Thursday, November 02, 2006

Build (Tutorials, Techniques, etc)

Dont I look awful in that? :P

Here are all the entries on making and building stuff: Clothes, Buildings, and Places for Builders; this include all of the tutorials in the blog

Please let me know if there is something you would like me to add or take out. My only criteria is that it is "nice" place :)

Building Technique Tutorials

Camera Controls: Tips on SL camera controls when working with smaller prims

Changing Texture Colors: Using Color Balance in Photoshop to change the colors in a texture

Color Matching: Matching colors between objects (or different software outside SL)

Prim Positioning: Position prims precisely around a center point

Semi-Transparent Clothing Textures: Tutorial on how Alpha Channel works in Photoshop and a step-by-step guide to create a complex Alpha Channel

Transparency/Alpha Channel: Working with Alpha Channel in Photoshop to create transparency, such as silks or hosiery

Clothing Tutorials

Clothing Texture Previewers: 3 useful tools for previewing clothing textures before uploading: SL Upload Previewer, SLCP, and AVPainter

Clothing Texture Templates: A discussion of SL clothing templates (Robin Wood's in particular) and how the flat template files map onto the avatar's body

Creating Clothes Pt 1: Making clothes using the Second Life texture maps

Creating Clothes Pt 2: Making clothes using the Second Life texture maps

Creating Clothes with GIMP: Step-by-step tutorial on using GIMP and Robin Wood's UV templates to create clothes for Second Life

Creating Clothes with Photoshop (New PNG file): Step-by-step tutorial on using Adobe Photoshop and Robin Wood's UV templates to create clothes for Second Life using the newer PNG files

Creating Clothes with Photoshop (Original TGA file): Step-by-step tutorial on using Adobe Photoshop and Robin Wood's UV templates to create clothes for Second Life

Flexi Prims: Everything you want to know about flexi prims, including how to make them, all the settings, and a step-by-step tutorial on create a set of flexi prim ribbons

Flexi Skirts Part 1: Step-by-step tutorial to create flexi prim skirts using Ged Larsen's LoopRez script

Flexi Skirts Part 2: Self-adjusting skirt using AttachmentSet; create a flexi skirt that automatically adjusts its rotation when you sit, stand, walk, or run

Flexi Skirts (Old): Creating flexi prim skirts using the original Necklace Generator script

Fur Trim: Working with fur texture to create fur trims

Satin/Silk Textures: Create satin/silk wrinkle textures using the Gradient Tool in Photoshop

Second Life Wiki Clothing Tutorials (external): The official Second Life Wiki Clothing Tutorials page! With links to many clothing tutorials...including this one :D

Semi-Transparent Clothing Textures: Tutorial on how Alpha Channel works in Photoshop and a step-by-step guide to create a complex Alpha Channel

Shirt Collars and Ties: Tutorial on creating shirt collars and ties for dress shirts, particularly for the guys :)

T-Shirt: Creating T-shirts using a ready-to-go template; just add your design pattern!

Texture Resources: Links to texture resources, including filters, utilities, tutorials, and ready-to-use textures

Hair Tutorials

Prim Hair Part 1: Step-by-step tutorial to create the SL Hair Bald Base and hair textures

Prim Hair Part 2: Step-by-step tutorial to generating prim hair using the LoopRez script and styling the prim hair

Prim Hair Part 3: Guide to add some curls, style the bangs, and prepare the sides and back for flexi

Prim Hair Part 4: Creating flexi hair texture, and adding flexi cylinders and new bangs to our prim hair

Jewelry and Other Attachment Tutorials

Animation Override Tutorial: Detailed of Animation Override (AO) gadgets in SL, including WetIkon, ZHAO, and Franimation Overrider script; also building and setting up an AO bracelet

AO in Attachments: Tutorial on putting Animation Override (AO) into an object, like Sexy Walk into a shoe, using a low lag script

Flexi Wings (New): Detailed information on wings in SL and step-by-step tutorial on how to flexify them

Flexi Wings (Old): Tips on flexifying your wings so they move when you do

HUD Attachment Tutorial: Information on creating HUD attachments, and a step-by-step tutorial to create a HUD-based Event Invitation

Jewelry Part 1: Step-by-step tutorial on creating a pearl necklace using the LoopRez script and fitting it on your avatar

Jewelry Part 2: Tutorial on creating a ruby bracelet (with multi-prim gemstone pieces)

Jewelry Part 3: Discussing different types of micro-prims (or tiny prims) and a tutorial on making an earring with micro-prims

Jewelry Part 4: Step-by-step tutorial on making a chainlink necklace using the LoopRez script and fitting it on your avatar

Single Prim Attachment: Creating and fitting simple single prim attachment accessories

Particle Tutorials

Particles Part 1: Tutorial on creating a candle and lightstick with particle effects, along with explanation of how particles work

Particles Part 2: Tutorial on creating a cold shower and smokey feet attachments, along with explanation of how they work

Particles Part 3: Tutorial on how to make particle effects that use textures, including how to make an underwater bubble blower and a butterfly emitter (that creates butterflies around you)

Poses and Animation Tutorials

Poses Part 1: Overview of Second Life animation and poses, downloading and installing QAvimator, and creating a basic standing pose

Poses Part 2: Tutorial on creating a pose for part of the avatar's body and putting the pose into an object; the pose will automatically play when the avatar Wears the object

Poses Part 3: Discussion of animation priority and how multiple animations work together, including facial emotions

Sculpted Prims (Sculpties) Tutorials

Sculpted Prims Pt 1: Overview of sculpted prims (sculpties), creating sculpted prims, and creating a quick sculpt map in Wings 3D

Sculpted Prims Pt 2: Details on Wings 3D tools and techniques for creating sculpted prims, and creating a retro hat with these techniques

Sculpted Prims Pt 3: Use ROKURO to create a sculptie candle holder and a candle; convert the candle sculpt map; and import the candle into Wings 3D for Tweaking

Sculpted Prims Pt 4: Use UV Mapper to add a texture map to our sculptie, then use Wings 3D to preview changes while we edit the texture in Photoshop

NOMI Sculpted Prim Relief Maker: A commercial program from the creator of ROKURO that creates 3D sculptie reliefs (like carvings on a wall); can add some 3D effects to a picture

SculptyPaint: The SculptyPaint program and overview of using it with Wings 3D

Shoe Tutorials

Prim Shoes Pt 1: Step-by-step tutorial to create a pair of flat sandals

Prim Shoes Pt 2: Step-by-step tutorial to create a pair of women's prim heeled pumps

