loved him. She had been telling me lies for months.

I confronted her on this on the 12th. She said she would break it off. Four days later I found out that they where still at it. I confronted her again and she told me she loved him. I was angry. I expressed that I had never had to share her love. I told her it was him or me. She told him that night.
She cried over this guy all night long.

A week went by and when I went to work I decided to check the SL at lunch. I went to a coffeee shop and got some wireless time and sure enough she was at his house.

I confronted him and her.
She has lied to me again and again about this guy. He is married in Sweden and has taken my wife's heart here in America.

The kids are my wife's by birth but I have raised them for the last nine years. But I can't accept this situation. My nine year old daughter and 12 year old son are sure what's happening between us right now. But in my heart I have been so hurt by this situation that I am ready to call it quits. I can't keep going to work and wondering if she will be unfaithful again.

I really can't see how this relationship will survive.


SLNatalia said...

Rex, I am so sorry about what is happening. I just couldnt believe it when I read your comment...

I truly hope that you and your wife will find a way to resolve the situation. Perhaps a trusted family member, friend, or counsellor could be of help.

I am totally not qualified to even suggest anything: I dont have a any training nor do I have any children. I also know nothing about the situation. I can only imagine how painful it must be for you. All I can suggest is that women are very different from men...we need to feel loved and cared for. She may have been reaching out for something she needed. Confronting your wife may stop her (or force her into hiding), but the need doesnt go away. Im sure she would much prefer that you fulfill her needs. Do you know what she is looking for?

FunkyButt said...

Bravo, Natalia! This is a wonderful blog. Thank you so much for all your time and effort. I have been completely lost! I feel more confident with your guides. I can't wait to get home and get started again in Second Life.

SLNatalia said...

Funky, thank you :) I hope you have fun in SL when you get home! Have a great New Year :)

Dinah Tigerpaw said...

Thank you for the helpful post Natalia! I just joined and I am still having issues with my appearance, but I am reading all the posts to catch up, so i am feeling confident in some areas. I just started a blog called The Second Life of Dinah Tigerpaw, and the link is if you feel like checking it out. Thanks again!

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Dinah, congrats on your new blog :) Heehee have fun with your new adventures ;P

Aluciana Randt said...

I'd just like to add that former "Tete A Pied Skin" is called "Fleur Skins" now, and the location has also changed:
Fleur (70, 159, 28)
They still provide free male and female skins for SL residents less than 30 days old.

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Aluciana, thank you so much for the tip! I will update the post. Heehee dont you hate it when names change? ;P

Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd let you know in case you didn't that you can turn off the camera sound. In the "advanced" tab (used to be the debug menus) there is an option called "quiet pics to hard drive" ( or something similar, can't remember for sure) Click that and the camera noise will only play when u take a pic and directly upload into sl. You will still do the camera animation if your hands aren't otherwise occupied but at least you don't have to listen to it. ;P

Wish I had found this blog when I started. It would've made things a lot easier.

Keep up the good work Natalia. I love the hair you make and I'll probably buy more in the future.

-Parttimetara Dreamscape (Tara for short) :)

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Tara, thank you so much for the tip! Lol I heard about that somewhere but always forget about it. Have fun in SL!

Anonymous said...

can i play and/buy this game.

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Dear Anonymous, yes, you can download Second Life for free from their website (

Ginger Gilligan said...

When I joined SL a month ago, I was never asked for my credit card info. You only need payment info if you have a premium account or want to buy lindens. So there very well may be kids on SL. Or they may use their parent's credit card # without their knowledge, you never know. I'm sure there's plenty of 14 year old boys who just want to see "naked babes" on SL.

Also, Rex's story is more common than you think:

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Ginger, I agree with you (lol Im sure there are all kinds of people in SL, just like RL). SL is def not for everyone...its an interesting place to see tomorrow's virtual world today, and have a chance to socialize with people around the world. So hopefully, it will grow up to be something really cool one day :)

Marc said...

Hi Natalia, great site and some awesome tutorials. I was wondering if you could add this to you getting started section.

It is a warning to everyone new not to except object from strangers in several of the new visitors location.

Last night after I left the starting area I head to NCI.
Someone offered my a hovercraft which I thought that was neat being new and all. So I try using the vehicle and it start creating a billion objects. The only way I could get it to stop was to logoff. When I got back on I'm soon kicked and banned.

So now I'm in the process of hand writing (yep by hand is required) an appeal. And if you knew what my luck was like I bet It will probably go start in the trash can without being read.

Again great site, if fact was your site that got me interested in trying out SL.

Well I hope everyone else enjoys SL. For me it looks like it over before it even began.


Natalia Zelmanov said...

Marc, thank you for the suggestion! I added the comment (as 7k). Never hurts to be safe :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. I have to ask though... why are some people so mean in SL? I've been pushed out of areas and have been laughed at. I realize I'm so obviously a newbie but the way I've been treated makes me afraid to do anything or go anywhere. Well, thanks again for your posts. Maybe they can help me be less obvious and just enjoy SL.

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Dear Anonymous, Im so sorry that you ran into these mean people in SL. For most part, since there is no consequence for being mean in SL, some people choose to show they bad sides. And to make things worse, many of them hang out at welcome areas and newbie places.

But there are also lots of nice people in SL. So don't lose faith :) Just ignore them and pay attention to your friends ;)

Anonymous said...

Sarah Nerd is completely free [aside from the actual shops] even though the pictures of the clothing says $1, it's free if you click on it =) excellent for noobs with no lindens

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Dear Anonymous, thank you for the update about Sarah Nerd :) That's nice to hear!

Jyotai said...


Thank you -so- much for this guide. Why can't Linden themselves have something this basic? I downloaded Second Life the day before yesterday and until I found this last night I walking around in a haze of complete confusion.

The so-called starter help FAQs I found on the official site and the wiki were anything but 'noob friendly.' Somewhere or how I found a link to here though, and now things are starting to make a little sense.

Again, thank you -so- much for this guide.

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Jyotai, welcome to SL :) I know SL could be hard to get started with...Linden is trying hard with the Welcome Areas, etc. Hopefully, they'll keep making things easier in the future :)

I'm sure you'll have lots of fun exploring. Have fun!

Andori said...

Like everyone else here. I wanted to Thank you! After a failed attempt at joining SL a few years ago, this time I can actually stick around thanks to you. Now I just need to find out how to build a decent store hehe >_<
But really again... Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I'm having a blast this time around and I don't spend my time standing in a sandbox being laughed at by weird guys XD

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Lee Shin

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