Monday, November 27, 2006

Day 63: Blue Dress in The Shelter

Ever feel lonely or lost in the great big world of Second Life? Or have questions about your Second Life? Then come down to the Shelter and the Shelter in Exile, where you can make some new friends, listen to live music, play games, dance, just lounge around, or get answers to all of Second Life's mysteries.

Like New Citizen's Plaza, they are also geared towards introducing newbies to the vastness of Second Life. The Shelter and the Shelter in Exile are 2 separate locations (I'll just refer to them as "The Shelters"). But they are really extensions of one another. Certain events take place at one site, while some at others. The original Shelter has more traffic, and is a better place to hang out and meet people. The Shelter in Exile is more peaceful (and lower lag).

But both Shelters are basically meeting areas, whether it is just a bunch of folks hanging out, or an actual organized event. There are both scheduled and special events held at these 2 sites. You can find a list of scheduled events on displays at the site. Music concerts and other specialy events may be found under the Search menu.

The Shelters are not really activities in themselves. There are some things to do and see there, but their main purpose is to be social. To meet and interact with others in SL.

They do have some freebie items available at both locations.

Heres an example of just how friendly the people at the Shelter are: As I was taking this picture, 3 different guys came up to me and started the "Hey Sexy" dialogs in IM. So I was fiddling with the camera controls while trying to remember which stage of the dialog Im in with which guy. :P (Why do all guys want to know where you live and how old you are in RL?) OK, seriously, it must have been all the model poses I was doing: the guys probably wanted to know whats wrong with that crazy girl...

I just couldnt resist hopping onto an inner tube and floating on the river. Maybe I shouldve changed into my Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini first.

And dont miss the bathrooms at the original Shelter (take the elevators/transporters). Since they are the only public bathrooms I know of in Second Life, Ive been holding it for 63 days now! ;P

And if you are a woman, you can even brush your hair in the women's bathroom.

And dont forget to take the hot air ballon for a tour of the Lost Lake at the original Shelter.

To come to the Shelter or the Shelter in Exile, go to the Search menu, select the Places tab, and use keyword "shelter". The SLURL is Isabel (44,244,79).

Today's blue dress started as an attempt at creating a "white" formal gown as practice for the Miss Second Life Pageant. The idea was to make a gown with a triangular opening in the front so the legs are visible. But have you noticed that there are very few "white" items of clothing in Second Life, particularly ones that look good? I have been struggling with "white" clothing for some time now. But today, after spending several hours trying to make a realistic bodice, I gave up and went back to a repeating pattern for the bodice.

For the rest of the dress, I used a high-resolution, non-repeating abstract floral design from I desaturated the image (made it black and white), then made it blue again. You might notice some resemblance to Lady Natalia's gown. Well, that is intentional: I made it blue so I could wear it for role-playing as well (except I need to adapt it to be more conservative).

The triangular opening at the front of the gown worked, but with only limited success. It looks OK, but using clothing panels to simulate a triangular opening makes it look like stair steps. There is no way around this (unless I use lots of little panels). The Red Salsa Dress actually came out better, because the slope doesnt have to be as sharp.

The panels were individually placed by hand on one side, then used as a template to do the 2nd side. There is a technique I use to make a mirror image of a set of linked attachment objects. It gets pretty involved, so I will save it for a future blog entry.

I was also going to add some prim decorations, but found myself running out of time. After fiddling with the "white" gown, the bodice, and hand-placing the panels, it was way past midnight. And I had not even gone to the Shelter yet to take snapshots! So the prim decorations would have to wait for later.

OK, if I move the horsey thingie, will your queen eat it?


Lauralee said...

Thanks for the tip! The dress looks awesome, I especially like the skirt.

Sorcha McConachie said...

Beautiful dress Natalia! I want to buy your clothes!!! Do you think you will ever sell your creations : )

SLNatalia said...

Heehee thanks Lauralee and Sorcha! Id like to sell some of this one day...but so much to learn in the meantime! OK...onto the spacegirl outfit... :P

... Tenebrous Pau said...

You should come and hang at The Shelter in Isabel sometime Natalia :D

SLNatalia said...

Tenebrous, I havent been back to The Shelter in quite a while...maybe I should stop by :)