Prim Shoes Pt 3: Guide to adding texture and sexy walk (animation override/AO) to the prim heeled pumps

Prim Shoes Pt 4: Guide to adding ankle straps and bling to the prim heeled pumps

Prim Shoes Pt 5: Step-by-step tutorial to create a pair of women's high heel boots

Skin Tutorials

Goth Avatar Skin Pt 1: Overview of Avatar Skins, setup an avatar to create skin, and create a set of base Goth skin textures

Goth Avatar Skin Pt 2: Adding the facial features and finishing the Goth skin textures


Poseball Tutorial: Creating and position your own poseballs, and a discussion on settings in the poseball script

Sirena Store: About building the Sirena Fashions store and "water" in Second Life

Sirena Hair sim (first day): Getting started building the new Sirena Hair sim

Sirena Hair sim (second day): Laying It Out

Sirena Hair sim (third day): Way Above and Way Below

Sirena Hair sim (fourth day): Getting Real

Sirena Hair sim (fifth day): A quick nap

Sirena Hair sim (sixth day): It's my BF's fault

Sirena Hair sim (seventh day): The Mermaid Pool

Sirena Hair sim (eighth day): Water and Palms

Sirena Hair sim (ninth day): Putting Things in Place

Sirena Hair sim (tenth day): Displays

Sirena Hair sim (eleventh day): Signs

Sirena Hair sim (twelfth day): Landscaping

Sirena Hair sim (thirteenth day): Details, details

Sirena Hair sim (fourteenth day): The Cutover


Babbler: About the Babbler and De-babbler language translators that translates what you say or hear in chat in SL

Clothing Texture Previewers: 3 useful tools for previewing clothing textures before uploading: SL Upload Previewer, SLCP, and AVPainter

Gift Box Tutorial: Tutorial for making a gift box, complete with bow and Notecard giver

LinkRez: A tool that lets you create custom necklaces that bend around your neck, and the ability to program links and twists to create super complex jewelry creations!

LoopRez Deluxe: Advanced versions of the free LoopRez Generator script that lets you adjustment and tweak any setting AFTER linking...a real time saver!

NOMI Sculpted Prim Relief Maker: A commercial program from the creator of ROKURO that creates 3D sculptie reliefs (like carvings on a wall); can add some 3D effects to a picture

Particle Wizard: A menu-driven gadget for creating particle effects; will create particle scripts for you (with you as the Creator!)

Puppeteer: A cool set of scripts for animating a linked set of prims; turn your sculpture into a moving display, or make your wings flap!

Temp Rezzer: Want to put that 100 prim fireplace in your house but cant afford the prims? Try a Temp Rezzer

Workspace Buster: Need some privacy? Heres a free tool that give you a private workspace/skypad whereever you can build stuff (like a Sandbox)

Places for Builders

Dreams/ShockProof: A builder community sim dedicated to promoting building things in SL; features regular events and competitions

Idea City: Design Center with advanced texturing and building techniques, plus lectures and other builder-related activities

Ivory Tower Library of Primitives: Explore the great mysteries of the prims and all the shapes they can take on, displays on all the ways you can torture a prim to get the shapes you need

Particle Laboratory: Displays and information on particles effects in SL, and all the ways you can bling, poof, explode, or fog things up

Robin (Sojourner) Wood's Texture Tutorials: Robin's in-world site with exhibits explaining how textures map onto prims and explanation of her wonderful clothing templates

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Bianca said...

Hi I was wondering is there any laces that explain how to make jewelry?

SLNatalia said...

Bianca, about making jewelry, it depends on the type. Johanna Hyacinth's blog has great info on jewelry making!

Elenora B. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elenora B. said...

Manual Trackback:

Thanks Natalia for all your cool posts... will recomemnd you to everybody...


SLNatalia said...

Elenora, thank you for stopping by :)

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Thanks for having all the info.

SLNatalia said...

Dear Anonymous, thank you for stopping by :)

Anonymous said...

H Natalia

I love reading your post. I've just started in SL about a month ago. your tutorials are one of the best. Thank You for taking the time to do this.

One suggestion for a future to modify the face using the template provided by Linden Labs.

SLNatalia said...

Dear Anonymous, I am planning to do a series on skins, that will include editing the face. Unfortunately, that means making a skin... :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Natalia,
thanks for this wonderful blog.
And I just visited your shop and could not resist to buy the Chicago-outfit. I am looking sooo sweet in it. Is there a possibility to pass you a snapshot?


SLNatalia said...

Freda, I would love you see you in the outfit! Just look me up (Natalia Zelmanov)! Thank you so much for getting the outfit :)

Marianne McCann said...

Don't forget the texture tutorial in Benten :-)

SLNatalia said...

Marianne, thanks for the tip! I will go check it out :)

elj9181 said...

Yes...a tutorial on how to create skin or make-up would be GREAT!!!

SLNatalia said...

Elj9181, I have wanted to do a tutorial on skin, just because I wanted to try it :) Lol I know where to put the texture and everything, but drawing the skin is a whole other thing :P

Meanwhile, check out Ariane Brodie's site: She has some skin textures and good info..

Anonymous said...

hey Nat, great tutorials
I was wondering if you could make one showing how to make capes?
I'll keep an eye on the site to see if ya make one :)

SLNatalia said...

Dear Anonymous, capes are not very hard to make, but there is no "easy" way to make it either. They are basically a number of manually-placed long skirt panels (hollow flexi cylinders).

The best starting point is actually a freebie cape at Yadni's Junkyard. Yadni gives you Mod permission, so you can resize the cape as needed (and add/remove pieces). Thats how I made my first cloaks/capes. Give that a try!

Clancy Sullivan said...

Outstanding guide collection! Truly, an epiphany awaits the reader here. Logical and eloquest. Thank you, Natalia. *Gestures to the blog author* Ok, everyone, ready? Repeat after me: all hail Natalia---all hail Natalia!

SLNatalia said...

Clancy, thank you so much :) Lol that must be a funny gesture :P

grizwald120 Yue said...

Absolutely Awsom tutorials. The LoopRez thing is absolutely genious.

SLNatalia said...

Grizwald, thank you :) Ged Larsen really did a great job on the LoopRez script (and its a super useful tool!)

Renie said...

Hey Natalia..

