Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Day 44: Barbie and Being Blonde

Today, I decided to be Barbie. It wasnt planned. I didnt wake up this morning and decided to be pink and white. It was by accident, actually.

Anyway, here I am in front of Free Dove. Free Dove is a great freebie place for newbies and oldies alike. Its basically a place with tables where vendors put up boxes with free samples. Some of these free samples are awesome! Like color changing lace heels. :) The selection changes frequently too, so its worth coming back once in a while to check out the new stuff.

Free Dove is owned by Palomma Casanova and Wilco Walcott. They are a super nice couple and genuine Second Life entrepreneurs who provide Free Dove as a resource to help new SL residents get started.

To get there, go to Search/Places and look for "Free Dove". Here is the SLURL: Gallii (113,53,33).

So how did I end up being Barbie today? Well, I started the day looking for some textures for a friend. She helps run a military base in SL (thats a whole other story). Anyway, shes building some stuff and needed camouflage texture. So I went scounting on the Internet and found "deviantart.com".

OK, most of you probably know about this site already. So Im a bit slow! :) Friends told me about it before, but I kept forgetting to check it out. I stumbled on it today searching for Photoshop patterns. This is a GREAT site for textures, particularly for making cloths! :) They have a HUGH library of Photoshop patterns and gradients that can be adapted to use as clothing textures. You can prob use some of these for other stuff, but...like...who cares? ;P

Anyway, I got the camouflage pattern for my friend, and also got a few skirt patterns (cant forget those ;) ). Along the way, I saw this *cute* pink pattern with red hearts. I knew I had to make a top with it. Thats the pattern on the shirt.

And once you start with pink, theres no stopping. It will eventually end at the same place: Barbie. Most people refer to all the perfect girl avatars in SL as Barbies. They are supposedly to be the perfect blonde clones with $4000L skins, store-bought shapes, and "hooker" heels. But I have yet to see one actually *wear* a Barbie outfit.

OK, just FYI, Im using a $1000L skin, homemade shape, and...OK, my boots have "hooker" heels...I admit it! :P Actually, I've never made a Barbie outfit before, so why not. Serendipity! (learned the word from the movie :P)

So I whipped out a white flexi prim skirt, using a smaller version of the prim skirts Ive made before. This made the prim part almost a trim. And, of course, a pink belt that will hurt your eyes :)

The boots are basically a pure white version of the dino boots I made last week.

So there I was, with a complete pink and white Barbie outfit and my *black* "Dutchess" hair from Gurl 6. Hmm...whats wrong with this picture?

Thats when I made a major decision: Im going blonde in the real Second Life (versus the real Real Life, got it?). I know I said before that I was only going to use blonde hair in Gor sims during role-playing.

Being blonde is a slippery slope. Once you start down, theres no turning back.

At first, I made a lame excuse to go blonde for Miss Second Life, because the outfits work better with blonde hair (well, they do!).

The very next day, I go make a Barbie outfit, knowing full well that Barbie is...well...a blonde. So I gave in. Ill start using blonde everywhere. What the heck! I give up. Im joining the army of blonde Barbie clones in SL.

For the record, Im a brunette in RL. But even there, I routinely get blonde highlights. :)

Dont I look much cuter as a blonde though? :)


Sorcha McConachie said...

HI natalia!! YOu look adorable in your barbie outfit!! I am a barbie girl in SL as well.. What can I say. I loved Barbie. I wanted to be Barbie and now I can!! I have all different colors of hair in my inventory but I"m happiest in blonde! have fun Natalia!

SLNatalia said...

Sorcha, hey fellow Barbie! Blonde is definitely the way to go. Now if I can only find Ken :P

Glyde said...

Thx to all your shopping advice I have some inventory sorting to do.
Like you--I've gotten over sticking to just one hair color. I actually started out with a male(feminised of course)avatar because I Liked the hair.Strange running into 'my' hair on a guy. I love your creations. I esp appreciate the 3 sizes of hairdos so I don' have to do all the tweeking when the bald spots show.

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Glyde, heehee thank you so much! I hope you have lots of fun is SL (being able to change hair colors is def part of the fun ;P)