Saturday, November 04, 2006

Day 41: Burgandy Plaid and Leggings in Sandboxes

Today I wanted to revisit an old outfit I had, but using the new flexi prim skirts, hair, jewelry. So heres the result. Like it? This was taken in Sandbox Island (SLURL: Sandbox Island (128,128,0)), one of the more popular sandboxes in SL.

Here is another one taken at the Cordova Sandbox (SLURL: Sandbox Cordova (126,128,0)). You never know what you will find at a sandbox. Take the giant hotdog on the right, for instance.

Sandboxes are basically places that you can go and build stuff. They get wiped (everything deleted) at a certain time of the day, typically 3AM and 3PM Linden Time (PST). Its basically a place where you can drop a ton of prims on the ground without having to worry about the limit. There is a limit, but you would prob have a hard time reaching it. So people go to play and build. From houses to vehicles to particle generators and tall buildings. And they usually dont pick up, unless its a girl in a short skirt. :P

Todays outfit has the same 2 features as the original: namely, the French Kitty shirt (freebie), and a set of leggings. The leggings are basically pants that are transparent at the top and start at the knees.

Both the skirt and leggings are made from the same basic burgandy plaid texture. I made the skirt in 7 minutes, including the time to create the texture, upload it, create a new folder, etc. Start to finish. That was cool.

Unfortunately, the leggings took about an hour to get the top part right (seam matching was a pain).

And in case you were wondering what goes into one of these outfits, heres today's outfit in Inventory. It took a total of 21 items, including 13 attachments, 4 pieces of clothing, and 4 body parts. Attachments include things like necklace, earrings, bracklet, ring (yes Im wearing one), belt, shoes, and the flexi prims on the skirt. And tomorrow (or day after, if I get lazy), it will be a different set of stuff!

Sadly, I didnt get a chance to wear the outfit outside today. I was closeted away working on a new pair of boots, then went to RP (more on this later). So I may wear this an extra day just so someone can see it!

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