Kudos for these awsome tutorials..
These are really really helpful.
I am just wondering is there any good tutorial on how yo make avy Skins??

Why dont you give us a tutorial on making skins. :)

SLNatalia said...

Renie, I dont know of any tutorials on making skin. There are some tutorials on drawing skin textures on I kinda know what needs to be done, but have never actually done it (it would be like a couple week project at least :P). I do plan to write one one of these days though :)

Renie said...

Thanks for the reply.. I am trying to make a skin..

I'll wait for your tutorial to come up..

SLNatalia said...

Renie, good luck :) Skin is a clothing item that goes on the tattoo layer. I just dont know how to create a decent looking texture yet... :P

Renie said...

Hi Natalia..
I made my first Skin.. Thanks for the tip on Robin's Templates. Its really a pain to work with Linden's body templates.

Please take a look
I think it is just satisfactory as there is a big room for improvement.
The top in those photo is also made by me :). Its really fun to work on Clothings and skins..

Thanks for all information you provide here :)

SLNatalia said...

Renie, congratulations on your first skin! Thats quite an accomplishment (definitely not an wasy thing to do!)

For skins, you might also want to check out Chip Midnight's templates. I heard that Chip's templates have more details for nails and toes (havent actually tried it).

Good luck with your new project! :)

Renie said...

Yes Natalia,

I downloaded Chip's Templates too.
Both Robin's and Chip's templates have some unique fetures so I just Combined them into one template. and using it for making Skins and Clothings.
I have made another skin using the new detailed template, which is certainly better than the previous one.

SLNatalia said...

Renie, great job! I have to try making a skin too one of these days :)

Torley said...

Hey Natalia, just wanted to let ya know that I added a link to here from the new Clothing Tutorials page on the wiki; if you feel so inclined, please add new links there too. :D Thanx again for compiling this!


SLNatalia said...

Torley, thank you so much for adding me to the SL Wiki :) Thats a great idea to make a Clothing page!

I added the link back to the SL Wiki :)

BTW, all of these tutorials are from this blog (this is just an index, not a compilaion). That is, with the exception of the link to the SL Wiki :P

Siobhann said...

I was wondering, could you possible make a skin tutorial? I cant find any ANYWHERE!

Siobhann S

SLNatalia said...

Siobhann, I cant find a skin tutorial anywhere either :P Lol I will try in a couple weeks...but its def not something Im good at. Should be interesting though :)

ViciousR said...

Hey there,

I've stumbled across a little problem that is driving me insane... While making tops (lasso, make selection, clear etc), the last cleared area does not go transparant, but white... :S

What the heck am i doing wrong? I've consorted to making a small triangle using the pen tool somewhere outside the top field so i don't get a little white spot in my black top... Any ideas about what i'm doing wrong?

Thanx in advance!

SLNatalia said...

ViciousR, Im not a Photoshop expert...there are a gazillion options! So there *might* be some setting somewhere that makes it so when you do Edit/Clear, it brings in the background color instead of transparent...

But make sure you dont have a layer called "Background" in the Layers palette. If you do, just double-click on it to convert it to a normal layer.

When you create a new drawing, be sure you select "Transparent" for "Background Contents".

Hope this helps :)

Cory said...

These are all magnificiant!
I was wondering if there were anyone tutorials out there for making realistic skins and using photos of real clothes to make them in SL.

I had a theory that the really good skins are made with hi res pictures of a persons body taken at certain angles. If thats the case, thats out of the question for me, lol.

MY friend said to use nude pictures, but I explained that wouldn't work becuase you'd need the person's complete front and complete back (and maybe the sides?
and then theres the matching each partto the templates x_x. If all of this is the case then no wonderr people charge so much for skins.

I like you tutorials, I just wish I could come up with ideas so that i can apply what i learn

SLNatalia said...

Cory, I think you are looking for tutorials on photo-sourcing clothes (and skin). I *think* I saw one somewhere for clothes a while back, but I cant seem to find it. You might want to search around using Google (it might not have been SL specific).

For skin, they are definitely made using photos from various angles. It depends on how much detail you want to include in your skin (and how much you want to draw in yourself).

Also, I think they use programs like UVMapper to help with joining seams. Unlike clothes, you cant exactly have seams in your skin :P So Im really not the expert on this topic!

Christopher Molinaro said...

i am really enjoying your series on creating things for my avatar. i built almost an entire avatar with your help.I would like to request a skin and body tutorial as someone did above. thanks so much

SLNatalia said...

Christopher, thanks :) I will do my best on the skin tutorial...cant seem to find a way to do it with simple software... :P

Chipmunk said...

Do you think you could make a tutorial on how to build a furry av?

SLNatalia said...

Chipmunk, hmmm...thats a good idea. Im not sure I can write a tutorial for making an entire furry AV (it would be huge!) But I could talk about some aspects of building a full body AV :)

BTW, if you are interested in creating furry AV's, theres a modifiable Red Fox AV at Yadni's Junkyard. Its a great starting point for creating a furry AV, since you can break it apart and see how its put together!

Chipmunk said...

Unfortunately I'm not on adult grid. I'll see if I can get my brother to take a look.


SLNatalia said...

Chipmunk, oh dear...I have no idea what the Teen grid looks like! Its too bad it doesnt have a Yadni's Junkyard!

Anonymous said...

Hey Natalia, I Just wanted to thank you alot for making this blog, I consider myself not noobish, im over a year now in sl. I have searched so long for Tutorials such as you put on your site, never found any site as good as yours, they were all very useful and helpful to me. Thanks for helping me start my own designs.
Forever thanks you,
Jasmine Reddevil(In world)

SLNatalia said...

Jasmine, thank you for reading the blog :) I hope the tutorials are helpful! Making stuff in SL is really part of the fun, so good luck on your projects :)

Io said...

I just want to say I recently discovered your blog and I wish I had long ago, before I started building or doing anything else, really. You have the best SL tutorials I've seen and I will recommend them to everyone. Thank you for doing this. :)

SLNatalia said...

Lo, thank you so much! Building things is my fav thing to do in I just like to share :)

AEster Hathaway said...

Your tutorials are so great. Your work is a big inspiration to all of us. But there is one thing I wonder about.
How many hours do you have in one day? Because I cannot imagine you work within the same 24 hours that we all have :) You somehow manage to get more hours a day????

Tell me how!!!!!
And I will keep the secret mine :)

SLNatalia said...

Aester, lol I really really have a hard time keeping up right now. But at least its I guess thats what matters :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for all the tutorials, they're so well organized and I learned a lot! :)
Maybe you could do some tutorial on skins? I've been trying to do it myself but there's some steps that I'm missing and won't work :(

SLNatalia said...

Dear Anonymous, Im planning to do a skin tutorial one of these days! I have several probs with creating a skin tutorial: Im not an expert, and I cant find a good free stock to use for the tutorial. It might be a while, but I do plan on making one :)

Anonymous said...

I love this site and you have helped me develop my av and also explore. My hubbies now thinks I am addictied lol.

Quick question and probably too easy...but I just can't figure it out....How do I open a box. I have a freebie box of clothes but can't access them. How do I do this as I keep attaching the box to myself etc.

As I said easy question but I am pulling my hair out!

Anonymous said...

You should include a link about how to build using external softwares like 3dmax. I have just started using Second Life yesterday and am using 3d max for a while. But finding infos about how to build/import custom models is something that is kind of rare in Second Life or is like over 1 year old.

SLNatalia said...

Dear Anonymous, Im sure you figured it out by now, but just in case: First, drag and drop the item from your Inventory to the ground. Then Right-click on the box, and select "Open". Then pick "Copy to Inventory". It will create a folder in your Inventory.

I was just planning to re-write the Getting Started Guide and add some tips in there like this :) So thanks for asking!

Dear Anonymous, regarding 3Dmax, I dont know how to use it (I cant afford the more expensive programs, unfortunately). I heard it can be used to make Sculpted Prims. Heres a link to the SL Wiki with the info:

These programs are way over my head! :P Perhaps you can try the SL Forums...theres a lot of discussions there on this stuff :)

Anonymous said...

Did I read right ? Making any uploads to Second Life even if it is for custom clothes to our avatar actualy involves us paying money for it ?

Is it the same thing for uploading any custom objects/textures ?

SLNatalia said...

Dear Anonymous, theres an upload charge of L$10 (a little less than 4 US cents) for uploading textures to SL. That includes textures for clothes, prims, or sculpted prims.

If you create clothes using the built-in SL sliders in the Appearance menu, theres no costs. You can also use all of the free or purchased textures inside SL without paying the upload fee. So you only pay if you want to upload your own textures.

With that said, the upload charge is one thing I had to get over mentally. If you design clothes or build, you will upload many textures (sometimes like 10 times just to get things right). You will find it a lot easier to just upload a texture and check inside SL than to spend hours perfecting it outside SL to save a few L$ :P I know, I used to do just that!

Anyway hope that helps :) Good luck with your project!

Ronn said...

what a great blog !!!
Excelent tutorials and fun to read.

Just a tip for saving the upload costs. Use the Beta grid, to test everything, you still need to pay for each upload, but it isn't your true sl money.
So when ready, go back to the real thing and only pay once.

Ronn Dagostino

Batty said...

there! i was just wondering if anyone can give me the lowdown on whether it's possible to create an object in a 3d program and upload it into SL, and also tips on working out the right scale for those objects.
i'm interested in transferring my sculpture from real life to second life, where hopefully my virtual shop will fare better than my real shop!
so any advice on creating paintings and sculptures/ornaments would be brilliantly helpful. thanks guys!!

Anonymous said...

When we apply a scuplted texture in SL, is it always applied to a sphere by default ?

Is there a way to apply it to something else like a box that I have squeezed a bit ?

I do not see controls over what shape to use for the scuplted texture to be applied.

Jennifer said...

Hi Natalia,

I was inspired by your beautiful designs to create a little shop of my own. Is there a tutorial about how to set up shop?

SLNatalia said...

Ronn, what a cool idea! (Heehee except Ive never been to the Beta grid...Im a computer retard :P) But thats really a great place for testing stuff...thanks for the great tip!

Batty, I dont know of any automatic way of transferring 3D stuff to SL (at least not easily and cheaply). There was an article in New World Notes about someone trying that: But it looks WAY complicated...totally over my head. You might want to post this question on the SL Forums...theres a very lively community there for all things Sculptie :)

Dear Anonymous, there are 2 textures involved in creating a sculptie: the sculpt map and the surface texture. The sculpt map defines the shape of the sculptie (thats why you dont dont see any controls for the shape). You will need a 3D program to create a sculpt map (check the Sculptie tutorials for a listing).

The surface texture is like any SL texture. But because sculpties tend to have weird shapes, you may need to do some extra work to create the surface texture. Part 4 of the Sculptie tutorial goes over that. Good luck :)

Jennifer, Ive seen a few classes inworld on setting up your own business (check Search/Events/Education). I think theres even a book coming out on SL business. I was planning to write some tutorials on selling stuff in a few weeks... Good luck on your business :)

Anonymous said...

is there any example for a tga skin?
Greez Sally

SLNatalia said...

Greez, Ariane Brodie has some sample skins for the body at her site: They are they only skins I know of...

Omega Villota said...

Thanks Natalia for all your beautifull work and tutorials

SLNatalia said...

Thanks Omega :)

baci said...

thanks for share, I'm sure I'll have more fun now in sl!

SLNatalia said...

Baci, have fun visiting all the cool places in SL :)

Willlllllllllll said...

hi natalia! I was wondering, could you post up a tutorial or a guide on making robes? Those really long ones like those in harry potter. thanks! and cool blog!

Willlllllllllll said...

oh and a cape too! It'll be great if you could help me with those 2, a cape and a robe. =)

SLNatalia said...

Willl, a robe is just long flexi gown :) The big difference is that you would position the skirt pleats on a robe higher, like on a sash dress. Check out the Day 97 Prim Skirt tutorial using LoopRez :)

A cape is half a flexi gown. You can either use something like LoopRez to create the skirt pleats, or create and place the pleats by hand. I talked about a cape on Day 70.

Also, check out Yadni's Junkyard...theres a cloak with full permission there. You can use it to create a cape :)

Hope this helps!

Jasmine Lumet said...

hiya, my sl name (on tsl) is jasmine lumet, i was wondering, do u know if n e other places hve a skin tut, i know ur having probs with makin one, unless i missed a post th said u did, but i wanted to know if u or if u know a minor that is on tsl could notify me when there is one, i really really need one, bad, lolz, and btw great site i used ur gimp tut and it roked, i was makin clothes the next day! thx, bye bye.

Willlllllllllll said...

thank you!!

nehal said...

ur blog has been of gr8 help thnx a lot had just one queastion i am creating a costume of soldier like in older times with golden armor kind on head how do i create it by prim or hair

SLNatalia said...

Jasmine, hey, stop reading this site! Im not sure its PG-approved. Just ignore me when I say bad things, OK? ;P

I dont know any skin tutorials...although Im sorta working on a very basic one (for my Halloween costume).

Nicole Escher has 2 articles that describe the process of making an AV: They are not tutorials, but give good insight on what the pros do :)

Unforunately, I dont know anyone on TSL. But any skin tutorials would be listed on this Build page (you cant miss it :D).

Willl, YW :)

Nehal, things like armor or helmet are definitely prim attachments. They are a bunch of prims that are textured to the style you like, then attached to various parts of the AV (Skull, Shoulders, Arms, Chest, Pelvis, Legs, and Feet). You would use the same process as building a shoe or skirt. To make things look metallic, you can turn on Shininess :)

Check out the free robot AV's at Sector 7 to see what you can do :)

Good luck!

asia! :D said...

hi! i really like your.. blog its totally cool!!!.. will you put more skin tutorials up please i love that one you put up.. i understand alot more about making skins!!!..:)) and can you also make a another turtial on making hair.. haha.. im trying to make jessica rabbits hair outa prims but its hard can you tell me if there's another way to do it? thankyou nat! :3

SLNatalia said...

Asia, there will be more parts to the skin tutorial series :)

As for hair, you can make it either with prims or just using the Appearance menu (along with a texture). If you want a styled-look, prim is the way to go...

Unfortunately, making hair is easy to do, but really tests your patience. You basically place 1 prim at a time until it looks good :P

Theres no big secret...the basic techniques for creating texture and working with hair prims are in the hair tutorials. The rest just takes a lot of patience :P

asia! :D said...

thankkkkyoooou nat! :)) YOUR SOOO COOOL! LOL.. and your right i tried making hair!!.. and halfway made it good i just have to be really sloww.. and careful and take my i did it though... but i deleted it.. cuz i wanna ya know try and make better hair!! :)) ;))) how are you these days?... abd btw can you post a difference clothing turtoial!!.. ya know with like having a an front and back image of clothing from the internet and then just putting it on the template?.. i hope you understand what im saying ...:)) haha im friend does.. it but its kinda hard for me to understand because she explains it to fast!! :)

SLNatalia said...

Asia, what you are asking about is called Photosourcing. Its actually a controversial thing for SL designers (most designers dont like it).

I do play with Photosourcing to make things for my own use, but I dont sell things that are Photosourced. Its kinda up to you to decide whether you want to do it or not. Heres a link to a debate about it on Linden Lifestyles:

Heres a tutorial on Photosourcing:

Good luck!

asia said...

haha! FUNNY THING IS i searched for it!!! and i found the turtial lol.. so i found it before you could help me... funny eh? .. SORRY about that.... AND btw hope im not bothering you!!! so why is photosourcing a bad thing in sl? can you it explain it to me please.. I MEAN we dont have a prob with it on the teengrid.. must of the kids on there make there own clothing or use photo's but not so much...:))... and yeah i think im gunna stop bothering you... i dont want to get to annoying... heh.. yeah..

SLNatalia said...

Asia, photosourcing is not necessarily a bad thing (unless you take someone else's pictures and sell them without their permission). A lot of high-end skin designers use photosourced skin textures. Theres just a debate about it in SL (check out the Linden Lifestyle link about the various viewpoints). I think its more personal preference.

So its really up to you :)

asia said...

thanks :)!.. hmmm ok then lol... so how long have been playing sl?... i mean its really a great game... alot of people say imvu is waaay better... but im not really gunna agree with em! :))

SLNatalia said...

Asia, Ive been in SL for 373 days :)

asia said...

lol.. right right!!!..:)) and you've learn so much huh! :)..*smiles*

asia said...

hi! nat its me again!!! :)) i wanted to ask you something...:)).. can you make females shapes out of prims?..:)) jus wondering if so im gunna be making alot of cute shapes! :).... is it possible to make a boob and butt attachment! lool..*laughs*... jw... i thought about it... heh.. but how in the world would i get the coloring right?.. between my avatar... and object...?

SLNatalia said...

Asia, yes you can make AV body parts with prims (lol its mostly in the Main Grid though :P).

You can actually apply skin texture to a prim (if you have the actual skin texture file). If not, try the techniques in the "Color Matching" tutorial: Take a snapshot of your avatar in good lighting, then bring the snapshot into a print program and sample the colors.

Just a note: colors on a prim are slightly brighter than colors on clothing/skin. You need to add a little grey to make an exact match...

Anonymous said...

Hi Natalia, great site.

One thing that has bothered me about SL clothing is that people like me like to wear their shirts/blouses outside of their pants (not tucked in).

How would you recommend correcting this? Flex Prims?

SLNatalia said...

Dear Anonymous, you can use the "Jacket" item: this will enable you to make a clothing item that runs down to your legs :)

The catch is that you will have to match the seams between the Upper and Lower Body templates :(

You can also use flexi prims (or just prims). This works well if the item has a bit of a flair (like a coat).

Good luck!

Loxy Tripsa said...

Dear Miss Zelmanov. You never seize to amaze me. Good job on the animation tutorials too.This blog is an ivaluable source of information. Each time i wonder how something is made i first come to take a look here and most of the times i don't have to go look anywhere else :)
A zillion times thank you for everything you've done so far.

SLNatalia said...

Loxy, thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the Pose tutorials :)

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you could help me out.
I am new in SL. I was trying to change my clothes and I do not know what happened that I got a skinless head and color grey, I got a clothing on that I did not choose. The thing is that I cannot remove, detach or put on anything, since. Is there any commands to release myself from that agony?
Thank you

SLNatalia said...

Margo, it sounds like you are wearing a "skin" that has some problems. Just find any other skin in your Inventory, Right-click on it, and select "Wear" (you avatar always has to wear a skin, so you cannot detach a skin). Hope that helps!

Zaara said...

hi nattie,
i simply love u r blog... wotever i've learnt in SL is all thanks to u!! :)

i'm zaara frm india, i started making clothes after reading u r blog, (bcos i couldnt afford to buy ne !)
i hav recently been asked to sell some of my clothes in an indian sim, but i am completely clueless on how to go about it.
making clothes is one thing,
sellign and makign a business is another...

where does one get the outfits photographed and how dus this prim thingy work.. and how do i manage the money bit?
maybe u cud tell me how u went bout your shop (i read the article u've posted but it doesnt mention this stuff)



Anonymous said...

Hi, i really like the stuff that and i can't afford photoshop, so i've downloaded a free basic program that can work with layers and textures, etc.
Will any of this help with my program, or do I need photoshop?

SLNatalia said...

Dear Anonymous, try GIMP :) It has all the features of Photoshop (some even say its better). And its free! Check out the Creating Clothes with GIMP tutorial :)

swarna said...

Hi Natalia!!
first of all i must say you have a gr8 Blog!
I am trying to design clothes but i'm facing problem making those creases on the clothes. I know they are made with paintbrushes in Pshop but i have no clues how those can be make nice n neat. could you please refer me a tutorial where i could learn it with a rough step by step guide?
thanks in advance hun!

SLNatalia said...

Swarna, there are a few tutorials on drawing wrinkles on Also check out issue #4 of Second Style magazine (Starley has a tutorial in it) :)

Anonymous said...

Was wondering what version of photoshop would be the best to purchase if I want to ;earn to make clothing. I have gimp but ran into some roadblocks trying to use it.

Dawn Rumpler

SLNatalia said...

Dawn, lol Im not an expert on the Photoshop program (not sure how many types they have). I use CS2, which I purchased on a student program about a year ago.

I just know its kinda hard to do the Alpha Channel stuff with Photoshop Elements, so the "full" version of Photoshop would be very helpful.

BTW, from what I understand, GIMP can do just about everything Photoshop can do (prob more). It just has a diff process.

Anonymous said...

Hi Natalia... i just love your site you have here,, you make it very easy to understand how to make tings.... i was wondering maybe are you gonna make a toturial on how to make tattooes?

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Dear Anonymous, actually, its very easy to make tattoos! Just follow one of the making clothing tutorials (for GIMP or Photoshop). But instead of drawing a shirt, just draw the tattoo design you like :) And a tattoo should probably be worn as an Undershirt or Underpants (the Tattoo layer is for skins). Hope that helps :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Hi Natalia :)

I just tried out the make clothes with Gimp, and its great, been doing some shirts with diff text on them... My question is, if you maybe could help out tell me, if i wanna add some pic to the shirt how i would do that, in gimp??? i tried a few things but the pic dosent come out on the shirt..

Thanks :) for awesome Blog

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Dear Anonymous, there are a couple problems with pix on a shirt. If its for a woman, then theres a problem with the chest (the picture will Also, the texture would not be very sharp, because there the chest area is relatively low resolution. So make sure you use simple designs :)

Miss said...

Hi Natalia,

Just wanted to say a quick thankyou for your fab tutorials, I'm new to SL and have struggled to find tutorials that aren't a bunch of weird jargon. I've tried a few of yours so far and they have worked out really well! Am looking forward to having a go at the rest, keep up the good work!


Natalia Zelmanov said...

Miss, heehee I know what you mean about all the crazy computer terms (they really do get way over my head in the SL Forums). Anyway, have fun in SL and with your projects ;)

Val Kendal said...

SLNatalia (yay for the non-blondes!) - sorry to be a dummy about this, but I am having the hardest time making a tattoo, even though your great tutorial helped me make shirts. I get a saved .tga file that is all black with just my tattoo (text) in white, but still I get either a black shirt or white shirt ( I demo it on my computer, not in world - is that the problem?). When I flatten and save my tattoo, what layers should be visible and should both the RGB channels and the alpha channel be visible, or just alpha?

Thank you!

Val Kendal

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Val, if you are using Photoshop, try the PNG version of the tutorial. Then just turn all the layers off and draw some black lines in the body area. Save it as a PNG. And try uploading. You dont need to bother with the Alpha channel :)

Anonymous said...

whoa , im gunna do that one Nat, The Gimp trick with making it like photoshop worked but there was a fault in the code that makes it open and close almost straight away.

Happened to me a few times so i got rid of the plug in, have to other again now , i just cant be at one with gimp

Teake homewood

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Teake, lol it shouldnt be that hard to draw clothes for SL ;P Dont forget all the cool GIMP tutorials all over the Internet! Once you are comfortable with the templates, its really just about drawing things with GIMP :)

Anonymous said...

Hi I was wondering if you could teach me how to make a furry av for sl. I will be happy to pay for the tutorial. email me back at:

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Garys, Im sorry, but I dont actually make furry avatars (its kinda a specialty). You might want to ask around the furry sims though...someone may have some info on that :)

Larissa Redeker said...

Hi Natalia
I see your sculpties tutorials. Very good!
I want to show to you another tutorial, using a (maybe) new tool: Hexagon 2 from Daz.
There is the link:

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Larissa, that sounds like fun :) Lol there are so many programs now!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I am a brand-new newbie (this is my 2nd day in Second life) and your tutorials are great! Best I've seen yet. I have a question there any article, etc. you could recommend for an absolute non-techie on building objects (really rudimentary I am talking about here - maybe a Building for Dummies thing?) I have never used Photoshop (I am assuming this is an app you can use to design things??? See what I mean about being a dummy?) so any tips or places to find info (without spending 1000s of hours searching for it) would be sooo appreciated! Thanks loads in advance!

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Missaire, the best place to get started is actually inside SL. Check out some of the classes, particularly the ones at NCI (New Citizens Plaza). They are a great way to start :)

Angelina Beam said...

I love all your tutorials, they are so wonderful, I have went through a lot of them and they have helped me so much with clothes. Now I have decided to try building other things as well and I need help! lol I don't seem to be able to make a tint window work. I was wondering if you know if you have to make them certain colors or something? I put in the free script I got from yadni and It pulls up a window for tinting when i touch the window but nothing happens when i pick a number to tint it. lol Can you help by chance? I feel so silly im sure its something so simple. :P thank you so much for all your hard work and time on here. Your wonderful!

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Angelina, lol Im not sure I know what you mean by a tint window (do you mean a script that can change a prim's color?) If so, there are color-change scripts available for sale for around L$100...

Thorn Galanter said...

Hello! I want to make some T-shirts to sell, and I uploaded some images on Photobucket. Is it possible to paste the image into GIMP? What size is suitable for SL T-shirts?

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Hi Thorn, check out the Creating Clothes in GIMP tutorial. You need to know how to use the clothing template to make T-Shirts. Robin Woods also has a really nice T-Shirt template:

Thorn Galanter said...

Ok, thank you. But is there a way to paste an image from the web onto the template

And I really like the Bates Motel place!

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Thorn, you can create a new layer in GIMP (or Photoshop) and paste in a texture, then resize as needed. The trick is to fit it to the template...

Fee said...

Hello natalia,

First of all, I'd like to say thanks for this blog of yours. It learned me so much about building.

Now I'm looking for a tutorial on how to make new gestures. Could you help me with that or do you know where I can find that?

thanks a lot, grz Fee

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Fee, hmm...not sure if Ive seen one on Gestures. The only thing in SL Wiki is this:

-Vivid Skins- said...

I just want to say, thank you for every single tutorial. You have really helped me to make my own business.. I make skins, hair.. clothes.. and it's all because of you, inspiring others to really get out on the grid and make something themselves. Thank you!! -Vivid Blitz.

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Vivid, you are very welcome! Good luck with your business :)

sarah said...


I was wondering if you could help me. I'm wanting to open a shop, but I don't know where I should rent, any suggestions? Also, I don't know how to make the posters that you see in stores, where when you click on them a thing pops to buy the product.

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Sarah, renting a store really depends on your product and how you like to sell...the best way is to try diff places and see what works (lol sometimes, the weirdest places end up being the best). Check out the business classes under Search/Events (they have classes on renting, setting up prims for selling, and vendors).

sarah said...

I hate to bother you again Natalia but I have 1 more question. Lets say I made a prim purse or prim skirt how would I get the texture template for what I just made? Or would I have to guess?

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Sarah, its a little bit of both...textures wrap around each type of prim differently. Check out Robin Wood's inworld tutorial (the link is on this page). She has maps which could be used to help put textures on a really twisted prim :P

sarah said...

ok thanks for the help natalia :-)

Sarrah said...

Hey again Natalia,

I was wondering if you could help me (again, lol. I was at sim and they warned me that at any i could be killed. What happens when you die in Second Life?

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Sarrah, if you are a mermaid, you will turn into sea foam at dawn...

OK, just kidding :P In sims that are damage-enabled (where you see a percentage at the top of your screen), if you die, you will be teleported back to your "Home" (wherever you set up as Home). In combat sims, residents wear meters so they can fight and stuff...I think you just fall on teh ground for a while if you wear one of those (lol I have never died in SL with a meter :P)

So dont worry, you cant really die in least not permanently :)

Anonymous said...

Natalia, nice tuts, very helpful, thanks ^^ One question though, got any info on how to create mega prims, and how to resize them in world without them losing their original sizing? Cheers and keep up the tutorials! Good work :-)))

Falcon March

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Falcon, Im def not a mega prim expert (you should check the SL Forums for some good explanations). Im pretty sure you cant make them any more, but theres an SL group that you can join to get them (also available for free on SL Exchange)

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Falcon, Im def not a mega prim expert (you should check the SL Forums for some good explanations). Im pretty sure you cant make them any more, but theres an SL group that you can join to get them (also available for free on SL Exchange)

Zhai said...

Hey Natalia, I LOVE your blog! So many great tutorials and they've really been helping me build lately! Don't stop coming along ;)!


Natalia Zelmanov said...

Zhai, heehee thank you so much! Good luck on your projects :)

Gale Rhiadra said...

I really want to make nailpolish and toenail polish too but the templates aren't all that helpful. The toenails on the chipmidnight templates see to be in the wrong place and are hard to see. Is there help somewhere.

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Gale, unfortunately, the standard Upper and Lower templates are the only ones for toe and fingernails. Each fingernail only has a few dots (so its VERY challenging to do :P)

Alternatively, you can make prim nails, but you have to create a script with an animation that locks the hand in a position. Even so, that tends to get messed up.

That's why SL was designed by a bunch of guys ;P

sarah said...

Hi again natalia, I wa wondering if u know of any good full perm skin creation kits and do you know of any good skin tutorials?

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Sarah, unfortunately I dont know anyone who tried doing a skin tutorial (its a hard tutorial to do, cause theres a lot of steps). The SL Upper/Lower/Head templates are the ones for skin, but the artwork is really up to you :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I absolutely love your tutorials!!! I just started SL around a week ago, but I'm very interested in creating everything. For myself and to sell.
P.S. I love your shop!!

Anyhow. I was wondering if there were any tips or any information on how to do skin, makeup, tattoos, and furries.

I saw someone who had a spider as an avi already!! It freaked me out but I thought it was awesome.

*sorry for rambling, I'm hyper, lol*

Thank you so much for your tutorials, they are so helpful, and amazing.


Natalia Zelmanov said...

Kittie, I have a skin tutorial for getting started. I don't know of another skin tutorial offhand. Heehee there are some really cool AV's (even dragons, robots, and everything :D). Most involve using a bunch of prim attachments and invisiprims to hide the main AV (check out the prim shoe tutorial). Have fun ;)

Anonymous said...

Now that whole animal avi thing makes sense! Thank you sooo much!

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Kittie, good luck ;)

kim sporg said...

hi have been making clothes for g/friend on sl
and was wondering if you have any idea where i can get either buckle textures or a tutorial on makeing them.
When ever i need to know something i always turn to your blog thanks for all the great work
kim and tc

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Kim, lol I normally use prim belts (so I just use the silver or gold texture and add Shininess). You can probably use Photoshop and draw something with the effects (like emboss, etc :) )

Anonymous said...

I'm just trying to do something probably very simple to all of you but as a relative noob, I'm finding it perplexing. I just wantto change the texture on a modifiable with some hair textures found in world. What I get is a weird problem on the flexi prims, in which I use the texture with alpha, so that it looks like frayed ends. I get this problem where the strand of hair has repeating clear areas down the shaft like horizontal stripes of clear. Any tips?

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Dear Anonymous, depending on how the texture is setup, you need to change the settings under the Texture tab (Repeats and Offset)

Kara said...

Your items are fantastic....but do you know where I can get detailed info on scripting?

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Kara, there are some script classes inworld (check Search/Event). LSL Wiki is really good also (lol Im not the script bro helps me with that anyway :P)

Freyja Shieldmaiden said...

So when do we get to see a mermaid tutorial ~_^ I've always wanted to make one (and not just because Ariel is the only one missing from my disney princess collection) but I have no clue where to start...

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Freyja, lol mermaids aren't made, we're born that way ;)

The tails are basically prim attachments on the legs with pretty textures. The newer ones use Sculpties, and some are just gorgeous :)

Freyja Shieldmaiden said...

Thanks again (and again, and again) Natalia. How do you get the feel to come together? Is it a pose that you attach?

Freyja Shieldmaiden said...

Wah! I've discovered that the AO is the secret behind the mermaid XD Your sites so helpful and made of win.

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Freyja, yep...the AO is the secret to those mermaid tails :) Some tails actually have the AO script built in. Have fun swimming thru SL ;)

my time my head said...

fantastic site- thanks for your help -
Your explanations about pose balls were really helpful.

pichikeen said...

Natalya, I miss your posts! Will you make one for the new year? :)

Natalia Zelmanov said...

My time, thank you so much! Good luck on your projects :)

Pichikeen, lol I'll try (working on some secret hair stuff atm :P)

Anonymous said...

Hi Natalia
Thank you for helping so many people with all your wonderfull blogs!
I wonder if you can help a friend of mine who is trying to make a swimming you have any tips or tricks...or any place to look.
I thought I would ask a 'mermaid' as they are good swimmers..winks..

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Dear Anonymous, check out Siggy's Waterworks. They have a nice HUD.

Lol, mermaids swim under the water, so we use a whole diff AO ;P

retroblink231 said...

Hi I think your blog is so cool i got tones of my friends to check it out but... i was windering i wanted to make my onw furry but i am haveing problems with the nose the ears ect. so i was waondering if you could make a furry tut.

thanks XD

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Retroblink, Ive never made a furry AV before (it's a bit of a specialty :) ). But check out Yadni's Junkyard. There are several modifiable furry AV's that could be used as starting points :)

Vampowned said...

There is a new script repository with over 600 scripts at the Internet LSL Script Database & Library at

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Vampowned, wow, thank you so much for the cool link...look at all those script! :)

Lena Hydraconis said...

Hi Natalia,
First of all your blog is great and super helpful :D
But i wanted to try designing on sl and you have so manye tutorials, im not sure which to do haha.
Also, my computer has corel paintshop pro x2 in it, so which ones would you reccommend?

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Lena, lol I know what you mean (theres so much you can do in SL :P). Actually, if you can, try some of the classes at NCI (New Citizens Plaza) first. They are free, and will give you and idea of what you like to do :)

I don't know anything about Paintshop, but the cloth-making class at NCI has info on Paintshop.

Lena Hydraconis said...

Oooh yay, thats a great idea, thank you!
But I also tried making a shirt yesterday and it was pretty fun, so thanks for being so amazing with your blog :P

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Lena, heehee hope you had fun with the shirt. Good luck with your projects!

Anonymous said...

Hi Natalia, I clicked the link for photosourcing as i am a new designer and want to get mor ideas and creations going. Are there any other links or a corrected link as the one you posted doesn't work.

Thank you,
Sahyel Cristole

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Sahyel, Lol Im really not an expert on might want to try Googling "second life photosourcing"...Im not sure if theres one out there anymore...

Misae Silverfall said...

Hey Natalia!

I know your blog is a good resource for anyone looking do make clothes in Second Life, and it still has one of the few skin tutorials (I just looked!), but I thought this might be a good thing to add to your list of resources.

Eloh Elliot released his skins as full perm before I took off on my WoW-induced SL hiatus over a year ago. I found out just tonight, that he has also released the PSD files, and included some male skins as well, with the stipulation that any skin created with these files be released for free.

Here's the link:

Hopefully, this will help not just SL newbies, but anyone looking to even make a custom personal av (like I'm working on right now).

Take care!

Misae Silverfall said...

(Also, I fail and referred to Eloh Elliot as "he" when I meant she!

Everyone on the internet is male until proven otherwise! ;) )

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Misae, wow, it's such a wonderful idea to have those skin files. Thank you so much for the link! I will update the skin tutorial with the info :)

Misae Silverfall said...

Glad to help! :)

Kirsten Enderfield said...

Hi Natalia,
i have been reading a lot of your building/clothing creating tips and started creating on my own, but i recently ran into a problem i can't get fixed for some reason. hopefully you can help me.
i wanna make a texture for a flexi skirt with a shaped seam (rounded edge to say) part of it would be transparant. only problem with png is that the whole prim gets a bit transparent in that case. And for some reason i can;t get tga to work in PS 7.0. Been trying a lot, maybe you can help me out.
Thanks in advance !

Natalia Zelmanov said...

Kirsten, for a simple way to do transparency, try using PNG files (just create something with a transparent background, and save it as a PNG file).

Be sure that the non-transparent parts of your texture are 100% opaque. You prob dont want those parts of the skirt to be see-thru :P

When in doubt, try this: make a new drawing with transparent background (gray/white boxes). Draw something on it with solid black. Upload it, and apply it to a prim. This helped me a lot when I first got started :)

RedMongoose said...

These are all great tutorials!

I've decided to release a couple resources with some really basic tutorial info =)

there's an opensource free skin texture, and a t-shirt template with a guide on how to add what looks like silkscreening.

I'd like to let more people know about them so they can be used, so you can add them up here if you'd like!

Rachel Ann said...

Hi Natalia! I loved your skin tutorials, i was wondering if you would consider making another for face makeup? I know how create the skin and make shading and lighting effects, but when it comes to making eyelashes, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick and more effects, i am completely hopeless.

Anonymous said...

jessee nightfire how do u build bikes in sl

Calliope Brentley said...

Your tutorials are great! I've tried several of them and they're very helpful. :)

Scarlet said...

i love your site, i use it all the time for help. however i have been trying to find how to use gimp to nake alpha layers in order to hide specific body parts for things such as shoes, etc. do you have any advice on how to do this?

Jane Lincoln said...

Thank you for the wonderful post! Really taught me alot. thaaaanks!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say Thank You for keeping this blog up. I know it's been a while since you last blogged here, but I am new to SL and learning a lot from your blog. So it's still more than useful :)

LilithAmadea said...

Hello, I absolutely adore your tutorials. Really easy to follow and precise with your directions. I was wondering if you could do one for flex laces and/or an intermediate/advanced tutorial for flexi skirts. Creating and adding patters, stuff like that, if there aren't any. It's possible there are and I've missed them along the way. Thank you for sharing all these hints and tips for aspiring fashonistas.